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In the movie Leprechaun from 1993, Warwick Davis portrays the role of an evil Leprechaun who terrorizes a family after they move into a house he has been living in for centuries. Jennifer Aniston plays the role of Tory, one of the occupants of the house who initially finds a bag of gold coins, but unfortunately brings back the old angry Leprechaun. As the Leprechaun is released from his captor, he starts wreaking havoc in the house and begins killing off the family one by one in his quest to find and reclaim his lost fortune.

Despite its low budget and unremarkable storyline, the movie Leprechaun has become a cult classic in the horror movie genre. The film's mix of horror and comedy provides a range of entertainment for viewers, who can laugh and cringe in equal measure. The direction of Mark Jones and cinematography of Levie Isaacks is impressive considering the limitations and challenges they face in making a movie with supernatural creatures.

Warwick Davis gives an electrifying performance as the Leprechaun, which is impressive considering the constraints of the make-up and costume. He is able to convey his anger and frustration through his facial expressions and body movements, making the Leprechaun even more terrifying than it already is. The character of Leprechaun is a mix of scary and hilarious with memorable one-liners and mischievous pranks.

Jennifer Aniston, in her debut movie role, gives a decent performance as Tory, the protagonist of the film. She is smart and resourceful and does not back down in the face of danger. Ken Olandt, who plays her love interest, Nathan, also puts in a good performance as the good-natured and protective friend.

The music in the movie is composed by Kevin Kiner and his score is a mix of traditional Irish music and horror-film elements. The music is used to create an eerie atmosphere and works well in creating tension and anticipation in the viewers.

The special effects of the movie are not exceptional, but they still manage to create an entertaining experience. The use of practical effects, such as the makeup and puppet, helps to give a realistic and horrific effect to the Leprechaun while the use of stop-motion animation and visual effects are relatively low quality. However, they still manage to work in the overall experience in creating an entertaining horror film.

In conclusion, the movie Leprechaun may not be known for its cinematic greatness but it’s one of those cult films that has won over audiences around the globe. Warwick Davis, with his diminutive size and comic talents, brings the character of the Leprechaun amusingly to life. The movie is a mix of horror, comedy, and a little bit of romance that undoubtedly provides a unique cinematic experience. Fans of horror movies, as well as those looking for a good laugh, will enjoy this film's original take on the classic Leprechaun myth.

Overall, Leprechaun is a must-watch for anyone wanting something unique, quirky, and undeniably entertaining. It's a mix of horror and humor that has something for everyone. Even with its low budget, the film stands the test of time and still manages to entertain the audience with Davis's memorable performance and the film's approach to storytelling. Its success also led to six sequels, a crossover, and a series reboot, making it a staple in horror movie franchises around the world.

Leprechaun is a Horror, Comedy, Fantasy movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 17.

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