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The Truth
In the second season finale, Patrick's new reality is overwhelming; Danny carries on his search for his daughter; and Cornell thinks she's located Kate's murderer.

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The Brother
As the blockbuster who-done-it comes to a close, Eric Warner is racing to dig himself out of a hole that Kate, his family and Detective Cornell have placed him in. The explosive energy of everyone's secrets and lies is about to arrive at a volatile conclusion.

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The Racket
Eric is the last guy standing as his family and SEG seem destined to fall apart as the mystery surrounding the home at 8686 Mint Hill Drive unfolds.

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The Statement
Patrick's reckless actions and secret misdeeds force the Warners to quickly patch up their differences and save SEG. Meanwhile, Cornell and her ex-husband are tormented with guilt over their daughter.

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The Parent
Eric receives strange visit at his work from someone linked to Kate, but the more he finds out about her past only creates more questions about his inner circle, especially Patrick. Meanwhile, Cornell is blindsided by surprising news from her ex-husband as she keeps on struggling with her past partner's murder two years ago, and increasing tension between her and Danny isn't helping her either.

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The Daughter
Eric learns that Danny is not who he seems to be, and it may cost Cornell her occupation. Meanwhile, Cornell shares more of Kate's secrets to an unsuspecting Eric, who starts to question the aims of even those nearest to him.

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The Detective
Eric learns that he and Danny have more in common than he previously thought. The two draw closer to locating Liam, but they aren't the only persons who have been hot on his trail.

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The Liar
Eric hunts for Liam, Kate's missing assistant whose actual identity may have been unknown to her, and worries about an encounter she had at a seedy motel. Meanwhile, Cornell blindsides Eric with secrets from an ex-girlfriend; and a strange woman with possible connections to Liam may have been involved in Kate's death.

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The Husband
Cornell focuses on Eric after the revelation of an alarming mistake from his past, so Amanda attempts to help him show that his romance with Kate was the real thing and point the detective's attention elsewhere, but the view of an ex-girlfriend at the police station gives him a terrible feeling that all could be lost.

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The Fall
In the Season 2 premiere, the downward spiral of the heir to a private equity firm in Charlotte begins when his wife is found dead during a party for his father's retirement, and Detective Cornell wastes no time making him a suspect in the case, though it's soon evident that this seemingly perfect family has more than its fair share of skeletons in the closet.

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Secrets and Lies is an intriguing American mystery anthology series on ABC, launched in 2014. The first season of the series features a talented actor from New Zealand, Martin Henderson, who weaves his screen magic into an engaging yet equally grueling murder mystery.

In Secrets and Lies, Martin Henderson plays the character of Ben Crawford, who finds himself in the center of a scandalous investigation after stumbling upon a horrific discovery. The show begins with Ben, a seemingly average family man jogging through the woods when he suspiciously finds his young neighbor's lifeless body, thus kicking off a saga wrapped in mystery, betrayal, and scrutiny.

The premise revolves around Crawford, who, upon this frightful encounter becomes a prime suspect in the boy's murder case. Surrounded by the echoing whispers of accusatory townsfolk, he is compelled to navigate through this unexpected catastrophe, in a desperate bid to prove his innocence. The labyrinth of Secrets and Lies takes viewers on a thrilling journey where family ties are endangered, friendships are tested, and boundaries of trust are pushed to their limits.

Although Henderson's Ben Crawford is at the heart of the narrative, other compelling characters are also meticulously developed, offering a rich mosaic of personalities across the suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, where the series is set. All characters deal with their private battles while trying to make sense of the chaotic circumstances that the Crawford family has suddenly thrust upon them.

The series brilliantly spices up its narrative with numerous plot twists woven into the storyline. Henderson brings a sense of authenticity to his character as he teeters between being a doubtful suspect, a determined defender, and a man pushed to his emotional limits by the unforeseen developments. His performance mirrors the helplessness and distress of a person denied the benefit of trust.

The fragile nature of his relationships, especially with his wife, Christy Crawford (played by KaDee Strickland), and his daughters, Natalie and Abby, form the emotional core of the Secrets and Lies. These relations are further strained as Cornell (played by Juliette Lewis), the fierce detective resolved to unmask the truth, leaves no stone unturned, triggering turmoil within the Crawford household and their close-knit community.

The articulation of the crime mystery in Secrets and Lies combines police procedural approaches with dramatic familial interactions, linked with a pulsating storyline that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, wondering what lies next for Ben and his family.

The series is splendidly backed by a strong supporting cast including Dan Fogler as Dave Lindsey, Ben's closest confidant, and child actor Indiana Evans, who provides an emotive portrayal as Natalie Crawford, Ben's teenage daughter trying to grapple with the harsh reality.

Built upon thrilling ambiguity, Secrets and Lies operates in shades of gray, offering no clear-cut villains or heroes. The intriguing complexities of the narrative drive viewers to question everything they know about the characters as they gradually learn about their underlying secrets and lies—hence the aptly chosen title. The audience witnesses a gradual, suspenseful unraveling of events, with each episode offering subtle hints to a puzzle that is mind-bogglingly challenging yet rewarding.

Visually appealing and bolstered by stellar performances, Secrets and Lies uses suspense as a powerful narrative tool, creating ample room for continuous audience engagement. Henderson's captivating portrayal, along with Juliette Lewis's relentless fierceness, create an on-screen tension that keeps the viewers hooked till the end.

Secrets and Lies is a testament to one's search for truth in a cobweb of lies, deceit, and suspicion. This well-crafted series explores the human psyche under duress and the lengths that people will go to maintain the veneer of their seemingly perfect lives while guarding their personal secrets.

This show would appeal to lovers of suspenseful drama with its well-executed plot twists, deep, engaging characters, and excellent performance from the cast. Secrets and Lies, with Martin Henderson at its center, is a morally complex and deeply compelling show that is sure to keep viewers guessing till its last frame. It's a story of fear, family, and finding the truth in a world shrouded by secrets and lies.

Secrets and Lies is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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