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Pioneers of the Deep
The series comes to a close in the Tonga archipelago in the South Pacific, where tectonic movements can build or destroy. Plus, how the sooty tern and Alvin shrimp have adapted to life around such ephemeral lands.

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Ash Runners
Learn how animals on New-Britain have learned to adapt to the Earth's moods.

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Phoenix Temple
Witness nature's struggles to conquer ash and lava before a volcano's next eruption.

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The Surprise Salmon
The story of one species of salmon that is said to have survived a volcanic eruption over 2000 years ago that poisoned their river home in what's now Alaska.

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Volcano Doctors
Explore how volcanologists predict eruptions.

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Icelandic Volcanoes
The Icelandic volcanoes are surveyed in an attempt to gauge if any will erupt in the near future and, if so, what the consequences could be.

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Life on Fire is a compelling six-part television series that aired on PBS in 2013. Produced by French documentary filmmaker Bertrand Loyer and his highly skilled team, the series investigates the stunning and incredibly diverse environments that have been paradoxically shaped by volcanic activity across the globe –straddling the menacing threat of destruction and the essential force of creation.

This remarkable series not just explores the raw power of volcanoes, but also the intricate and resilient adaptations of life – both human and wild – on the volatile landscapes these forces create. Volcanoes stand as fierce yet hypnotic figures throughout the series, providing stunning visuals and dramatic storylines.

Every episode of Life on Fire presents and narrates unique stories by bearing witness to the complex relationships and cycles between volcanoes and the diverse life encompassing their spheres. The series subjects range from the Arctic Gull in Alaska, who uses volcanic ash as an essential tool for survival, to the 30,000 Islanders in Vanuatu, who live in the shadow of an active volcano. Each episode brings to light how flora and fauna adapt and evolve to the relentless geological transformations brought about by volcanoes.

The first installment of the series titled, "Icelandic Volcanoes: Can We Predict The Next Eruption?" delves into the repercussions of the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, in 2010. The following episode, "The Surprise Salmon," explores the benefits Alaska's volcanoes provide for its salmon population. Then, "Pioneers of The Deep," takes viewers to the Pacific Ocean to examine deep-sea volcanoes and their profound impact on marine life forms.

Other episodes such as "Phoenix Temple" takes us to an active volcano's summit in Vanuatu, a Pacific archipelago, demonstrating the survival strategies of the local human and animal populations. "Ash Runners," is dedicated to showing the challenging migration patterns of Alaska's Aleutian Islands' sea birds, which are forced to navigate around the unpredictable volcanic fallouts. Lastly, "The Mysterious Lakes Of Badain Jaran," investigates the relationship between mysterious lakes in a remote desert and volcanic activity.

This meticulous documentary series is powered by its stunning cinematography and visual storytelling. Astonishing camera work documenting eruptions in real-time, aerial views capturing the breathtaking landscapes born out of volcanic activity, and immersive high-speed sequences documenting the survival and adaptiveness of animals amidst the threatening scenarios - all contribute towards an exhilarating viewing experience. The precision of scientific facts in the narrative is complemented by the stunning visuals, encapsulating viewers as they watch the destructive and regenerative powers of nature interact.

The series underscores the sheer destructive power of volcanos, yet it also paints a fascinating symbiosis between life and these natural elements, wherein each adapts to the other, leading to a perpetual evolution of species and landscapes. Life on Fire illustrates a balanced equation of life amidst unpredictability and continuous change, emphasizing the persistent perseverance of life forms across several species.

Life on Fire, through its in-depth investigation and enthralling presentations, encourages a deeper appreciation for the planet's most cataclysmic and awe-inspiring geological happenings. It sheds light on the delicate balance between the destructive and creative forces of nature and how life, being incredibly versatile, finds ways to thrive within this paradox.

The series is not just visually stunning; it is a compelling, educational journey that stimulates intellectual curiosity about the volcanic phenomena of our world and the rich biodiversity that revolves around it. Whether you're interested in geology, biology, anthropology, or merely the natural world’s wonders, "Life on Fire" is a series that will undoubtedly engage, fascinate, and educate.

Distinctively intimate while being universally engaging, Life on Fire offers a fascinating panorama of nature's incredible ability to adapt and endure, instilling a renewed sense of respect for the powerful, transformative world we inhabit. With its marvelous visual storytelling, the series transcends the realms of a conventional documentary to become an extraordinary awakening experience about the unparalleled power and splendor of nature.

Life on Fire is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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