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A Wild Ride
As The Core's true purpose is revealed, the Hardy Boys and their friends must band together to save themselves, and the world, from an unheard-of technology that could forever change life as they know it.

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At The Old House
The Hardy Boys get the thing they want most and must race to deactivate The Core before it's too late.

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The Spider's Net
With the help of Drew, the gang make a daring plan to retrieve The Core, but their loved ones' lives hang in balance.

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After a shocking blow, the gang must divide and conquer to determine the identity of Deep Voice and get The Core back.

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The Crash
With Frank back, the race is on to locate the third and final Relic, but the bad guys are hot on the Hardy Boys' trail.

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A Promise of Trouble
The gang join Callie at Rosegrave with hopes of saving Frank, but they'll require the help of an old foe, and The Power of The Eye.

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A Vanishing Act
Betrayed by one of their own, the gang struggle to understand the meaning behind George Estabrook's map and are soon faced with a shocking quid pro quo.

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A Strange Inheritance
When the gang learn the location of George Estabrook's (Philip Craig) hidden Codexes, they must enlist the help of an unlikely ally to retrieve them before anyone else.

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The Hardy Boys, a popular series from Hulu brought to our screens in 2020, is derived from the acclaimed series of mystery novels detailing the suspense-filled adventures of teen brothers, Joe and Frank Hardy. The series follows the Hardy brothers' journey full of profound mystery, spine-chilling danger, and gripping suspense that has been appealing to audiences of all ages since its inception in the pages of Edward Stratemeyer's book series starting from the early 20th century.

The story starts when Joe and Frank Hardy relocate to the small town of Bridgeport. This move was precipitated by a sudden tragedy which took the life of their mother, Laura. Their father, Fenton Hardy, is a detective who decides to move his sons from the bustling city life of New York to the quainter, apparently serene idyll of Bridgeport for a fresh start.

The Brooklyn Brothers have reimagined The Hardy Boys for Hulu, providing a unique modern spin on the classic adventure series. The show gets an updated flair but maintains a certain nostalgic, timeless aura giving viewers a chance to reminisce about the past while also catering to new audiences with a taste for contemporary TV drama. Aesthetically, the series has a distinct vintage-midcentury feel, creating a sense of timeless adventure that's alluring and captivating.

As the displaced brothers adjust to life in Bridgeport, they soon realize this calm town has a deep-seated conspiratorial side. Intrigue starts brewing for the Hardy boys when they come across their father's investigation files related to their mother's tragic and untimely death. This discovery propels them into the secret investigation guided by their father, and as they dig deeper, they unearth the reality; their new home is far from the tranquil haven it appeared to be.

The Hardy Boys introduces us to the titular characters, Frank, the elder, and Joe, the younger, the duo at the heart of the numerous investigations that unfold. The characters are portrayed by Rohan Campbell as the logical, protective, and reserved Frank, and Alexander Elliot as the curious, fearless, and more spontaneous Joe. Sympathetic, intelligent, and remarkably brave, these brothers become embroiled in mysteries far bigger than they could have imagined.

Their father, Fenton Hardy, is portrayed by James Tupper, an accomplished detective, keen on nurturing his sons' investigative skills even as he battles to keep them safe. Fenton handles the delicate balance of upgrading the necessary 'Hardy' temperaments within them, not letting the boys get into the shoes of sleuths too quickly.

The Hulu series has done a commendable job of blending the classic detective-mystery genre with modern themes and issues the younger generation can relate to. Although the brooding mystery and detective aspects are central to the show, it isn't shied away from discussing themes of friendship, family, and grief. The backdrop of teenage angst, changing family dynamics, and the struggle to balance their personal lives with high-stakes investigations make the storyline more relatable and engaging for viewers.

While the series was conceived with an intended young audience based on the original work's middle-grade demographic, it has proven to captivate viewers across different age groups. The Hardy Boys maintains an immersive, family-friendly narrative style that allows older viewers to indulge in a piece of their childhood nostalgia while younger audiences discover the thrill of the Hardy brothers' adventures.

The Hardy Boys offers a unique blend of drama, mystery, suspense, emotional depth, and engaging characterization. The series boasts compelling performances from the cast, meticulous writing, high production quality, and an enthralling narrative which keeps viewers glued to their screens, awaiting the next puzzle piece. The excellent pacing of the plot ensures that every episode ends on a note that makes you want to tune in for the next one.

To conclude, Hulu's adaptation of The Hardy Boys provides an impressive modern retelling of the beloved teen-detective series while maintaining its classic charm. With a mix of nail-biting mystery, compelling character dramas, and undertones of nostalgia throughout, it stands as a proof that some stories, no matter their age, never lose their appeal. The Hardy Boys is a gripping ride from start to finish and truly deserves a place on your must-watch list.

The Hardy Boys is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch The Hardy Boys online? The Hardy Boys is available on Hulu with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Hardy Boys on demand at Hulu Plus online.

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