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Episode 10
Having been caught using and giving advice on the importation of cocaine, Fraser believes he will receive no more than a six-month suspended sentence.

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Episode 9
Fraser has set up his own legal practice but the glory days are over and only low-level clientele come to him on cases that barely pay the rent.

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Episode 8
Fraser's coke usage is out of control. He continues to work, but he can no longer hide his addiction from his friends and colleagues.

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Episode 7
Following Fraser's success at the Walsh Street trial, he has become the most publicly despised yet sought-after criminal defense lawyer in Australia.

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Episode 6
With his reliance on cocaine and alcohol escalates, Fraser's life starts to unravel.

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Episode 5
Fraser's infamy after the conclusion of the Walsh Street trial attracts high profile clients including businessman, Alan Bond. Fraser decides to moved to Perth.

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Episode 4
The Walsh Street murders have managed to turn Melbourne upside-down. Tensions between the police and criminals are at breaking point, with Fraser defending the suspects.

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Episode 3
Dennis Allen's empire starts to fall apart. Fraser is called to defend an old friend called Lewis Moran, just as he finds himself fighting to hold on to his girlfriend.

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Episode 2
The local biker gang the Iron Bloods are on Dennis Allen's turf and he is not happy, especially after he finds out that Fraser is also representing the bikies. Dennis ends up taking the law into his own hands.

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Episode 1
The time is the beginning of the 1980s and Fraser is cutting his teeth at Melbourne law firm Edwards & Baros. The clients that he is attracting though aren't exactly desirable.

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Killing Time is an enthralling Australian television drama that aired on TV1 from 2010-2011. An intricately woven, audacious narrative produced by Seven Network, the series is headlined by the versatile actor David Wenham, who not only breathes life into the character he portrays but also brings a deeper dimension to the story.

The show threads its way between reality and fiction, presenting a dark yet engaging narrative based on actual events. Set in the incandescent years of the 1980s and 1990s, Killing Time depicts the troubled world of Australia's criminal law system.

David Wenham stars as Andrew Fraser, a high-profile criminal lawyer to the infamous and notorious gangsters of the era. Fraser's character is displayed as a dichotomy; on the one hand, he is the epitome of success, commanding the respect of society with his flair for winning high-profile cases. His world, complete with a luxurious mansion and a supportive wife, leaves many in awe.

On the other hand, he falls prey to his own vulnerabilities, becoming seduced and entrapped by the seedy underbelly of Melbourne's criminal world. Fraser's addiction to drugs and entanglement with organized crime ultimately lead him down a path of self-destruction. This dual portrayal is powerfully enacted by Wenham, who effortlessly emphasizes Fraser's dynamism and sharp wit, even in the face of adversity.

Killing Time showcases Andrew Fraser's life, his journey from being a successful lawyer to an accused criminal serving time. It explores the fascinating legal battles Fraser was involved in, shedding light on his brilliant strategies and oratorial prowess that enabled him to win cases against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Simultaneously, it delves into his personal life - the interpersonal relationships and the pressures that shaped his choices. His deep love for his wife and the relationship with his father are depicted with a nuanced approach, adding layers to his character's development. Fraser's downfall, driven by drug addiction and his association with the underworld, is skillfully depicted in the series.

Each episode skillfully blends the themes of criminal law, justice, abuse of power, drug addiction, and the complexities of human relationships. Seven Network does an exceptional job of replicating the time period the show is set in, with careful attention to historical accuracy.

Wenham’s performance is particularly notable, bringing invaluable depth and understanding to his complex character. His portrayal of Fraser's progression from a confident, successful lawyer to a man grappling with his own deconstruction is both haunting and captivating.

Supporting cast members such as Diana Glenn, Kris McQuade, Richard Cawthorne, and Kate Jenkinson also deliver vivid and compelling performances. Each of their characters contributes to the development of the narrative, making it richer and more nuanced.

The series also features an impressive array of guest stars, including Colin Friels and Reef Ireland. Each of these characters brought to life by consummate actors, peppers the series with additional twists and turns, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Over and above the stellar performances, Killing Time embodies excellent storytelling. The seasoned writing team, led by Ian David, Mac Gudgeon, and Katherine Thompson, have crafted a series that seamlessly weaves historical elements with dramatic twists, thus stirring a gamut of emotions.

While the series delves into the darker sides of humanity and society, it also explores redemption and resilience against adversity. It reveals the possibility of change and transformation, moving the audience to contemplate deeper questions about life, choices, and consequences.

On a technical front, the production quality of Killing Time is commendable. The cinematography effectively captures both the glitz of Fraser's high-flying life and the stark realism of prison existence. Similarly, the background score subtly enhances the emotional quotient of the series.

In conclusion, Killing Time is a compelling narrative that intertwines gritty reality with compelling dramatization. It is a captivating saga of a man's journey through crime, punishment, and redemption. David Wenham's skillful portrayal of Andrew Fraser offers an in-depth exploration into human complexities, law, justice, and societal issues of that era. With its brilliant cast, precise storytelling, and high production standards, Killing Time is bound to leave viewers contemplating long after the credits roll.

Killing Time is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Crime Drama
David Wenham, Colin Friels, Diana Glenn, Kris McQuade, Richard Cawthorne
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