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Episode 1133
T@$#LE!GH goes to Coffee Coffee Coffee, Nathan cancels soup, camp gets weird when the kids from Stranger Things show up, and our favorite babies go to their first birthday party.

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Episode 1132
Summary not available

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Episode 1129
Special guest Frankie Grande stops by Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, T@$Hle!gh goes to the school pep rally, All That presents a new way to cool lasagna with the Lasagna Cooler, and Aria finds a new "thing".

Watch All That Season 8 Episode 17 Now

Episode 1128
Tammy TMI runs for student body president, birthday expert Denzel teaches people how to throw a proper surprise party, Stay Off Your Phone returns with some special "Strange" guests, and Reece explains why her joke is funny.

Watch All That Season 8 Episode 16 Now

Episode 1127
Nathan cancels "LOL", the Pranklers return, Fuzzoli and Smiles try to crack the case of the food fight, Benny posts another unboxing video, and a mermaid and a merman host a haul video to reveal all the cool stuff they found from the surface.

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Episode 1130
Jamie Lynn Spears returns to All That with the cast of Zoey 101, Alex hits ‘em with a new Spanish lesson, auditions for a new school mascot are held, Penny chooses a character for her new game, and Kate attempts the world's most difficult trick shot.

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Episode 597
Everyone switches Kevin's words around. A sketch is interrupted several times by an audience member who demands the performers change it.

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Episode 596
The kids find an old treasure map and search for treasure in the green room. The art teacher ask the class to paint him but makes it extremely hard.

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Episode 595
Luigi the Baker sends the cast 100 pies. Faculty Physical Training: Principal Pimpell hires a fitness expert to shape up the faculty.

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Episode 594
All That is an all-kid sketch comedy series created Brian Robbins, Dan Schneider and Michael Tollin. The cast consists of seven diverse and multi-talented kids who become colorful characters that are integrated into various sketches.

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Episode 591
Amanda beats the Cosmic Crusher game. Detective Dan: Robbed. Vital Information. The Date Game: Clay Spackle introduces three lucky bachelors to Bethany Sinclair in hopes of her getting one great date. Show and Tell: Juicer.

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Episode 590
After a hundred years, today is the day the time capsule can be opened. The Spice Boys. Vital Information. Have a Nice Day. The Mayor of Los Angeles shows up to congratulate the cast on the one millionth use of the word cheese. Mars Weather Report.

Watch All That Season 8 Episode 8 Now

Episode 589
Danny's mother embarrasses Danny and beats up Kevin. Superdude vs. the Dairy Godfather. Vital Information. Stuart the Crazy Postal Worker. Ms. Klump demonstrates first aid techniques using injuries that she inflicts on her students as examples.

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Episode 587
Mark, Danny and Amanda play Simon Says. The Inconvenience Store: Latanya and Lateesha give customers a hard time.

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Episode 586
Amanda gets a vicious "attack killer turtle." Jimmy Bond vs. Dr. Maybe. Vital Information. Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz. Seymore reacts to a tennis match between two awful players. Career Day. Don't Do This at Home.

Watch All That Season 8 Episode 5 Now

Episode 585
Josh plays chess with a giant carrot. Miss Piddlin and some students go camping. Vital Information. Desert Weather Report. The Best Friends Forever Show: A game show where you let something terrible happen to your best buddy in order to win prizes.

Watch All That Season 8 Episode 4 Now

Episode 583
Danny and Kenan enter the green room and everything is in black and white. You Can't Win. Vital Information. Ask Ashley. Music Class on a Budget: The children's instruments are replaced by commonplace items. Leroy and Fuzz.

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Episode 581
Amanda and Leon have dug a hole to China. Ray Borealis is in the North Pole giving a weather report, while Brenda is in the studio.

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Episode 580
Amanda orders a new cast member who arrives in a delivery box. Miss Piddlin enters her world famous peas in the cook off.

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All That from Nickelodeon is a beloved American sketch-comedy television series that became a well-established platform for budding child actors and comedians. First aired in the year 1994, the show continued its fun-filled and riotous journey till 2020 with a brief hiatus in between. Over this tenure, All That witnessed a variety of cast members who contributed greatly to the popularity of the show. The series is known for its entertaining sketches, memorable recurring characters, and its ability to speak to its young audience with a humor that was both age-appropriate and amusing.

All That thrived on its premise of a variety-type show which offered an array of short comic sketches. While kids were the main audience, its humor often extended beyond simplistic kids' jokes, managing to entertain the adults as well. The essence of the series lied in its unpredictability. From parodies of movies, television shows, music bands to situational and character-driven comedy, All That was all game, embodying the essence of diversity and unpredictability that are the keystones of sketch comedy.

The anchor of the show was, undisputedly, the revolving cast of talented young actors who shone as various characters in different sketches. The cast from 1994-2020 sported a rich roll call of young, lively, and talented actors including names such as Angelique Bates, Amanda Bynes, Gabriel Iglesias, Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, and more. These actors with their irrepressible comic timing and freedom to improvise greatly helped in keeping each episode fresh and engaging.

Kenan Thompson, for example, still well-remembered for his characters like Pierre Escargot or Superdude, was one of the longest-serving cast members who went on to prove his comedic prowess in arenas outside All That as well. Another noteworthy mention is Amanda Bynes who broke out as a star, gaining much popularity for her quirky characters. Later, she went on to have her show on Nickelodeon called 'The Amanda Show'.

The show hosted numerous guest stars, adding another level of excitement for the audience. These guests were often popular music artists, sports personalities or actors who were mainly there to perform or participate in a fun sketch, providing entertainment while also creating a connection between the viewers and their favorite celebrities.

All That was also excellent at showcasing musical performances. Top music talent would often close out the show, adding a further layer of pop-culture relevance to each episode. From Aaliyah to Z-100, the stage of All That was graced by many big names of the music industry over the years, providing a great mix of tunes to wind up an episode of comedy.

Additionally, what set All That apart was its inclusivity. The show did not shy away from showing a cast that was diverse, both in terms of ethnicity and sex. This quality helped the show to connect with a broader geographic audience and allowed children from all walks of life to see themselves represented on screen.

It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that one of the greatest assets of the series was its appeal to nostalgia. Regardless of the changing cast and evolving comedy style, All That consistently reminded the audience of the fun-filled sketches of the past, creating a sense of continuity and lasting connection with the viewers.

In conclusion, All That is an iconic catch-all sketch comedy show for kids that spanned more than two decades of laughter and entertainment. The show has not only been a platform for many young actors to showcase their talents but also had a lasting impact on its viewers with its diverse skits, lively performances, and its dedication to delivering quality comedy. Over the years, All That has maintained a special place in the hearts of Nickelodeon fans and continues to be fondly remembered for its unique style of humor.

All That is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 135 episodes, the show debuted on 1995. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch All That online? All That is available on Nickelodeon with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch All That on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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