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Ellen Foster is a poignant 1997 television film based on Kaye Gibbons' bestselling novel of the same name. It features sterling performances from a talented cast including Julie Harris, Jena Malone, and Ted Levine. The film, directed by John Erman, is an emotional depiction of a young girl's resilience and perseverance against seemingly insurmountable hardships.

Set in the southern United States, the story primarily explores themes of poverty, social injustice, racism, and familial neglect and abuse. It is framed through the perspective of the young heroine, Ellen Foster (a remarkable performance by Jena Malone), who is intelligent, self-reliant and wise beyond her years. Ellen’s narrative alternates between her present life and recollections of her past, offering viewers an intense and emotional journey into a child's struggle for survival against despair and loneliness.

Julie Harris unfurls a masterful performance as the comforting and maternal Grandma Foster. Despite her limited screentime compared to the other characters, her warmth, kindness, and understanding form the emotional bedrock of the film. On the other hand, Ted Levine's character represents an unraveled tapestry of neglect and abuse, showcasing the actor's ability to take on challenging roles.

The narrative occurs post the death of Ellen's mother, revealing the tumultuous life she leads with her abusive alcoholic father (Ted Levine) who unintentionally takes her down the painful path of suffering at an early age. The time before her mother's demise reflects a broken family where Ellen yearns for affection, and after the tragic event, she is faced with the harsh reality of enduring her father's violent tendencies largely on her own.

However, far from succumbing to her desperate circumstances, Ellen shows an indomitable spirit. Displaying her resourcefulness, she continues to selflessly look after her inebriated father while dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. It's worth mentioning that such dignity and determination are seldom seen in characters of her tender age, which makes this portrayal by Malone all the more compelling.

Ellen's escape from her harrowing domestic environment leads her to her grandmother's house, where she experiences moments of kindness notwithstanding the elderly woman's mostly stern demeanor. Ellen’s journey also implicates her strong desire to find an alternate family, one rooted in love and mutual respect, into which she can finally settle.

Ellen Foster presents a raw and heart-rending study of a marginalized child yearning for a decent life amidst her turbulent existence. The pain and desolation Ellen experiences underscore the often-unseen struggles of neglected children, bringing the dark underbelly of neglect, abuse, and abandonment into the spotlight. However, the narrative never wallows in despair. Ellen's strength and grit keep it afloat, making it not just a story of survival but also of hope and triumph in the face of adversities.

The film's cinematography captures both the rural landscapes and the small-town mores of the southern U.S., integrating well with the themes and plot. The direction aids in crafting a heartfelt portrayal of a child's struggle that touches not just upon societal issues, but intimate emotional experiences and complexity in relationships as well. The screenplay is honest, raw, and compelling, paced perfectly to maintain viewer engagement without overshadowing the narrative's gritty realism with excessive drama.

In Ellen Foster, Jena Malone delivers a standout performance, embodying the tenacity, resilience, and resourcefulness of her character with remarkable believability. Her portrayal of Ellen is not only highly applaudable but is bound to leave an indelible mark on the audiences. Julie Harris and Ted Levine, though representing extreme polar opposites in their characters, contribute brilliantly to the film's emotional depth and complexity.

In summary, Ellen Foster is a riveting exploration of a young girl's venture into maturity amidst struggles and challenges. The film's authentic and raw depiction of its subject matter, highlighted by brilliant performances, especially from young Jena Malone, makes it a must-see. The narrative crosses the boundary of being just a tale of survival, evolving into a shining beacon of hope, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a child. Though heartbreaking, Ellen Foster reminds us of the strength inherent in the human spirit, making it a cinematic experience not to be missed.

Ellen Foster is a Drama, TV Movie movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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