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Queen's Gambit
Shade and Angie investigate a robbery case at a local drag club.

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Smart Home Alone
Matt and Angie are hired by a financial consultant who's being used as a Beta tester for a new smart home service. However, when the system appears to have a mind of its own, it no longer seems like such a smart idea.

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Angie Get Your Gun
While visiting Nora and Rory, Shade and Angie learn that a pair of Billy the Kid's cowboy boots have gone missing from the local museum. When Rory gets accused as the prime suspect, Angie and Shade race to find Billy's secret.

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Murder They Wrote
Shade, Angie and Tex are at an event for crime writers, where one of the attendants gets murdered.

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Gone in 60 Minutes
Shade's Porsche gets stolen at a luxury car show and he suspects his old hockey rival Mark Lyte might be to blame. The investigation leads them to a much bigger crime.

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Dead Air
When local radio therapist, Dr. Rohan Love, starts acting strangely and spending huge sums of money, his wife Meera hires Shade and Angie to find out what secret he's hiding.

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School's Out for Murder
Angie brings along Shade to her high school reunion, where someone is attempting to get revenge for past misdeeds.

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In the Arms of Morpheus
During her recovery from the gunshot, Angie hears someone threatened from her hospital room while under the influence of morphine.

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Private Eyes is an engaging detective drama-comedy series that originally aired on the Global Television Network between 2016 and 2021. The show, set in Toronto, was developed by Shelley Eriksen and Tim Kilby, based on the book "The Code" by G.B. Joyce. The series is centered two central characters - former professional hockey player Matt "Shadow" Shade (played by Jason Priestley) and the incredibly astute private investigator, Angie Everett (portrayed by Cindy Sampson).

The show is entrenched in the dynamic partnership between Shade and Everett, who come from two entirely different worlds. Shade, who after a career-ending injury, was soul-searching and inadvertently stumbles upon a career in private investigation. He’s charismatic, and compassionate but lacks the knowledge and finesse of the job, which often gets him into precarious situations. Everett, on the contrary, is meticulous, determined, and a born sleuth with an uncanny ability to read people and situations. Together, they form an unlikely crime-solving duo, challenging each other while solving intriguing cases that come their way.

In the backdrop of Toronto's busy streets and towering skyscrapers, the show marries elements of crime, drama, humor, and romance, making it a well-rounded spectacle. Private Eyes promises a wonderful mix of mystery, action, and comedy while banking on the chemistry of its lead characters. Every episode brings in a new case, either taking the audience to the heartland of Toronto's bustling tech industry or its high-fashion world.

The impressive supporting cast includes Jordyn Negri who plays Shade's visually impaired and intelligent daughter, Jules Shade. Barry Flatman as Don Shade - Matt's father, Cle Bennett playing Detective Derek Nolan and Ennis Esmer as Detective Kurtis Mazhari. They all add dimension and a plethora of personalities to the show, often creating comic relief amidst the intense detective work.

The chemistry between the main leads forms the soul of the show. While Everett's meticulous and analytical approach to cases contrasts with Shade's instinct-driven style, they find common ground for their drive to uncover the truth. Their contrasting personalities create tensions, but also sparks of attraction, providing viewers with a captivating will-they-won’t-they storyline.

Beyond the detective work, the series dives into the personal lives of Angie and Matt, exploring their complications and histories which serve to deepen their character development. It portrays the human side of these characters, dealing with family and personal situations which resonate with viewers. The series also presents a strong father-daughter relationship between Shade and his daughter, Jules, that is heartwarming and provides a softer side juxtaposing the relentless detective work.

The series shows real detective work, making use of traditional methods and astute observations instead of relying on high tech gadgets. The show contrasts other procedural crime dramas by pushing humor and character relationships to the forefront to break tension, yet without undermining the mystery and intrigue of each case. Adding to the charm of the series is its authentic depiction of Toronto, including its multicultural diversity and unique neighborhoods which adds a sense of reality and depth to the show.

The distinct combination of drama, sly humor, and high-stakes investigation wrapped in the panoramic visuals of Toronto city life makes Private Eyes a unique addition to the crime-comedy-drama genre. Moreover, the show presents its characters as accessible, flawed, and likable individuals who are trying to figure out their personal lives along with solving mysteries, producing a series that is not only intriguing but also relatable and engaging to its audience.

In conclusion, Private Eyes is an engaging show that combines humor and heart, making it more than just a detective series. It is about new beginnings, trust, and the power of collaboration. It's a show that captivates with its witty dialogue, compelling characters, captivating plotlines, and the incredible on-screen dynamic between its two leads, making it a must-watch for fans of detective shows with a touch of comedy and drama.

Private Eyes is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 60 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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