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A look at the life of Princess Diana includes archival and home movie footage as well as interviews with friends and family, including her brother, Charles Spencer.

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A look at the life of Princess Diana includes archival and home movie footage as well as interviews with friends and family, including her brother, Charles Spencer.

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The Story of Diana is a captivating two-part television event that debuted on ABC in 2017. Embracing a combination of richly detailed archives, revealing interviews, and fresh insights, the series is a meticulous exploration of the life and legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales, as we approach the twentieth anniversary of her tragic death.

At its core, The Story of Diana is a deeply human saga that conveys an intimate narrative about a woman who, in many ways, lived a life under intense scrutiny. It delves into the momentous events, relationships, and personal struggles that shaped her, hence portraying Diana not just as a royal tycoon, but an individual with flaws and virtues, like any other. This candid exploration of her life is what defines this documentary's uniqueness, by frankly admitting the personal complexities and contradictions that made Diana.

The series is brought to life with the diverse range of interviewees who all contribute their own perceptions of Diana. Key among them is her brother, Charles Spencer, who shares personal anecdotes and childhood memories of his brave and defiant sister. The diverse selection of figures interviewed also includes close friends, royal biographers, and renowned journalists who had unique access to Diana. Together, they trace her journey, shedding light on everything from her early years and her tumultuous marriage to Prince Charles, to her tireless charitable works and her relationship with the press.

Throughout the four hours, the filmmakers strive to provide an honest account of Diana's life. It’s a powerful testament of the fragile balance between a public persona continually ogled by a relentless media and the private persona yearning for acceptance, love, and normalcy. Central to Diana's life story is also her diligent philanthropy work, which led her to be known affectionally as the "People's Princess." The documentary honors her ceaseless efforts to bring attention to a multitude of societal issues.

Her relationship with the media is another vital point that this series thoughtfully analyses. Addressing the complicated synergy between Diana's popularity and the relentless paparazzi that hounded her, it lays bare the dark underbelly of fame and the cost she had to pay for it. The series goes beyond just recounting these events; it delves into their impact and how they shaped public perception of the complex figure that was Diana.

The Story of Diana is also a rich visual journey. Utilizing a wealth of footage from throughout Diana's life, it encapsulates the many different phases of her experiences – from her humble beginnings and fairy-tale-like wedding that captured the world’s attention, to her ground-breaking humanitarian work, defining fashion moments, and painful public crises. This neatly integrated visual narrative brings the words of the interviewees to life, enhancing the depth of the story being told.

Moreover, this series is a stark exploration of the core dynamics within the British Royal Family and its traditions, made even more interesting by Diana's non-conforming attitude. It charts the evolution of Diana’s relationship with the royal establishment, which was initially one of awe and respect, gradually deteriorating into one of disillusionment and rebellion. The Story of Diana skillfully captures the various pressures and expectations she faced, offering substantial insight into the life of a Royal.

In essence, The Story of Diana has been powerfully compelling in bridging the gap between the historical Diana known to the world and the real, living person behind that image. It portrays the vulnerability and strength of a woman who ascended the throne as a young, impressionable woman and grew into an independent force marking her path in the world. The series is a heartfelt salute to Diana's revolutionary spirit, which quote even weathered the most brutal storms that life presented her.

The Story of Diana is a captivating, comprehensive, and touching investigation into a woman who moved the world. It lends depth to the larger-than-life figure of Diana, allowing audiences a more intimate glimpse of her shared humanity. Driven by robust storytelling and thoughtful insights, The Story of Diana is a paramount piece of history unfolding on the television screen.

Touching, tragic, and inspiring in equal measure, The Story of Diana from ABC 2017 is a reminder of the indelible impact Diana had on not just the Royal Family and Britain but the entire world. It’s an invitation to remember, understand, and appreciate the strength and beauty of this unforgettable woman, whose legacy continues to this day.

The Story of Diana is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 2 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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