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Letty Raines, in the Mansion, With the Gun
Letty and Javier must clean up the mess Letty made, but they have to do it quickly or they will both end up in prison.

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And I Am a Violent Criminal
Javier and Letty find their way back to each other, but the man hunting Javier is still at large, so they’re both in constant danger.

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Stay Beautiful
Javier takes on one of the strangest and most gruesome jobs he has ever done. Letty goes further down a rabbit hole until she finds herself at rock bottom.

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Don't Thank God, Thank Me
Realizing she and Javier only do damage to one another, Letty tries to go back to her old life, but that might be even worse. Javier will use any means necessary to get answers from the person who’s been trying to kill him.

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It's No Fun If It's Easy
Letty, Javier and Jacob visit Letty's grandmother Alice to ask her for help with a $50,000 problem. But Alice, a shrewd con artist in her own right, makes Letty work for what she needs and drags Letty into her own high-class con.

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You Could Discover Me
In order to buy their freedom back, Letty and Javier must work together to steal half a million dollars from the owner of a drag club. It becomes a more dangerous operation than they ever expected.

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I Think It's a Sign
Letty and Javier are looking at a lifetime in prison, but a confluence of bizarre circumstances just might provide them a window of opportunity to con their way out.

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Because I'm Mrs. Claus
Letty and Javier go on Christmas vacation with Estelle and Rob to a secluded luxury hotel in the mountains; a man following Estelle threatens the family's holiday; Christian and FBI agent Lashever have their own private getaway.

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I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once
Javier heads out on his annual solo camping trip to commemorate the death of his baby brother. But when Letty discovers this is a lie and Javier accepted an assignment in order to provide for Letty and Jacob, she sets out to stop him.

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The Heart Attack Is the Best Way
The Season 2 premiere finds Jacob in their custody; and Letty and Javier settling in a quaint beach town. Only, Letty is still stealing and Javier is still killing.

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Good Behavior is an American television drama series that aired on TNT from 2016 to 2017. Developed by Blake Crouch and Chad Hodge, this darkly comedic show is based on a series of novels by Crouch featuring the enigmatic character, Letty Raines. The show masterfully blends elements of drama, crime, thriller, and dark humor.

Good Behavior is centered around Letty Raines, portrayed by Michelle Dockery, known for her role in the award-winning Downton Abbey. Drawing away from her British period-drama roots, Dockery brings to life a complex and deeply flawed character riddled with vices. Letty is a con artist and thief, fresh out of prison and battling addiction, trying to stay afloat while attempting to mend her relationship with her 10-year-old son, Jacob, and her estranged mother, Estelle.

A fascinating aspect of Good Behavior is Letty's psychological dichotomy. While she is consistently on a mission of self-destruction, simultaneously, she is trying to be a better person, desperately seeking redemption and self-improvement, to be the mother that her son deserves. Unfortunately, her life begins an new entanglement when she crosses paths with Javier, a hitman played by the charismatic Juan Diego Botto.

Javier, despite his dubious profession, operates under an oddly firm set of morals and fosters a tight-knit bond with his family. His entrance into Letty's life is chaotic but sparks a strong mutual infatuation. This presents an even more complex spin to the plot, with Letty getting entwined in Javier's dangerous life of crime.

Functioning on diverse yet complementary character arcs, Dockery and Botto's performances are of stellar quality. The show's unique twist on the anti-hero trope, paired with dexterously layered storytelling, provides an on-screen narrative that’s hard to resist.

The creators of the show leave no stone unturned to weave the plots intricately. The series gradually allows viewers to peel back the layers of its protagonists' backgrounds, motivations, and relationships. As the show progresses, the viewers are offered a greater insight into the dynamics of the dysfunctional yet emotionally gripping bond between Letty and Javier, as well as the adverse impacts of their individual histories, and their struggles with addiction and loneliness.

On one hand, the narrative is driven by Letty's frantic challenges between maintaining sobriety, her constant endeavour to be a better parent, and her fight against her inherent propensity for chaos. On the other hand, Javier's challenges and consciences concerning his chosen profession, deep-seated family issues, as well as his complex relationship with Letty, create opposing tensions that complement the plot.

While dealing with the gritty reality of crime and addiction, Good Behavior tactfully intermingles moments of dark comedy, providing much-needed relief from the series' intense high-stakes scenarios. Furthermore, the show showcases thrilling cons, clever tricks and relentless chases embossed with noir-ish hues.

Elevating the narrative of the show is not only the multi-dimensional character portrayals or the well-designed storylines, but also the picturesque locations and the meticulously chosen background score, resonating with the dark yet alluring themes of Good Behavior.

Good Behavior, despite its woeful brevity over two seasons, serves up a delectable treat of complex characters, thrilling sequences, heartfelt moments, thoughtful dialogue, daring plot twists, and masterful performances, all flavored with a captivating blend of suspense, comedy, and drama.

The relationship between Letty and Javier forms the heart of Good Behavior. As they dive deeper into their risky world of crime, trying to run from their pasts but unable to escape their inherent penchant for chaos, viewers are treated to an engaging tale of love, redemption, and survival.

Overall, Good Behavior is not your average crime drama series. It offers an unconventional exploration into the psyche of its complex characters, allowing the audience a view of their damaged yet human sides. Despite the premise of crime and the consequential chaos, at its core, the show constantly attempts to deconstruct the meaning and pursuit of 'good behavior,' making it a compelling watch indeed.

Good Behavior is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto, Terry Kinney
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