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Christmas Special
In this one-off special, Myles turns his critical eye to the most celebrated occasion of the year - Christmas. Myles examines the practice of giving, festive indulgence and the Christmas spirit.

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Happiness, Escapism, Acceptance
Happiness - How does one grasp the elusive desire of happiness? Escapism - Myles inhabits the ultimate place in which to ponder the notion of escapism.

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Treechange, Art, Sympathy
Treechange - Myles decides to find out for himself the real consequences of getting away from it all. Art - Myles embarks on a journey to see what future there really is in being an artist.

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Imitation, Hatred, Justice
Imitation - Myles impersonates the long lost son of the Hollington family. Hatred - Myles sets out on his own mission to be truly hated by his fellow man.

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Killing Kyle Sandilands, Fear, Racism
Killing Kyle Sandilands - Myles attempts a deed that may involve killing Kyle Sandilands. Fear - Myles sets out to uncover the fear of putting a 'hit' out on himself.

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B-Grade Celebrity/Bucks Party/Loss/911 Jokes/Cockblocking/Selling Out
B Grade Celebrity - Myles dances his way into B Grade celebrity status. Buck's Party - Myles turns to internet dating sites to find a bride in order to have a bucks party.

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Wanderlust - Myles reviews the freedom and cultural experiences of travelling abroad. Addiction - Myles dives head first into a life of addiction.

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Review with Myles Barlow, originally broadcasted from 2008-2010 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), is a darkly satirical comedy television series that was conceived and written by Phil Lloyd and Trent O'Donnell. The show follows Myles Barlow, portrayed by Phil Lloyd, a fictional critic who offers viewers an in-depth critique and analysis of a wide variety of life experiences. Employing a unique and humorous lens, the show explores how different life experiences would fare if they were subjected to a critic's detailed examination.

In every episode, Myles embarks on an experiential journey, where he navigates through a different life scenario or situation such as theft, divorce, murder, or facing one’s own mortality. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and critiquing typical experiences, like food or art, Myles immerses himself fully in every situation he reviews. He then offers elaborate reflections on these experiences, ranging from the mundane, the insane, to the profound, considering their relative worth and giving each experience a score out of five stars.

Phil Lloyd's portrayal of Myles Barlow is sharp, piercing, and very well-executed. The character acts as a fully committed and wholly insensitive critic - an embodiment of unempathetic journalism that delivers a hilariously dark and deeply satirical commentary on judgment and criticism. Throughout the seasons, his personal life tends to unravel dramatically due to the extreme lengths he goes to for his reviews. His unflinching commitment and stoicism even in the face of absurd and unsettling situations prove amusing, entertaining, and often profoundly moving.

This award-winning series stands apart due to its unique premise that offers a wry commentary on Australian values, culture, and the human experience, all clothed in sharp humor. "Review with Myles Barlow" beautifully marries life's philosophical questions with comedy, not shying away from pushing the boundaries of what's considered taboo or inappropriate.

While primarily a parody of critique and review shows, the series is often seen as a critique of the obsession with voyeuristic entertainment in contemporary society, as well as the nature and implications of subjective judgment. It takes a hard look at the modern world's infatuation with judgment and highlights the absurdity of rating or scoring an individual's subjective experience.

Designed as a combination of standalone segments, interspersed with Myles' personal life vignettes, each episode manages to thread a coherent storyline throughout. The pitch-black humour, coupled with sharp, intelligent writing, makes for a compelling watch, inviting viewers to question their own values system and rationales. The show consistently surprises and engages its viewers, thanks to its unpredictable plotlines and the unwaveringly committed performance from its central character.

"Review with Myles Barlow" skillfully uses the format of a review show to transport audiences into a world of reflective buffoonery. Balancing poise and calamity, Myles takes the audience on a journey through life's absurdities in a manner that's both confrontational and comedic. The series succeeds in providing a social commentary while delivering high comedy value.

The production value of "Review with Myles Barlow" is commendable, as it manages to seamlessly transition from studio elements to the outside world. The stylistic pastiche of the show, paired with mystic camerawork and solid direction, perfectly suits the tone of the series, making it visually appealing for audiences.

In conclusion, "Review with Myles Barlow" is not your conventional satirical show. It's an unique blend of comedy, critique and holds a probing mirror to modern society. The brilliance lies in its willingness to push boundaries, to move past the comfort zone of its audience and its steadfast refusal to compromise on its brand of dark humor. For anyone interested in a show that's insightful, endlessly inventive, and surprisingly profound, "Review with Myles Barlow" is an exceptional viewing choice.

Review with Myles Barlow is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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