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On the Front Lines
Our co-hosts go military. Tyler joins the Skyhawks, an elite parachute team and jumps out of a plane at 10,000 feet strapped to another man's back.

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In Deep Water
Wet and wild! Tyler explores a huge submarine canyon in a remote-controlled underwater vehicle and studies never-before-seen life forms.

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Horse Play
Our co-hosts really horse around. Tyler visits the Strathcona Mounted Horse Troop whose 20 horses are trained to follow incredibly intricate instructions.

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Episode 3 - EscapeOur co-hosts earn how to escape from life-threatening emergencies. Vanessa studies with Dean Gunnerson an escape artist she places in a straight jacket and hangs upside down from a crane by a rope that she then sets on fire!

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Fighting Disaster
Our co-hosts learn the dangers and difficulties facing men and women who respond to disasters. Vanessa learns how to create landslides in order to learn how to react to them.

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X-Treme Rides
Our co-hosts indulge in some action-packed extreme sports. Tyler flies up to 400 feet in the air in the "Dream Machine," a parachute-powered glider plane.

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Popular Mechanics for Kids, a Canadian educational television series, aired on Global from 1997 to 2005. As the title suggests, the show drew its inspiration from the popular magazine Popular Mechanics. It targeted young audiences, aiming to spark their curiosity and interest in science, technology, and mechanics. The hosts, including Elisha Cuthbert, Jay Baruchel, Tyler Kyte, and Vanessa Lengies served as enthusiastic guides taking viewers on an adventure into the intriguing world of how things work.

The program emphasized hands-on exploration and learning, pushing beyond simple theoretical presentation. Each episode had a unique theme that centered around different areas of the world or intriguing aspects of science, nature, technology, or adventure. Some episodes explored the mysterious mechanisms beneath the sea, while others investigated the intricate workings of a skyscraper, or the fascinating principles behind aviation and space technology, wildlife, sports, and countless more.

Elisha Cuthbert, famously known for her roles in The Girl Next Door and 24, began her television career with Popular Mechanics for Kids. Her buoyant personality and infectious enthusiasm made her a favorite among young viewers. Jay Baruchel, before achieving fame through movies like How to Train Your Dragon and This is the End, was also a host on the show. His relatable persona and wry humor engaged audiences, making scientific exploration fun and enjoyable.

Tyler Kyte, a popular actor and musician, and Vanessa Lengies, an actress known for her roles in Waiting... and Stick It, joined the team later. They both retained the youthful vibrant energy that the programme was known for, and their additions brought fresh perspectives and a new dynamic to the show. Charles Powell, an esteemed scientist, acted as a guest expert, providing detailed explanations and sharing his wealth of knowledge during the episodes.

The format of the show was interactive and engaging, making use of experiments, demonstrations, and real-life examples to explain complex mechanisms or scientific concepts. It was not confined to a studio; rather, the hosts often traveled to different locations worldwide to get first-hand experiences. They would dive deep into the ocean, climb high up skyscrapers, venture into the wilderness, or visit factories and scientific facilities. The aim was always to reveal the marvels of mechanics and science in our everyday world and to make learning a fun adventure.

The show also often featured celebrity guests who provided additional entertainment and learning opportunities for the viewers. Some of the most notable celebrity appearances included basketball legend Michael Jordan, action hero Jackie Chan, and pop music sensation Britney Spears.

Besides being entertaining and engaging, Popular Mechanics for Kids was also highly educational. It encouraged young viewers to question, explore, and learn about the world around them. The show was praised for its ability to explain complex scientific principles in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way. It made challenging topics accessible to younger audiences, inspiring many towards future pursuits in science, technology, and engineering.

The critical acclaim and popularity of the show led to its distribution in many countries outside Canada, including the United States, where it was aired on Discovery Kids, and in syndication on local television stations.

Packed with plenty of youth-driven enthusiasm and a dynamic approach to learning, Popular Mechanics for Kids stands as a timeless classic example of educational entertainment. It is widely remembered as a show that managed to make the complexities of science and technology not only understandable but intriguing and fun for the younger audiences. To this day, it remains an important stepping stone in the television careers of Elisha Cuthbert, Jay Baruchel, Tyler Kyte, and Vanessa Lengies and continues to be a thesaurus of valuable knowledge for youngsters worldwide.

Popular Mechanics for Kids is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 83 episodes, the show debuted on 1997. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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How can I watch Popular Mechanics for Kids online? Popular Mechanics for Kids is available on Global with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Popular Mechanics for Kids on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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