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A blind date through an online dating app goes very awry.

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An up-and-coming model will stop at nothing in her hunger for success.

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An artificial intelligence smart device grows attached to her user.

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After the loss of her mother, a young woman seeks connection in a mysterious online friend.

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American Horror Stories, distributed by Hulu, is a distinct spin-off of the well-known American Horror Story series, first premiering in 2021. Helmed by the pioneering showrunner, Ryan Murphy, the creator of the original anthology series, this new addition to the AHS universe doesn't fall far from the chilling tree. But where the original series follows a single story arc per season, American Horror Stories is designed to unsettle the viewer with a different story each episode, akin to popular anthology shows like Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. Taking place in the same universe as its predecessor, the show maintains its characteristic spine-tingling tone and presentation. However, being an anthology series on a per-episode basis, it opens unprecedented avenues for ingenuity and novel storylines. The storytelling ranges widely over different horror sub-genres like psychological horror, supernatural phenomena, and surrealistic nightmares, all simmered down into self-contained hour-long episodes. Each episode is crafted to be a standalone narrative, revolving around distinct characters in their unique and often horrifying universes. Diving headfirst into a potpourri of human emotions, each episode explores paths steeped in mystery, morbid fascination, and raw terror, serving up both eerie and deeply moving moments. Despite this wide thematic range, there's a uniting thread of mankind brushing up against unimaginable terror, whether from paranormal events, one's psyche, or the darkness hidden in mundane reality. The cast of American Horror Stories consists of a myriad of familiar faces from the original series as well as some fresh talent. This diverse and talented ensemble breathes life into the various personalities that inhabit the horror-filled world of the series. The performances are impressive, with actors meeting the challenge of portraying multi-layered characters in the face of horror, often bringing an element of relatability and connection, making the viewing experience all the more visceral. As with other Ryan Murphy projects, the show does not shy away from topical issues and social commentary. Through its assortment of horror narratives, the series provides a platform to delve into pertinent societal issues, thereby pushing the boundaries of traditional horror storytelling, and Using the medium of chilling narratives and unsettling visuals, it often brings to light the horrors hidden in plain sight in modern society. David Lynch aficionados or admirers of Stanley Kubrick's sense of horror aesthetics will find interesting parallels in American Horror Stories. From the direction to cinematography and the art direction, the show is filled with striking visuals and mesmerizing yet unsettling set pieces. Invoking a range of feelings from awe to sheer dread, the series goes beyond just jump scares and surface-level horror, foraying into the realm of psychological terror paired with hauntingly beautiful visuals. Avid enthusiasts of the horror genre will appreciate the dedication to maintaining atmospheric tension throughout each episode. As a kick-off from a legendary series like American Horror Story, viewers might worry about the quality of this spin-off, but rest assured, this series adds its unique charm to the horror pantheon, providing both cinematic excellence and storytelling finesse. With its elaborate plotlines infused with clever twists and turns, American Horror Stories indulges viewers who love dissecting stories, analyzing characters, and guessing what horrendous fate awaits the characters next. It unlocks a treasure chest of spine-chilling stories, each with a unique flavor, while staying true to the ethos of the original series. Simply put, it's a thrilling roller coaster ride that plunges into the heart of darkness. American Horror Stories is a welcomed expansion of the AHS universe that successfully reinvents the franchises' traditional form. It delivers a potent concoction of fear, suspense, and dramatic storytelling, interwoven with appreciated nuances of real-life horrors. This spin-off from the acclaimed anthology series certainly deserves a shot from both longtime fans and new viewers looking to sink their teeth into the ever-evolving world of modern horror. Don't miss out on this thrill ride; tune into Hulu and let American Horror Stories serve you a fresh platter of truly horrifying treats that will both tantalize and terrorize your senses.

American Horror Stories is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 19 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.3.

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