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Future Shocks
Tom's world is rocked to its foundations with the results of a blood test. To tell or not to tell: Cam and Pip wrestle with the timebomb of Pete’s infidelity.

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True Romance
Sparks fly at John's marriage guidance seminar. Jason scores a win at the estate agency - at Marissa's expense.

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5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year
Sandra thinks her relationship with Pete may be over, Marissa suspects there may be more going on with Tom's father than meets the eye and Katy is surprised when Mickey makes an offer regarding their future. Jason has certainly gone a little off the rails in recent times.

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Boxing Day
Tensions flare and old wounds are opened on Boxing Day. Pete and Sandra clash over his mother, Isabelle and Tom clash over his father, and Jason and Mickey clash over Katy.

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What A Difference A Year Makes
Liz tries hopelessly to keep her family together on Christmas Day. Sandra's dream Christmas turns to a cynical nightmare at Pete's mother's.

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The Trouble Is it's Christmas
It's one week till Christmas and everyone is under pressure. John must regain the upport of the community and increase business at the neighbourhood centre.

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Surfboards in the Roof
Marissa returns to Inverness with Tom, but turns down his marriage proposal - and the chance to audition for "Home and Away". Tom turns down Isabelle's offer to reveal his father's identity.

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Cause and Effect
Cam and Kim discuss the ramifications of the book on 'Sunrise'. After Patch and Jason try to replicate the exploding cow trick on Bert's prize bull, he threatens legal action.

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A Tangled Web
Katy makes an excuse to get out of going to schoolies with Jason and Patch. While away, Jason sleeps with the fun loving Sylvana.

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More Things Than Heaven and Earth
Liz dreams of her father, Harry, then learns he's on his death bed. Liz implores her sister Margaret to fly out from England.

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... And Greener... And Greener
Pete gives Sandra a brand new car. Sandra refuses to accept the gift, until a visit to the country helps her realise that Pete's generosity is unconditional.

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Great (and Not So Great) Expectations
Isabelle and Katy's trip to the city leads to an argument with Tom and Marissa. The new look Shelley is revealed, increasing Marissa's feelings of failure.

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The Long Weekend
Shelley says to Mickey 'I killed your Dad', and Mickey reacts with anger. Marissa appeals to John for help, and takes Shelley to the country.

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You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
Marissa confesses her guilt over Shelley to Tom, and they track her down in the Cross. Shelley initially rejects them, then after a brief flirtation with heroin, turns up at the Steele house asking for help.

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Flesh for Fantasy
Shelley phones Mickey and tells him to leave her alone. With some help from Nathan and Pete, Mickey's ode to Shelley is played on the radio.

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The Always Greener Variety Hour
Shelley's working hard for the money. Mickey and Nathan, a friend of Shelley's father Trev, are on her trail.

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Guilt Trip
Liz is steely in the wake of baby Harry's death, then finally releases her emotions after the memorial service. On the bright side, her father Harry agrees to have treatment for his cancer.

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A Death in the Family
Tom and Marissa's relationship gets off to a passionate start. Liz and Kim go to the hospital to visit Harry.

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Why Is It So?
John makes his first appearance on 'Good Morning Warrigong', and later cops a punch on the nose by an irate viewer. Pip and Nick get intimate, setting them on a path of unlikely romance.

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Understanding the Cry
In the aftermath of Shelley's disappearance, Sandra is forced to realise that she has been sadly neglecting the home front. Marissa and Mickey embark on a bold prison-visit to further the search for Shelley.

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Share Space
Shelley wants to tell Mickey the truth about his father's death but knows this will destroy any chance of a future with him. The dilemma forces her to make an impulsive decision.

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Opening Gambit
'Do-gooders' and 'naysayers' do battle for the future of John's neighbourhood centre. Riotous antics turn sour as Jason and Kim attempt to expose the secret of Bert's glamorous 'lady' friend.

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In The Beginning, I Was Afraid
Shelley is plagued with guilt over Greg's death. Liz wonders if she's set Bert Adams up with a trans-sexual.

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It Takes Balls
A debutante ball in Inverness brings together country and city. Isabelle introduces Tom to his father.

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Black, White & Grey
Crunch-time for the Todds and the Taylors when distressed Sandra announces a return to Inverness. Cam learns confronting lessons about life - and literature.

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Two Sides To Every Story
An emotional rollercoaster for Sandra in her pressure-cooker household, as lover boy Greg returns from his holiday with unexpected plans. Agony for Pip - and danger for Nick - when she inadvertently reveals details of boofy Bomber's love life.

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Endangered Species
Tom struggles with issues of self-esteem and identity, as he forges a new relationship with his mother. John confronts terrifying visions of a possible future as he assesses his decision to return to social work.

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Here We Go Again
John and Liz have returned to Inverness with a new plan for their life in the country. John wants to set up a Neighbourhood Centre, which in the beginning will be a very grass-roots, community funded and run operation.

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Always Greener is an Australian television drama/comedy series which aired on the Seven Network from 2001 to 2003. The show centers on two families who decide to switch lives in an attempt to escape their own life pressures and pursue what they assume to be a better lifestyle. The name 'Always Greener' is a reference to the idiom "the grass is always greener on the other side," suggesting that other people's lives always appear to be better than our own.

The series showcases two lead characters, John Sullivan (John Howard) and Sandra Todd (Anne Tenney). John is a prison officer living in Sydney with his dysfunctional family, including his second wife Liz (Michala Banas), and his teenage children Marissa (Caitlin McDougall) and Jason (Abe Forsythe). Despite the city's bustling energy, the Sullivan family is overwhelmed by the stress of urban living.

On the flip side, Sandra is leading an unhurried life in the fictional rural town of Inverness in New South Wales. She resides with her two children, Campbell (Scott Major) and Kimberly (Bree Walters). However, underneath the serene exterior, Sandra feels isolated and trembles at the thought of impending old age and loneliness.

Always Greener begins when the Terry and Todd families - old friends but now step relations, decide to swap their city and rural lives for a year. As the series progresses, the two families discover that 'the grass isn't always greener,' as both face challenges in their new surroundings and struggle to adjust to their new life settings.

John Howard excels in his portrayal as John Sullivan, a man torn between his love for his family and the ever-increasing demands of city living. In a stark contrast, Anne Tenney's character Sandra Todd represents a matriarch intent on seeking a new lease on life despite fearing what change might bring. The younger cast members, including Michala Banas, Caitlin McDougall, Abe Forsythe, Scott Major, and Bree Walters, add layers of complexity as their characters each navigate their own personal issues, relationships and the changes being thrust upon them.

The series was not just a family drama, but it also wove in elements of humor, shaping it as a dramedy. The narrative delivered a blend of lighthearted moments with serious life themes, such as relationships, identity, and the cultural contrast between city and country life.

One of the trademarks of Always Greener was its mixture of conventional drama with surreal and quirky elements. This unique blend made the series memorable and was critically acclaimed for its balanced representation of Australia's city and country lifestyles. Elsewhere in the cast were Andrew Clarke, Denise Roberts, Bree Desborough, Clayton Watson, Grant Bowler, Nathaniel Dean, and Steven Rooke whose characters also played integral parts in exploring these lifestyle themes.

Always Greener sadly saw its cancellation in 2003, though not without a fight from its passionate fanbase. The show captured the hearts of viewers with its interesting premise, well-drawn characters, and a balanced narrative that mixed heartwarming family drama with moments of comedy and surrealism. The series was not afraid to tackle complex and compelling storylines, giving it an enduring popularity and ensuring its place as an iconic staple of Australian television.

The series is a testament to the age-old idea that the grass is not always greener on the other side, emphasizing the importance of being content with what you have and valuing the beauty in everyday life. Throughout its span, Always Greener emphasized how no lifestyle is perfect, and each comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. The moving narratives, sublime performances and the beautiful Australian backdrop come together to make this a truly memorable and laudable series.

Always Greener is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 50 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

John Howard, Michala Banas, Anne Tenney, Abe Forsythe, Natasha Lee, Caitlin McDougall, Clayton Watson, Scott Major, Jesse Spencer
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