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Eye in the Sky
Search and Rescue gets a Mad Dog re-invention as the team takes on two life-saving builds. They re-configure a gyro plane to search day or night for people lost in the wilderness.

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Bomb Squad
Mad Dog needs to create a blade that can help deep sea rescue 1,000 feet below the surface; and one wrong move could trigger an explosion when the team helps re-invent an xxplosive ordnance disposal kit.

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Shooting Missiles
An elite American sniper needs a long-range rifle that can make a shot from two miles away. Mad Dog creates a takedown spear with a razor-sharp blade and shotgun rounds to protect a cowboy and his herd from wolf attacks.

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Going to Mars
To take on the brutal conditions on Mars, a NASA astronaut asks Mad Dog to design a tool that works with his spacesuit. A US Marshal needs a battering ram that can take doors quickly and withstand a million volts of electricity.

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Dog Bites Bear
An Alaskan Bush pilot needs a shotgun that can withstand a plane crash and a bear attack; and Mad Dog forges an indestructible axe to help a firefighter take on 1,000 degree blazes.

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Knives That Save Lives
An elite blademaker uses his skills to re-invent tools and weapons used to save lives. To help victims of car crashes, Mad Dog tries to create a lighter, more effective version of the "Jaws of Life" but the build pushes his skills to their limits.

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Mad Dog Made, released in 2018 by Discovery, is a reality TV show anchored in the genre of innovation, military-style engineering, and weaponry. This series is all about the fascinating world behind weapon creation and high-tech engineering to create advanced warfare gadgets. Its focus is on the work of a genius craftsman who goes by the name ‘Mad Dog’, and his highly skilled team.

The main protagonist of the series is Mad Dog, otherwise known as Kevin McClung. He's an expert craftsman with over three decades of experience in weapon-making. He served in the military during his early years and developed a deep understanding of weapons. His expertise in engineering and physics allowed him to understand the technical nuances behind weapon development, capabilities, and the needs of users in critical situations.

An industry veteran, Mad Dog has provided consultancy for numerous military and police organizations, contributing his knowledge of weaponry to make their operations safer and more efficient. He's known for his meticulous attention to detail, his in-depth knowledge of materials and equipment, and his significant contributions to the world of weapons.

In Mad Dog Made, viewers are taken on a riveting journey into Mad Dog’s workspace, where he and his team work tirelessly to craft some of the world's most innovative and advanced weapons. Hardcore craftsmanship, complex engineering, resourceful innovation, and many high-octane moments are at the heart of this enthralling reality show.

What's more captivating about the series is the diverse crew that works with Mad Dog. His team includes a young apprentice, adept professionals with military experience, and even his own daughter. Each member brings a unique set of skills to table, and their synergy in action makes for some television suspense.

Mad Dog's daughter, Morgan, is a major dynamic force within the team. She’s a trained expert in emergency medicine, and her role involves tailoring every weapon to suit the survival needs of the user. There’s also Jacob Sanchez, a Green Beret veteran, whose practical field-experience in using and dealing with weapons proves invaluable to the team.

Part of the show’s charm is the process by which Mad Dog and his team make each weapon. They start by understanding the precise requirements of the user. Following this, they pull in all their skill, expertise, and innovation to design and develop custom weapons that pack a punch in combat situations while prioritizing user safety. Everything is built to perfection, from the initial designing to the detailed blueprint, the meticulous crafting process, to the final product.

But the journey doesn't end there. After the weapon creation process, the show takes viewers into the testing phase, an equally enthralling part, where you can witness these weapons in action. The team believes in the philosophy of experiencing the impact before it reaches the consumers, which ensures an optimal level of performance and safety.

Mad Dog Made deals with a wide variety of weapons. From guns, swords, and knives to futuristic weapons, non-lethal defense mechanisms, and survival gear, they cater to every demand. The show, however, isn’t only about building and testing weapons. Alongside the thrill and suspense, Mad Dog Made emphasizes humanity. The team's principal goal is to save lives, not take them. That is why every weapon made on the show is designed to protect its wielder and ensure their survival.

Overall, Mad Dog Made offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that combines craft, engineering, science, and the art of weaponry. Its hard-hitting reality, fast-paced action, and the reality behind weapon creation are sure to captivate audiences, especially those inclined towards the world of technology, engineering, weaponry, and related fields. With Mad Dog leading the charge, prepare for a breathtaking ride into the exciting realm of weapon creation.

Mad Dog Made is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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How can I watch Mad Dog Made online? Mad Dog Made is available on Discovery (US) with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Mad Dog Made on demand at Philo, Discovery, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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