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Episode Six
Detectives investigate a robbery from a family-run jewellery store, of a diamond belonging to a famous footballer. The thieves knew the combination, so all the family and staff are suspects.

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Episode Five
The headmaster of a local primary school is murdered by a knitting needle in the neck, Jack and Georgina quickly arrest one of the last five mothers to see him that morning. Jack does not realize he too has been poisoned by one of the mothers.

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Episode Four
Front runner contestant, Alison Clarke, on a cookery show is murdered & Georgina goes undercover to solve the murder from suspects numbering the other contestants, the hosts of the show Robert Randall and his assistant Sue Goretti.

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Episode Three
Demoted to "missing persons" for a week, after Jack had defaced the Chief Constable's poster, Jack and Georgina investigate missing solicitor Ted Finch. When his body turns up in the river they have to determine if it is suicide, murder, or an accident.

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Episode Two
The detectives investigate the murder of student Laura Edwards in her university library. Jack goes undercover as a mature student to aid their investigation of the tutors and students and the complicated world of gender politics.

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Episode One
DI Jack Armstrong and his new partner, DI Georgina Dixon come together at a car showroom where top salesman Karl Mercer is found dead in the boot of a car. The suspects are all employees of the car dealership from sales staff to mechanics.

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Vexed is a delightfully quirky and unconventional British comedy-drama series that aired on BBC Two from 2010 to 2012. The show, conceptualized by Howard Overman, is a blend of satire, comedy, and detective genres, providing viewers with a unique form of entertainment that serves as an antithesis to the typical dark and gritty crime drama.

At the heart of Vexed is a man named DI Jack Armstrong, played with charming intensity by Toby Stephens, the accomplished actor known for his roles in James Bond: Die Another Day and Black Sails. Jack is a non-conformist detective who struggles to balance crime-solving duties with personal life complexities. He's maverick, disorganized, and politically incorrect, but when it comes to cracking cases, his unconventional methodology and intuitive insights are remarkably effective.

In the first series, Jack is paired with the highly organized and driven DI Kate Bishop (Lucy Punch). Their oil-and-water pairing creates an engaging dynamic as they strive to solve perplexing mysteries using a combination of Jack's unconventional methods and Kate's meticulous investigatory approach. Their personal lives often clash with their professional lives, leading to comical banter and hilarious escapades as they encounter numerous suspects and circumstances in their quest for justice.

The second series introduced a new female lead in the form of DS Georgina Dixon (Miranda Raison). The change-up in the casting brings a fresh dynamic to the show while retaining the essence of the Jack character. Georgina is assertive, intelligent, and independent with an edge of sharp wit, yet her and Jack’s relationship remains one of constant challenge and subtle attraction. Their camaraderie and evolving relationship form the backdrop for the intriguing and humorous investigations that make up each episode.

Vexed is more about relationship dynamics and character portrayal than heavy police procedural accuracy. It is a show where crime-solving takes place amidst personal explorations of the character's lives, flavored with comedic overlays that give the show its brand of unique face. Each episode presents a standalone case for the characters to solve, offering an engaging mix of mystery, satire, and personal interactions.

Toby Stephens shines as the lovably chaotic Jack, combining surprising skill with natural charm and comic timing. Whether pairing with Lucy Punch's Kate or Miranda Raison's Georgina, Stephens is a delight to watch, his performance a stand-out amidst the humor and randomness that permeate the narrative.

The show has a colorful and diverse array of supporting characters. Fictional London brought to life in Vexed is filled with oddball criminals, overbearing superiors, quirky witnesses, and a whole host of comical and unusual individuals who provide both entertainment and fodder for our determined detectives.

Vexed is expertly shot with a slick, contemporary feel that adds to its unique style. Its aesthetic is bright and sharp, reflecting the humor that permeates the show while still highlighting the serious undercurrent of crime detection. The visual component is perfectly combined with a rich soundtrack that further accentuates the show's light-hearted perspective on serious topics.

Vexed’s script is soaked in British humor with its understated wit and sardonic one-liners. It perfectly balances its tone, ensuring that the humor does not detract from the storyline, but rather, adds a refreshingly infectious charm to it. The dialogues are crisp and sharp, and there's a certain edginess to the script which helps in creating memorable moments and interactions in the show.

The series was met with mixed reviews upon its release. Some critics loved the innovative approach to the crime-solving genre, enjoying the blend of comedy and drama, and the atypical portrayals of police detectives. Others, however, found the unconventional approach to contrast sharply with the more traditional, gritty detective dramas they were used to. Nevertheless, Vexed has gained a loyal fan base, remembered for its wit, humor and especially for its eccentric but irresistible lead character.

In its entirety, Vexed is a vibrant and engaging comedy-drama that doesn't take itself too seriously, driven by charismatic performances and a sharp, witty script. Set against the backdrop of crime-solving detective work, it explores the complexities and eccentricities of human relationships and personal dilemmas, making it a fun, entertaining, and truly unique viewing experience.

Vexed is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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