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Loose Ends
Frank cannot allow Tommy to establish himself in the neighboring community, but Tommy is not willing to let himself be dictated by Frank. The tone harden even more when Frank and Torgeir meet the latest addition to Tommy's gang.

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The Funeral
Tommy has left Flamingo and turned up as a DJ in a nightclub in Hafjell. Now he think it is about time that he gets his share of the profits and lays out a plan to get inside on the owner side.

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The Minstrel Boy
Frank appreciate having a powerful mafia man as Tommy in the gang. But Tommy is struggling to cope with the high cost in Norway and goes behind Frank's back to earn a living.

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An ex-mobster on book tour in Scandinavia are exposed to assassination. The estimate goes wrong, and soon, Frank gets a bloody acquaintance at the door.

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The Mind is Like a Monkey
There 20th Anniversary of the Lillehammer Olympics is coming up, and Torgeir get his childhood dream fullfilled, that he will jump in the opening ceremony. But has he really nerves to carry?

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The Homecoming
Frank and Torgeir are happy to have gained Roar out of Brazilian jail, but back in Lillehammer stock the Lithuanian gang trouble. From now shuns him at nothing to get the better of the gang who shot him on New Year's Eve.

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Foreign Affairs
Roar have messed up in the criminal environment in Brazil. Frank and Torgeir release what they have in their hands, and soon both the Norwegian diplomacy and the Brazilian judiciary gets unfamiliar forces to contend with.

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The Tiger Boy
It's New Year's Eve in Lillehammer, and Frank is getting ready to party. Through the window, he discovers a young woman in distress and decides to come to the rescue.

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Lilyhammer is a gripping and hilarious Netflix Original series that brilliantly fuses the worlds of American mafia folklore and Nordic sensibilities. The show aired from 2012-2014 and starred American actor and musician, Steven Van Zandt, who is known for his role in the famed series The Sopranos and as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, along with Norwegian actor, Trond Fausa Aurvåg and an eclectic mix of supporting cast. Lilyhammer painted a vivid picture of a fish-out-of-water mafia story set against the backdrop of icy Norwegian landscapes and eccentric small-town life. Van Zandt played the role of Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano, a former underboss of a New York mob who turns to the FBI after a deal within his organized crime family turns sour, potentially putting his life at risk. Utilizing the Witness Protection Program, he surprisingly requested relocation to the Norwegian town of Lillehammer, fondly recalling it from its display during the 1994 Winter Olympics, and envisioning it as a safe, quiet, and crime-free haven where "clean air, fresh white snow, and gorgeous broads" are the norms. Lilyhammer, however, is more than just another mafia-centred drama. It ingeniously incorporates the complexities of cross-cultural interactions and Norse idiosyncrasies that Tagliano, now reborn as Giovanni "Johnny" Henriksen, has to navigate. Staying true to the mafia tropes, it showcases Van Zandt's character harnessing his mafia background and crafty wit to work the systems, play quasi-vigilante in instances and establish a stronghold in the small Norwegian town. Complementing Van Zandt’s character is the compelling portrayal of Trond Fausa Aurvåg, of Norwegian cinema fame, as Torgeir Lien, a local cab driver and budding entrepreneur who becomes an unlikely friend, ally, and right-hand man to Johnny. The dynamic juxtaposition of the two central characters, hailing from dramatically different backgrounds, yet inexplicably tied together by a strange friendship, forms the crux of the series and adds depth to the narrative. The show is lauded for its adept mix of English and Norwegian dialogues, infusing authenticity to the narrative, reflecting the genuine cultural interactions onscreen, and thus broadening its appeal to an international audience. Lilyhammer's uniqueness stems from its bizarre twist to the tried-and-true mob TV show format with the clever infusion of Nordic charm, biting humor, and a fresh geographical setting. The show thrives on its ability to satirically highlight the distinctive sociocultural differences between American and Norwegian way of life and the amusing, sometimes troublesome, assimilation process that Henriksen has to undergo. His encounters with Nordic customs, immigration bureaucracy, local law enforcement, and the town's quirky residents make for entertaining and engaging plotlines. By showcasing Norway’s lifestyle, culture, and surroundings from a foreigner's perspective, Lilyhammer introduces viewers to a side of the country that goes beyond its touristic appeal. Through the eyes of Johnny, the series presents the magnificent and expansive Nordic landscapes, harsh winters, quaint town settings, and Norwegian customs, which only enhance the immersive viewing experience. The series skilfully delves into its thematic narrative without losing sight of its central character, maintaining an engaging balance between an offbeat comedy and thrilling crime saga. Johnny's enterprising and nefarious strategies to get things done his way aren’t without their grace notes of slapstick humor and doses of unquestionable charm, making each episode in the series unique and interesting. The infusion of black comedy, a dash of Nordic eccentricity, stirring drama, and thrilling mafia action makes Lilyhammer a genre-bending saga that offers a distinctive and enjoyable binge-watching experience. It’s a praiseworthy addition to Netflix’s roster of original programming and a must-watch for anyone craving a stimulating, unconventional, and culturally diverse TV series. Through its endearing characters, unexpected dramatic turns, and humorous cultural clashes, viewers are promised an engaging plunge into a world where the cold, minimalist, and law-abiding way of life meets the hot-blooded and often law-breaking antics of the mafia. While you marvel at Johnny's audacity and impactful presence among the locals, you will also find yourself immersed in Norway's picturesque serenity and simple living. This unique blend of crime and comedy, mixed with a healthy helping of culture shock, makes Lilyhammer a truly captivating and entertaining series.

Lilyhammer is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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