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The good in goodbye.

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Games people play.

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Birthday Bumps.
The girls are amidst a picturesque locale and the mood of bonhomie and cheer is mercilessly butchered by Siddhi

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Mirror Mirror on the wall.
When Jeh moves in with Damini, she doesn

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When love is gone.
Umang has an unexpected guest come to Truck Bar to surprise her. The girls tease her about it. Siddhi roasts her mother at her standup and gets heckled obviously. The girls are clueless at her sudden bouts of anger and can

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Leap of faith.
Samara's fans make Umang's life miserable. Siddhi's first show is met with a solitary laugh. Arya loves her parents being under the same roof, flaunts it even. Damini dons the role of a campaign manager with complete zest.

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Sparks fly.

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We are fine.
Usually it

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After the closures, it

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Of love, loss and everything in between.
A somber prayer meet floats in the air as we begin this season. Siddhi takes the stage and makes everyone smile with her words as an ode to Viju.

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Four More Shots Please! is an Amazon Original Series that debuted on the popular streaming platform in 2019. Directed by Anu Menon and Nupur Asthana, this Indian web television series is anchored by a talented ensemble cast including Gurbani Judge, Kirti Kulhari, Milind Soman, Maanvi Gagroo, and Sayani Gupta.

Set primarily in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, the story revolves around the complex lives of four independent, modern, and ambitious women. The leading ladies include Umang Singh (Gurbani Judge), Anjana Menon (Kirti Kulhari), Siddhi Patel (Maanvi Gagroo), and Damini Rizvi Roy (Sayani Gupta). Each character is distinct in their personalities and aspirations that reflect the diversity of contemporary Indian women.

Umang Singh is a fitness trainer from Punjab who is known for her heart of gold and non-compromising stand on her individuality. Anjana Menon is a successful lawyer and a single mother struggling to balance her career, motherhood, and personal life. Siddhi Patel, raised in a conservative high-society family, yearns for independence, acceptance, and love on her own terms. Damini Rizvi Roy is an award-winning journalist and owner of an investigative news website who grapples with her need for control and perfection.

Their lives intersect at the Truck Bar, a trendy, chic lounge in the city where they meet regularly. Over shots of tequila, they share their troubles, accomplishments, dreams, and secrets in a raw, uncensored manner. The setting of 'Truck Bar' acts not just as their common meeting point but also as a safe space where the protagonists shed their inhibitions and open up, invariably leading to bonding, self-realisation, and character development.

Milind Soman, the well-known Indian supermodel, plays a crucial supporting role as Dr.Wars, a mysterious, charming gynecologist with a significant role in the leading ladies' lives. The series offers a blend of drama, romance, and comedy while navigating through compelling themes of friendship, sexuality, body positivity, and feminism.

Unflinchingly bold and spicy, Four More Shots Please! challenges societal norms and dabbles fearlessly in topics often considered taboo. The storytelling is innovative and gripping, interweaving personal trials and tribulations with broader social commentaries. The writers do an excellent job of depicting modern Indian women in all their complexities, blurring the lines between professional and personal, capturing their dreams and fears, love and longing, failures and achievements, feminism and freedom.

The drama has also earned immense critical acclaim for its vivid and aesthetic production design. The colourful and vibrant visuals add depth to the narrative, amplifying the emotional core of the series. Not to forget, the catchy, energetic soundtrack featuring a mix of contemporary English and Hindi tracks, enhances the show’s youthful, fearless vibe.

Four More Shots Please! receives much praise for its crackerjack performances. The leading ladies deliver stellar performances, embracing their characters’ layered existences, vulnerabilities, and strengths. The supporting characters too, are neatly etched with each bringing in their unique perspective and contribution to the storyline.

Edgy, engaging, and empowering, this series represents a different side of Indian television. It doesn't shy away from exploring mature themes and subjects often stigmatized by society. It's a series that advocates for women's rights, women’s sexuality, equality, owning one’s mistakes and learning from them. It's in these everyday moments of laughter, heartbreak, and revelation that the audience can truly connect with the characters, making for an engaging watch.

Overall, Four More Shots Please! is a refreshing take on friendship, love, career, and personal struggle through the lens of brave and gritty women. It’s a feisty and unapologetic representation of women who dare to live life on their terms. A warm, fun, and liberating cocktail of comedy, drama, and romance set against an urban landscape, the series leaves viewers looking forward to more seasons. If you're on the hunt for a show with strong female characters and a compelling, modern narrative that defies stereotypes, Four More Shots Please! might just be the blend you need.

Four More Shots Please! is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

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How can I watch Four More Shots Please! online? Four More Shots Please! is available on Amazon with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Four More Shots Please! on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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