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Death and Venice, Part Two
Determined to discover the secret of the island across the lagoon, Lovejoy risks his neck and finds the ancient city offers as many surprises as it has canals.

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Death and Venice, Part One
Lovejoy is involved on a murder, and in an eccentric millionaire invites him to join what promises to be the biggest art scandal of this, or any, century.

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The March of Time
When Lovejoy acquires an antique clock without any works, he discovers that the past and present honour of a regiment and a family are at stake.

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The Real Thing
Lovejoy decides to leave the district for a while after pulling one trick too many on his arch-rival, Gimbert. But a part-time job threatens to land him in bigger trouble.

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To Sleep No More
Why should a priest be bidding for a forger's possessions?

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The Judas Pair
Murder and theft lead Lovejoy into a deadly game with a mysterious collector, whose passion for antique pistols is strong enough to kill again.

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Friends, Romans and Enemies
Junk or otherwise, death invariably yields up a fresh supply of objects to the antique trade. But old James Bexon saw everything in pairs, and Lovejoy's own life could be in danger.

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The Sting
Lovejoy decides that one double-cross deserves another as he comes to the rescue of a pretty girl in trouble and indulges Charlie Gimbert's passion for jade.

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The Axeman Cometh
Lovejoy is being relentlessly pursued by more than just the taxman when he thinks he has struck a pure gold.

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The Firefly Cage
As a "divvie", Lovejoy is a dealer with a special talent for guessing the real value of antiques. Unfortunately, he doesn't always divine the dangers that lurk in a cunning and greedy trade.

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Lovejoy is a compelling British television series that aired on BBC One between 1986 and 1994, notably presenting a unique blend of comedy, drama, and mystery. It's an entertaining show that plays out over six series, embodying a significant part of the distinctive spirit of British television drama during the 1980s and the early 1990s. Despite being set primarily in the rustic charm of England's East Anglia, the separated storylines take viewers to diverse locales around the United Kingdom and internationally. At its core, Lovejoy is a captivating story about a roguishly charming antiques dealer, Lovejoy, played by the brilliantly effortless Ian McShane. Lovejoy is a somewhat eccentric character, imbued with an air of shifty morality, yet his charm and self-deprecating humour win viewers' affection with every episode. He's not just an antiques dealer but a "divvy", a person with an almost supernatural ability to discern real antiques from impressive counterfeits. His love for antiques is undeniable, with each object telling a story of history, art, and human emotions that he deeply appreciates. Around Lovejoy orbit numerous vital supporting characters. Lady Jane Felsham (Phyllis Logan) is an upper-crust, stylish woman who offers valuable assistance to Lovejoy, often in the form of transportation, financial bailouts, or networking among her high-society circles. Their bond is a subtle element of the series, with their close friendship often insinuating more profound affection. Tinker Dill (Dudley Sutton), an enthusiastic alcoholic and military veteran with an exceptional knowledge of antiques, often assists Lovejoy in his various ventures. Lastly, we have Eric Catchpole (Chris Jury), a younger, leather-jacketed assistant who helps bring in an element of youth and feeds the generational gap humour. The series deftly combines various elements including adventure, intrigue, and comedy. It represents the underbelly of the antiques world as one teeming with intrigue and slippery crooks complicating Lovejoy's professional endeavors. The gold-threaded narrative, which often touches on historical events and artifacts, gives the series an interesting dual charm of education and entertainment. Lovejoy is not just about antiques, but also focuses on relationships, societal parties, and shenanigans that enthrall the viewers in captivating ways. The serial format of the later seasons lets the tension build up slowly and steadily. It hits upon an arresting mix of individual episodic plots and overarching storylines that keep viewers engaged throughout. The quality writing, engaging storytelling, and an impressive supporting cast make it an immersive experience. What makes Lovejoy especially compelling is the performance by Ian McShane, who truly embodies the character and gives this less-than-honest antiques dealer a lovable aura. His charismatic portrayal, combined with the well-rounded characters and a vivid depiction of the antiques world make this an unforgettable ride for viewers. Despite Lovejoy's deviously cunning nature, there's an underpinning morality in the series, which is evident from his respect for genuine antiques, his distaste for fakes, and his appreciation for the true value of objects, which moves beyond their mere monetary worth. Moreover, Lovejoy often comes up against wealthier but less scrupulous dealers, real and counterfeit, and his victories often feel like a win for the little guy against the system. In terms of visual storytelling, the show is exceptional, with locales ranging from quaint English countryside to bustling auction houses, offering a scenic view of 80s England. The intricacies of the restoration work, beautifully aged antiques, the hustle of the auction scenes, and the intricate, detailed close-ups of the involved objects fascinates the viewers and adds an additional layer of appeal to the show. In essence, Lovejoy is sure to enthrall viewers who love mystery, subtle comedy and interesting character dynamics. Its exploration of the antiques trade and the inventive escapades of the title character make for entertaining viewing, while its undercurrent of social commentary and historical references give it a depth that adds to its long-lasting appeal. It is a show that continues to retain its charm and relevance, making it a timeless piece of television viewing.

Lovejoy is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 74 episodes, the show debuted on 1986. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

Chris Jury, Dudley Sutton, Phyllis Logan, Ian McShane, Caroline Langrishe, Diane Parish, Malcolm Tierney, Pavel Douglas
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