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Labyrinth is an enchanting fantasy film released in 1986, directed by the distinguished puppeteer Jim Henson, with a script penned by Terry Jones, one of the Monty Python troupe members. The film is dominated by the presence of two standout performers – David Bowie, the ever-iconic rock star, and a very young Jennifer Connelly, both of whom bring a unique charm and whimsy to their roles. All these elements come together to create a spellbinding fairytale that intrigues, delights, and perturbs in equal measure.

The movie revolves around Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a teenage girl with a vivid imagination and a flair for drama. A passionate lover of fantasy, she finds escape in her books from the harsh realities of her everyday life. When her stepmother saddens her by intruding on her rehearsals for a school play, Sarah turns her resentment onto her baby half-brother, Toby, who she's been left to babysit. In a moment of adolescent fury, she wishes for Toby to be taken away by the malicious Goblin King, a character from one of her favorite stories. In a startling turn of events, her wish is granted, and the Goblin King (David Bowie) swoops in to whisk Toby away to his realm, a complex, ever-shifting labyrinth filled with fantastical creatures and brain-bending puzzles.

Left alone in the wake of Toby's abduction, Sarah abruptly realizes the magnitude of her wishes. She strikes a deal with the Goblin King; she will traverse the maze to reach his castle and reclaim Toby. If she fails to reach the castle within thirteen hours, Toby will be transformed into a goblin. Thus begins Sarah's enthralling journey into the labyrinth, where she navigates its twisting and turning pathways in a desperate race against time.

Bowie's Goblin King, Jareth, is magical, menacing, and oddly attractive, donning flamboyant costumes and a gravity-defying hairstyle. Known for his musical ability, Bowie also provides the film's mystical soundtrack, which only adds to the enigmatic aura of his character. His performance effortlessly blends charm and menace, creating a fascinating antagonist that viewers love to hate and hate to love.

Jennifer Connelly, as Sarah, excellently portrays a young girl on the cusp of adulthood, struggling to reconcile her vivid fantasies with harsh realities. Over the course of the film, Sarah's character evolves from an immature, self-centered adolescent to a strong, resourceful young woman, displaying commendable grit and resilience.

Labyrinth is set in a remarkable world of living walls, talking door handles, and whimsical creatures all conjured up by Henson's Creature Shop. These animatronic creatures, namely the friendly dwarf Hoggle, the beastly but gentle Ludo, and the chivalrous (and very talkative) knight Didymus, are pivotal to Sarah's journey. They help her see beyond the labyrinth's disillusioning illusions, understand its misleading riddles, and ultimately grow as a person.

Labyrinth is not just a fairy-tale adventure; it is a coming-of-age story which subtly weaves in deeper themes of self-realization, responsibility, and the inevitable transition from childhood to adulthood. It is a mesmerizing blend of live-action sequences and Henson's peerless puppetry, to deliver a viewer experience that stands the test of time. Despite opening to mixed reactions and moderate box office success, Labyrinth has endured over the years as a cult classic, symbolizing an era where technological advancements met the artistic genius of traditional puppetry.

In summary, Labyrinth stands as a testament to Jim Henson's creative vision, David Bowie's eclectic screen presence, and Jennifer Connelly's youthful exuberance. It is an adventure through a surreal, puzzle-like world filled with beguiling characters and enchanting landscapes. Labyrinth is a multi-layered, enchanting, and wonderfully bizarre fantasy film, worth exploring for anyone with a taste for an adventurous cinematic journey.

Labyrinth is a Adventure, Kids & Family, Fantasy movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 50.

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