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Episode 215
Sketches include Judge Trudy, Moody's Point, and Totally Kyle. Plus, a commerical for, an online site where kids can sell their gross lunches.

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Episode 113
Amanda is interrupted continually during her greeting by people asking her to keep an eye on their kids, dogs, prisoners and finally, grizzly bear. Sketches include Totally Kyle, Blockbister, and a commercial for Meatloaf cereal.

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Episode 111
Amanda's monologue is interrupted by the whole cast and the Dancing Lobsters as they push out a birthday cake for Amanda. Amanda makes a wish on the candles, and thirty cute guys appear.

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Episode 103
Sketches include Hillbilly Moment, Smelling Bee, The Wrestlebergs, and Totally Kyle. Plus, Amanda's number one fan, sneaks backstage in search of Amanda, but instead finds Jennifer , Amanda's costume designer.

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The Amanda Show is a captivating American live-action comedy and variety television series that aired on the Nickelodeon network from 1999 to 2002, aimed predominately at a preteen and teen audience. The comedy sketch series is the brainchild of the beloved actress and comedienne Amanda Bynes, who is the main central character and thematic glue of the whole show. Amanda Bynes is an established Nickelodeon veteran since her previous stint in All That, and her comedic talent is very evident in The Amanda Show. It is essentially a platform for her multi-faceted acting abilities, vivacious spirit, and infectious humor. Each episode of the show runs for almost half an hour and is a potpourri of various funny sketches, satirical spoofs, mock reality shows, bizarre animations, and much more. Offering diversity in each and every segment, the show keeps viewers engaged and laughing all through. The series thrives on the versatility of Amanda Bynes, who not just plays herself but also a wide array of other colorful characters. She plays everyone from the toot-tooting Judge Trudy to the extremely funny and hyperactive Penelope P. Taynt, who is Amanda's self-proclaimed number one fan. Not to forget, her portrayal of Ashley from the hilarious prank call segments "You have the wrong number!" that is an absolute treat to watch. The Amanda Show also features Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who later became famous for their roles in the equally popular Nickelodeon series, Drake & Josh. Drake Bell primarily acts as himself and is also seen in various roles across different sketches. He is spectacularly funny as the straight man to Amanda's more funny and quirky antics. On the other hand, Josh Peck plays a multitude of characters, just like Amanda and Drake, thus adding to the fun quotient of the show. Their interactions subtly highlight their impeccable comedic timing and set up many memorable moments of the show. Nancy Sullivan, John Kassir, and Raquel Lee are other members of the cast who emulate distinctive personas across each episode. Nancy Sullivan enacts the role of Amanda's mother in the show besides several other characters. She brings in a lot of amusing adult humor into the sketches which balances the slapstick comedy resulting in versatile humor. The show also features a studio audience, epitomizing the format of a classic variety show. The members on set embrace the liveliness and bring cheer and laughter, giving it a genuine and lively appeal. It also incorporates musical performances and interviews with popular celebrities, further adding to its overall eclectic vibes. Each episode follows a structure with a beginning, various sketches, cartoon shorts, and a finale that mostly includes a "Judge Trudy" sketch, where Amanda Bynes plays a sassy judge delivering amusingly peculiar sentences. One of the most famous recurring sketches, 'Moody's Point,' is a parody of teen drama, particularly Dawson's Creek, which was also a massive hit during that period. Moreover, Bynes' palpable energy and comedic genius drive the sketches' narratives, while the supporting cast led by Drake Bell and Nancy Sullivan round up the performances splendidly. The performances are loud and over-the-top, as customary for a sketch comedy, but they are also intricately executed, making the humor stand out. The show was a major success and even garnered a dedicated fan base due to its absurd humor, witty sketches, and stellar performances by the cast. It was a unique blend of traditional slapstick sketch comedy and fresh, contemporary variety elements that made it a massive hit among the audiences. Its popularity was so massive that it inspired spin-offs and also led to the rise of the careers of Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, and many others. In conclusion, The Amanda Show provides wholesome entertainment with its diverse range of humor, wacky characters, and Amanda Bynes's unmistakable charm. It was a show that not only appealed to the humor sense of the younger generation but also adults. It's not just a television show but a classic comedy extravaganza that shaped the trajectory of kid's television in the early 2000s. Being one of the gems of Nickelodeon's programming, it still holds a nostalgic charm for viewers who grew up watching it.

The Amanda Show is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 40 episodes, the show debuted on 1999. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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