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The Lost Pueblo Village
From PBS - In Cortez, Colorado, the Team explores the Dillard site, a village that some 1500 years ago was home to people of the Basketmaker III era, a culture that advanced itself with technologies like farming, pottery, and the bow and arrow. The innovations of the Basketmaker III era led to the complex, beautiful Ancestral Pueblo cliff dwellings of the nearby Mesa Verde region.

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Lost Civil War Prison
From PBS - In the fall of 1864 the Confederate Army marched Union prisoners into a hastily built compound called Camp Lawton in Jenkins County, Georgia. The population mushroomed to more than 10,000 in just six weeks.

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The Bones of Badger Hold, OK
From PBS - At Badger Hole, Oklahoma, the Time Team America crew excavates what may be the largest Folsom-period bison kill site in North America. Long extinct, Bison Antiquus roamed the plains 10,000 years ago.

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The Search for Josiah Henson, MD
From PBS - Josiah Henson's 1849 autobiography inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and galvanized abolitionists. But for 30 years, he was enslaved here, on what was once a 270-acre plantation run by Isaac Riley.

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Time Team America is an intriguing show that debuted on PBS in 2009. The series leverages the allure of untold stories hidden in the soil underneath our feet, through the lens of archaeological exploration. This is a captivating journey that appeals not only to history buffs but also to those who appreciate the art of storytelling and unfold the mystery through the process of scientific investigation.

The central idea of Time Team America revolves around a team of leading archaeologists, geologists, and anthropologists from across the nation who have expertise in various archaeological investigation techniques. From surveying with ground-penetrating radar and magnetometry to formal excavation, the squad utilizes every possible technological advancement to discover the past. They analyze the remains, which can range from abandoned Gold Rush mines to ancient Native American settlements, dissecting these sites piece by piece and fragment by fragment.

These experts in their respective fields also implement the latest scientific technology into their investigative procedures, making the series not only compelling from a historical point of view but also a testament to the advancement of science and technology in archaeology. They use 3D imaging, LIDAR scanning, and other advanced technological methods to more accurately visualize the sites and what they could be concealing.

However, Time Team America is not just a show about digging in the dirt. It is primarily about people, our ancestors, who left behind tokens of their civilizations. It is about interpreting what these pieces tell us about ancient societies, about the way they lived, the things they valued, and the cultures they developed. Moreover, it’s about the interaction between the past and the present, understanding the layers of human history that have shaped our contemporary world.

In each episode, the team embarks on a different historical journey, visiting diverse sites of archaeological interest across America. These sites invariably hold the keys to understanding various aspects of human history from different eras and civilizations. The team essentially races against time, typically having only three days at each site, to uncover as much as they can before leaving the site. It's a challenge under the clock, and that adds an element of thrill and urgency to the narrative.

Not only does the team dig, map, and excavate but also they engage in multiple consultations and brain-storming sessions, trying to piece together the puzzling evidence they encounter, constructing a narrative based on the artifacts unearthed. This systematic yet involving process captures the essence of archaeological exploration, combining painstaking data collection with informed hypothesis-making.

The presentation style of Time Team America is both informative and entertaining. The show educates viewers about archaeology and history while remaining entirely engaging and accessible. Vary combinations of live-action digging, computer-generated reconstructions, and animated sequences keep the viewers engaged and help them understand the technical aspects and the historical contexts of each discovery.

Throughout the course of the series, Time Team America puts a strong emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. The amalgamation of different scientific minds, all working together to navigate the mysteries of humanity’s past, exemplifies teamwork on an interdisciplinary level. It's not just about the topsoil or the artifacts; it's about the people who left them behind and the people who are uncovering them now, all part of one long, interconnected narrative.

Furthermore, viewers will get a better understanding of how archaeology is conducted and why it's important, how much time and effort goes into answering historic riddles, and how those answers affect us today.

As the team uncovers the relics hidden beneath the surface, viewers witness not only the remarkable diversity of America's historic past but also get an in-depth insight into the archaeological process itself. The thrill of discovery, the anticipation of what they might find next, and the joy of unlocking the secrets of the past are fundamental to the Time Team America experience.

In conclusion, Time Team America is a captivating blend of exploration, adventure, intellect, history, and science. It offers viewers an opportunity to travel back in time and reconstruct the narrative of the past, all from the comfort of their living rooms.

Time Team America is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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