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A Summer that was too short... Goodbye Kat-chan!

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Game Over! If you`re not here...

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Minami`s longest day! Come quick Kat-chan!!!

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One more for the Koushien and there is one more dream for Minami!

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Deliver it to Minami! Will it come!? The game winning hit with love

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The game is starting soon! Kazuya vs Terashima

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Kat-chan wanted to make it to Koushien for Minami`s sake

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Tatsuya`s Charming Characteristics

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Want to forget but cannot be forgotten. An incident that will remain in your memory

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Tatsuya`s Feelings Are A Bit Complicated

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Minami`s First Kiss

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Kazuya`s Heart is Lemon-Colored

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It`s a big event! Tatsuya slaps Minami!!

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Unhappy? Minami and Kazuya are the best couple?

Watch Touch Season 1 Episode 14 Now

Kazuya is worried! Koutarou-kun in a love slump
In an all-new bonus episode, Martin's car mysteriously breaks down in the town where he first became a reporter. When he begins to suspect his mentor is involved in illegal activity there, he risks severing their friendship in order to find the truth.

Watch Touch Season 1 Episode 13 Now

First practice! Vigorous Kazuya and worn-out Tatsuya!?
As the Aster Corporation increases their interest in Jake, Martin joins forces with Abigail (guest star Catherine Dent) as the stakes of Jake's custody escalate. When Avram (guest star Bohdi Elfman) reiterates to Martin that Jake and Amelia, a presumed dead girl with similar characteristics as Jake, are connected, Martin sets out on a passionate mission to uncover the truth.

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The coming baseball club! Tatsuya`s subtly swaying heart!!
As the Aster Corporation increases their interest in Jake, Martin joins forces with Abigail (guest star Catherine Dent) as the stakes of Jake's custody escalate. When Avram (guest star Bohdi Elfman) reiterates to Martin that Jake and Amelia, a presumed dead girl with similar characteristics as Jake, are connected, Martin sets out on a passionate mission to uncover the truth.

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Everyone`s worried, the mood is fine. We`re high-schoolers!
When Martin is mistaken for a criminal, he must involve himself with a heist crew in order to win back an innocent dock worker's job. Meanwhile, an Israeli boy (guest star Sean Peavy) and Palestinian girl (guest star Eden Modiano) fight to keep their relationship afloat.

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Tatsuya and Harada-kun`s dangerous friendship!
Martin exposes a corrupt parole officer (guest star Scott Michael Campbell), and a Brazilian street musician (guest star Louis Ferreira) uses his guitar to win the heart of a beautiful woman. In addition, Jake bonds with another mute boy (guest star Tre C.

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Tatsuya up to bat! Serious sibling showdown?!
Following numbers from Jake, Martin helps reunite a French woman with her biological mother and twin sister, then he attempts to find the person responsible for their estrangement. In the meantime, a superstitious young Italian woman is fretting when her astronaut husband loses contact with earth.

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What? Really? Tatsuya and Minami are getting married?
Martin attempts to find Teller's mysterious workshop and winds up aiding another professor, Logan, to win big at poker. Meanwhile, a young Italian man creates a viral video to track down the love of his life, whom he only met in passing, and a city slicker who plans to sell off his dead father's ranch, winds up learning a lesson from a horse that makes him appreciate the rural life his father chose.

Watch Touch Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Are the rumors true?! The relationship between Minami and Kazuya (on everyone`s mind)
As Martin and Clea work together to uncover a shocking development involving Clea's mentally-challenged mother, Teller (guest star Danny Glover) steps into trouble when he visits Jake at the board-and-care facility. Meanwhile, a plane crash survivor seeks new purpose to his existence and a Chinese couple struggles to find balance between work and life.

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Excitedly touching the baton! Reach the finish line!?
Martin gets his laptop stolen on the day Jake is scheduled for an important evaluation. As a result, he becomes ensnared in a young Salvadoran woman's quest to avenge the death of her family.

Watch Touch Season 1 Episode 5 Now

Did you see it or not? Minami`s diary!
Things will get a little out of hand.

Watch Touch Season 1 Episode 4 Now

Unexpectedly pitching in a game for the first time! Cause trouble in the name of Katsuya!?
When Martin comes in contact with a homeless man who possesses the same obsession with numbers as Jake, he sets out on a series of seemingly unrelated tasks that connect an abused African woman, a group of African boys entering a dance competition and an outgoing woman at California's famed Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Meanwhile, Teller (guest star Danny Glover) pays a visit to Jake's board-and-care facility and emotions run high for Clea.

Watch Touch Season 1 Episode 3 Now

Women`s intuition! Wondering a little about Tatsuya`s ability
Global connections are tied together.

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No matter what everybody says, we`re twins!
A father tries to connect with his son.

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In the realm of compelling and intriguing television series, ranks Touch, a unique blend of drama, science fiction, and thriller that graced the television screen from 2012 to 2013 by Fuji TV. With a powerhouse ensemble headed by Kiefer Sutherland, the series garners attention with its introspective exploration of disparate lives interconnected in a complex weave of fate and numerical patterns. Kiefer Sutherland shines as Martin Bohm, a former journalist turned baggage handler at New York’s JFK Airport after his wife’s tragic demise in the 9/11 attacks. He is the grieving single father of an emotionally challenged and mute eleven-year-old son, Jake, portrayed by the intriguing David Mazouz. Jake's inability to communicate in a conventional way stems from his unique ability to see the hidden numerical patterns that connect events and people worldwide. His uncanny knack for perceiving the cosmos's numerical sequences tints the daily mundane reality with the shades of arithmetic miracles. While Martin struggles to understand his son’s world and establish a bond with him, he is led to Clea Hopkins, a passionate social worker played by the charismatic Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She becomes a confidante and ally to Martin before long as she forms a connection with Jake. Titus Welliver, Jude Ciccolella, Ravi Kapoor, Tiya Sircar, Mark Ivanir, and others fill the cast roster, each contributing to the plotline engagingly. Another remarkable performance that arrests attention is by Danny Glover, who deftly portrays an aging Professor Arthur Teller possessing the knowledge about the gifted children like Jake. He blows life into the theories that serve as the bedrock of the series, introducing the notion of the 'invisible red thread' that connects all things. Touch unfolds as a fascinating narrative intertwining science, faith, and destiny as the mystical world of numbers reveals itself through Jake's extraordinary mind. Each episode unravels around a specific number that Jake considers significant, influencing the course of events like pieces of a massive jigsaw puzzle woven across the globe. These sequences resonate not just mathematically but carry emotional implications, indirectly ending up affecting decisions, situations, and subsequently, the whole world. Jake, the central anchor in this whirlpool of mathematical miracles, never utters a word throughout the series but communicates through numbers. His obsession with scribbling numbers guides Martin to connect dots and understand his son’s extraordinary way of looking at the world. From here, the narrative fabric of Touch interlaces cosmic patterns, mathematical marvels, and human emotions, drawing us into a tale of intertwined destinies and hidden correlations. Throughout the show, Touch, the creators have cleverly used metaphors and parables to signify the global and universal human connection. The series seeks balance in the fields of love, disaster, sorrow, and justice through the language of numbers, highlighting the profound notion that everything and everyone in the universe is interconnected. Striking a balance between the empirical side of life signified by numbers and everyday emotional narratives, Touch doesn’t shy away from dipping its toes in the pool of philosophy either. The delicate balance between science and spirituality is kept intact, and the consistent theme of interconnectedness is emphasized time and again. The script provides plenty of room for the actors to shine, and they seamlessly draw the audience into the quantum world of cosmic connectivity and the overwhelming labyrinth of human emotions. Sutherland's performance astounds audiences as he dives into the world of his son and interprets it for the audience, effortlessly shouldering a diverse range of emotions from pain, confusion, love, to determination. Throughout both seasons, viewers are kept engaged with plenty of suspense, intrigue, and lingering questions about fate, destiny, and the vast universe, melded flawlessly into the storyline. Touch undoubtedly serves as a thrilling rollercoaster ride that simultaneously stirs curiosity and wonder in the minds of its spectators. Getting lost in the world of Touch is easy with its offering of a glorious matrix of emotive human stories, enigmatic numerical patterns, and the underlying mystery that binds them all. A must-watch for those seeking a thrilling, thought-provoking, and emotionally rich television experience.

Touch is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 101 episodes, the show debuted on 1985. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Anime, Drama
Fuji TV
Kiefer Sutherland, David Mazouz
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