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Sound Tracks, Episode 2
The future of jazz is explored with Wynton Marsalis and his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra as they prepare a Duke Ellington concert for kids in Chicago. Also: the role musician Youssou N'Dour played in Senegal's 2012 presidential election; how Scottish folk singer Julie Fowlis is helping to preserve the Gaelic language and popularize Celtic folk music; the surprising global success of the Icelandic indie folk-pop band Of Monsters and Men.

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Sound Tracks Pilot Episode
Explore the making of a post-Soviet propaganda tune. Watch how the Seun Kuti, the youngest son of Afrobeat superstar Fela Kuti, is keeping his father's flame alive.

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Sound Tracks is an enriching and explorative television show that aired on PBS from 2010. Crafted as a valuable masterpiece for the music lovers, this show seeks to track the role of music as it traverses an array of cultures around the world, underscoring its transformative power in our lives and society in general. This groundbreaking music series aims to introduce us to the rhythmic melodies from every corner of the globe, unfolding their influences and effects on people while capturing the essence of their overarching beauty and diversity.

With a singular international focus, Sound Tracks is our passport to the world of music, allowing us to explore a myriad of different sounds that stretch out far beyond the encompassing boundaries of popular American music. The show aims to remind us that music is, indeed, an international language that connects us all. From India's Bollywood scene to Afrobeat in Nigeria, from traditional folk music in Ireland to the vibrant reggae scene in Jamaica, Sound Tracks leaves no stone unturned in its universal exploration of music. It celebrates the cultural diversity and international language of music and offers a unique insight into its power to shape societies, convey stories and emotions, and most importantly, bring people together.

Sound Tracks is not just about the tunes and melodies; its central focus largely revolves around the people behind the music. It introduces viewers to a plethora of international artists, emerging talents, and musical geniuses - the songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists who contribute their unique skills and narratives to the vast world of music, influencing and driving various cultural shifts within their societies. The stories shared by these artists offer an intimate glance into their struggles, inspirations, triumphs, and the profound impact their music has had on their audiences.

In each episode, Sound Tracks goes beyond showcasing performances. It digs deeper, offering viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating these universal harmonies. The show delves into the history of these music genres, excavating their roots and influences while highlighting how this universal language adapts and evolves over time resulting in a rich tapestry of sounds.

Sound Tracks also brings forth the crucial role music plays in reflecting and sparking social and political changes. The show explores music's persuasive power to stir emotions, motivate masses, and drive revolutionary movements. It ventilates how various artists have used their platforms and music as weapons for protest, change and awareness in a variety of global contexts. This accentuates how these tunes from across various cultures aren't just beats to be enjoyed, but also powerful messages wrapped in melodious sequences.

To enrich the viewers' understanding of world music, Sound Tracks is hosted by an eclectic mix of reporters, each possessing a distinct musical background and knowledge. The talented team includes Alexis Bloom, Arun Rath, Mirissa Neff, and Marco Werman. This distinctive team serves to deliver an informative and insightful perspective on the intersection of music, culture, and society.

Sound Tracks delivers much more than music to its viewers. It tells tales of resilience, unity, revolution and change that can be found within the music at the heart of every culture. It is about discovering the cultural significance and societal impact pivotal to various forms of world music. But, more than that, Sound Tracks is also a celebration of the joy and universal communicative power of music and its unique ability to bring different people together despite their disparate backgrounds.

Whether you are a passionate music enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or just an ordinary binge viewer, Sound Tracks delivers an immersive visual and auditory experience that's sure to add a new melody to your life. And even if you don't naturally gravitate towards music, the show's ability to narrate fascinating stories of the people and the cultures behind the songs is certain to leave you in awe.

In summary, Sound Tracks is a compelling musical journey like no other, offering viewers a unique perspective on the role of music within global cultures. It beautifully encapsulates the power of music as a tool for unity, a platform for change, and a remarkable way to experience the globe's cultural diversity from the comfort of your own living room.

Sound Tracks is a series categorized as a ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 2 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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