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Cross Pines in Texas
Jimmy and his friend John Knochel are fishing at Cross Pines in East Texas with a spinner bait bite. Jimmy has a few tips to make you a better angler.

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Live Oak Plantation
Jimmy and John Robinson are bass fishing at Live Oak Plantation in Georgia.

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Fishing With Roland
Jimmy and his longtime friend, legendary angler Roland Martin, are fishing in Oklahoma.

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Golden Dorado
Jimmy's in Argentina with his buddy Larry Walker. They're on the Uruguay River for Golden Dorado!

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Jimmy Houston Outdoors, featuring the larger-than-life personality of Jimmy Houston himself, first blazed onto NBCSN in 1990 after a decade of rising popularity. The show was an unpretentious yet absorbing look into the world of sport fishing and outdoorsmanship - promising viewers a wild ride through nature’s finest, with doses of educational tips and thrilling adventure.

The show capitalized on its host's captivating charisma and expertise. Known for his infectious laugh, incredible bushy blonde hair, and immense knowledge on fishing, Jimmy Houston was not just a host but also a two-time winner of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) Angler of the Year. He was also inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. With his laid-back and conversational approach, viewers felt like they were joining a friend on a fishing trip, rather than watching a run-of-the-mill fishing show.

Jimmy Houston Outdoors was more than a typical fishing show. It was educational, entertaining, and inspirational in equal measure. Every episode was packed with fishing tips and tricks which were delivered in Jimmy’s trademark style. From choosing the right bait to find the perfect fishing spot, Jimmy Houston Outdoors schooled viewers on every minute detail of sportfishing. At the same time, the show was rooted in the thrill of the sport. Each episode saw Jimmy venture off into the wild, often at unforgiving hours of the morning, constantly battling against the odds posed by unpredictable weather and elusive fish.

The unique selling point of this show, however, remained its host's rapport with the guests. Over the course of its run, Jimmy has brought a variety of guests onto the show, ranging from fellow professionals in the field to celebrities who have a love for fishing. These interactions often resulted in engaging, funny, and informative dialogues which further added to the show's appeal and helped to broaden its fan base.

While most of the episodes were centered around fishing, the allure of Jimmy Houston Outdoors extended far beyond the realms of this sport. Houston was able to blend the excitement of fishing with a deep reverence for nature and wildlife. He considered his environment as part of the fishing experience, and this respect for Mother Nature was visible in each episode. The show was interspersed with breath-taking shots of the wilderness, making viewers feel as though they were on the boat with Jimmy, getting a feel for the all-encompassing experience that the great outdoors provide. Furthermore, the show occasionally ventured into showcasing hunting excursions and other outdoor activities, giving viewers a broader perspective on the world of outdoor sports.

Moreover, Jimmy Houston Outdoors has played an instrumental role in overturning certain stereotypes about fishing. Contrary to popular belief, fishing is not just about waiting in solitude for a fish to bite. It requires a significant amount of strategy, patience, determination, and a deep understanding of nature. By showcasing all these aspects in a real, relatable manner, the show has helped change the perception of fishing from just a pastime or hobby to a full-fledged sport.

The success of Jimmy Houston Outdoors laid groundwork for a series of other similar shows, and it has continued its run into the new millennium. However, it's worth noting that the essence of Jimmy Houston Outdoors remained the same – a passionate sportsperson sharing his love for fishing and the outdoors with viewers across the country. Despite the various other fishing and outdoor shows that have come up, Jimmy Houston Outdoors remains in its own league, thanks largely to the persona of Jimmy and the uniqueness of its content.

In summary, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, with its rich visual tapestry of fishing adventures and outdoor stints, served as a benchmark for all fishing shows that came after it. Its perfect blend of education, entertainment, and excitement has cemented it as a classic in the world of outdoor television programming. Whether you're an avid fisherman, an outdoor enthusiast, or just a fan of engaging television, Jimmy Houston Outdoors was a delightful treat. It wasn't just a fishing show- it was a love letter to the great outdoors.

Jimmy Houston Outdoors is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 47 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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