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Jack The Giant Killer
Hear tales of a terrible giant, an unlikely ruler and a wartime innovation.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 13 Now

Witchfinder General
Castles tell stories of a witch hunt, a royal romance, and a murderous scheme.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 12 Now

Aussie Adam & Eve; Corpse Queen; Voyage of the Clermont
Castles tell of a prisoner's plight, a macabre love and a new innovation.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Savior of Flamenco
See true tales of a singer's success, a deadly plot and a literary hoax.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 10 Now

Deadliest Chess Game
Castles tell tales of a deadly chess match, an epic love and a royal murder.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 9 Now

Pink Diamond Heist; Bloody Baron; Samlesbury Witches
Stories involve a shocking heist, a twisted tyrant, and a witch hunt.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 8 Now

Prince's Plight; Mad King Ludwig; Falling for Love
Featuring tales of an exiled prince, a murdered monarch, and a doomed lover.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Queen Victoria Assassination Attempt; Lucky Lindy; Affair of the Poisons NEW
A dangerous stunt by Queen Victoria links back to a glamorous palace in England; a quest to revolutionize aviation, culminates at a manor in Lake Tahoe; a prisoner in a formidable French stronghold reveals a poisonous plot.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Knights, Love Stories and Doom
William Wallace's demise is traced back to a fortress in England; at a chateau in the Czech Republic, the legendary Casanova suffers from a broken heart; in the shadow of a Danish stronghold, an astronomer meets an untimely end.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 5 Now

Brothers Grimm
Epic castles tell of a deadly plague, the Brothers Grimm, and a long-lost head.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Good King Wenceslas, Prison Painter, Butler's Secret
A beloved king betrayed by brother, a doomed painter, and a secretive butler.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Fall of The Knights Templar, Resurrecting Sherlock, Weeping Stones Curse
Tales of the Knights Templar, Sherlock Holmes and a curse are uncovered.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 2 Now

The Diamond Necklace Affair; Topless Duel; Abseiling Escape
Mysteries from castles around the world are uncovered, including deception at France's Versailles, a topless duel at Czech Republic's Kynzvart Castle and a war hero's death-defying bid for freedom at Germany's Konigstein.

Watch Mysteries at the Castle Season 3 Episode 1 Now

Mysteries at the Castle is an American television show that premiered on the Travel Channel in 2014. This captivating show is a real feast for anyone with an appetite for history, the uncanny, and thrilling tales, which are grounded in real-world sites. The show offers a real-world history tour through some of the world's most billion-dollar views from opulent great halls, ominous dungeons to spiral towers.

Exploring, deciphering, and bringing the past's intriguing and unknown stories to life, this gripping show takes viewers through the global major and minor historical sites' enigmatic portals. These narratives are not just mere historical events; instead, they are fantastic stories of intrigue, love, war, mystery, and even crime that have taken place within the walls of some of the world’s most iconic castles, mansions, and fortresses.

Every episode of Mysteries at the Castle is an anthology of sorts, which presents various narratives connected to a specific location. Host Don Wildman brings his own brand of storytelling gusto to the mix, using his charismatic and immediately engaging personality to draw viewers into each episode's unique tales. He guides viewers with an engaging narrative, digging into a mixture of history and mystery by unearthing the secrets and stories that lurk in the nooks and crannies of these monumental edifices.

From haunting ghost tales, scandals, bloody battles, acts of heroism to brutal betrayals, the show depicts several gripping and seldom-told stories that are woven into the fabric of these historic structures. The stories featured are not always well-known, but they're always fascinating, opening a window into history and the human experience that's both educational and suspensefully entertaining.

Mysteries at the Castle also features detailed and breathtaking visuals as it traverses continents, ranging from the ancient castles of Europe, the grandeur of the British royal palaces, to the much-admired estates in the United States. The show brilliantly captures the spectacular architecture, grandiose interiors, and beautiful landscapes that these historic places are nestled in. Combined with Wildman’s narrative, the show transports the audience back in time, making them feel a part of the history themselves.

A unique aspect of Mysteries at the Castle is that it retells the stories with dramatic re-enactments, making the historical events come alive vividly in front of viewers' eyes. It uses professional actors, attention-grabbing scripts, and quality cinematography to make the past come alive. These re-enactments not only give the show a feeling of a historical documentary but also extend it into the realm of cinematic storytelling that captivates the audience's interest till the very end.

However, the show isn't confined solely to the past. Refreshingly, it also explores the present-day significance of these sites, often revealing how the past continues to echo at these locations. It offers intriguing behind-the-scenes insights into the care, conservation, and continued use of these heritage sites. It's a beautiful amalgamation of history, architecture, and mystery that lets the audience rediscover the world through a completely different lens.

The format of the show is easily digestible, with each episode divided into segments, each dedicated to a different mystery or story. This makes it perfect for both binge-watching and casual viewing. Whether you're a history buff, a fan of mysteries, or just a curious viewer, there's something for everyone on Mysteries at the Castle.

In conclusion, Mysteries at the Castle is a visually rich, intellectually stimulating, and utterly engrossing viewing experience that seamlessly combines history, mystery, and travel. While captivating the audience with accounts of bygone eras' scandals, wars, and tales, it imparts the understanding of the significance and value of preserving our global heritage. Watching this show is like travelling back in time and experiencing history one mystery at a time. It's a show that proves - the walls do talk!

Mysteries at the Castle is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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