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From the Top
Reality will cease to exist unless a selfless hero makes the ultimate sacrifice. But will it be enough to reverse the damage Nine caused to the universe?

Watch Sonic Prime Season 3 Episode 7 Now

The Devil Is in the Tails
Sonic discovers a new ability that may be the key to defeating Nine. But Nine's endless army has only one purpose: to capture Sonic's energy.

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Home Sick Home
To beat the biggest bot on the battlefield and get one step closer to Nine, Sonic needs to move fast -- and accept a little help from his friends.

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Nine's Lives
Sonic must learn to give up some control if he's going to defeat Nine on the battlefield. The first step?

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No Escape
Sonic races to No Place to save the pirates before their world collapses, but Nine still needs Sonic's energy to power the Paradox Prism.

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Dome Sweet Dome
To get help in the fight against Nine and his winged lackeys, Sonic heads to New Yoke and forms an allegiance with the very last people he ever expected.

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Grim Tidings
With the Paradox Prism in his hands, Nine begins building the Grim into his own personal paradise -- unless Sonic and Shadow can convince him otherwise.

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Sonic Prime is a high-speed animated adventure that burst onto the streaming scene on Netflix in 2022. This dynamic series follows the iconic blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog, a character that has deeply ingrained himself in the hearts of fans since his inception in the early 1990s with the original Sega video game. Aimed at kids, families, and longtime fans alike, Sonic Prime offers an exciting mix of action, comedy, and rich storytelling that expands the universe of this beloved speedster. At its core, Sonic Prime is an exhilarating journey that reimagines the world of Sonic. Through a narrative that cleverly mixes both fresh and familiar elements, the show sets forth an engaging storyline meant to intrigue viewers new to the Sonic franchise as well as those who have fond memories of the previous games, cartoons, and comics. The art style strikes a balance between the modern and retro aesthetics, presenting vibrant environments and fluid animation that do justice to the high-octane action one would expect from a Sonic series. Sonic, voiced by a talented voice actor, retains his endearing cockiness, sense of justice, and incredible speeds that have defined his character. Sonic Prime digs deeper into these traits, exploring what it means to be a hero and the responsibilities that come with it. The show allows Sonic to shine in moments that test both his physical abilities and his character, presenting challenges that require more than just quick reflexes to overcome. Accompanying Sonic is a diverse cast of characters drawn from various points in the Sonic lore. This includes his ever-loyal friends like Tails, the genius mechanic with a knack for invention; the determined and powerful Knuckles; and the kind-hearted and sometimes sassy Amy Rose. Each one has their moment in the series, showcasing their unique personalities and skill sets that complement Sonic's abilities and add layers to the team's dynamics. The antagonist in Sonic Prime provides a formidable challenge for Sonic and his friends, presenting obstacles that are not simply resolved with speed. The conflict at the heart of the series hinges on more than just the perennial battle between good and evil. The stakes are high, and the journey is filled with twists and turns that keep the audience engaged, wondering how Sonic will navigate the peril that extends beyond his familiar stomping grounds. One of the most captivating aspects of Sonic Prime is its delve into the rich multiverse associated with the series. The narrative takes advantage of the concept of alternate realities and parallel dimensions, skillfully weaving it into the plot to create a multi-layered adventure. This approach breathes new life into the Sonic universe, allowing for inventive world-building and the introduction of varying iterations of characters, some of which offer a surprising and delightful contrast to their more well-known versions. The multiverse element amplifies the excitement as Sonic zips through different landscapes and scenarios, each presenting its own unique challenges and perils. As Sonic races through these various dimensions, the show maintains a prominent theme of friendship and teamwork. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and trust, even as Sonic contends with the different facets of his personality and the choices that define him. Character development is strong as the storyline progresses, reinforcing the notion that heroes are not born but made through experiences and the support of allies. Moreover, Sonic Prime does an excellent job of sprinkling humor throughout the series. It features clever quips, visual gags, and situational comedy that keeps the overall tone light and enjoyable, even when the drama ramps up. Without straying into territory that would alienate older viewers, the humor feels natural and well-placed, eliciting chuckles and smiles from audience members of all ages. In terms of overall style, Sonic Prime pays homage to the franchise's heritage while also striving to set a new benchmark. The show's art direction, character designs, and world layouts all take cues from Sonic's rich visual history, while the narrative structure allows exploring beyond the boundaries of the established canon. The music and sound effects deserve praise as well, with energetic scores punctuating the action and the iconic sounds of rings and spin-dashes providing a nostalgic nod to long-time fans. Lastly, the educational value of the series shouldn't be overlooked. Even as it entertains, Sonic Prime subtly introduces concepts such as ethics, the consequences of one's choices, and the importance of resilience in the face of adversity—valuable lessons for its younger viewers. The series does so without ever feeling preachy, integrating these themes into the fabric of the plot in a way that complements the story rather than detracting from it. In summary, Sonic Prime is a vibrant and exciting addition to the Sonic franchise, offering a blend of thrilling action, heartfelt storytelling, and endearing characters that have become synonymous with the hedgehog hero. The series appeals to viewers young and old, providing a fresh narrative that respects the legacy of Sonic while charting a new course for adventures to come.

Sonic Prime is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 23 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Deven Christian Mack, Ashleigh Ball, Vincent Tong
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