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Being Mortal
As injuries mount, the Brazilians battle Mauney to the end at the World Finals. One rider walks away from the sport, while the others forge ahead.

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Glory And The Price Paid
The best riders and bulls arrive in Las Vegas for the World Finals. Marchi competes despite a painful injury.

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The Outsiders
The Brazilian families discuss the difficult adjustment to life in America. Robson Palermo takes a beating but perseveres.

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The Thrill Is Gone
Rookie phenom Pacheco emerges as a threat to top-ranked American favorite J.B. Mauney, while Alves, Vieira and Nunes struggle to find their form.

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A Harvest In August
The Brazilians enjoy the camaraderie and comfort of being on their home turf each August for the legendary Barretos International Rodeo event.

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Shining Knows No Borders
Inspired by former world champion Adriano Moraes, a group of Brazilian bull riders invade the pro circuit in America for their shot at glory.

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Fearless is a fascinating Netflix series that was first streamed in 2016 with a focus on the thrills and perils of professional bull riding. This gripping, six-episode docu-series serves as an exploration into the highly competitive, dangerous, and adrenaline-fuelled world of bull riding. The show aptly traces the paths of the riders, conveying their relentless pursuit of becoming the world champion, thereby earning recognition, money, and most importantly, the title of the fearless rider.

The series has a gripping narrative centered on some of the bravest men in sports. Each episode unravels their will, determination, courage, and bits of their personal life while highlighting how they play out the most dangerous of sports, risking their lives time and time again to catch hold of the 8-second glory on the back of a seemingly uncontrollable, wild beast. Fearless mirrors the raw and clear aspects of this profession by showcasing what it takes to win, sacrifice, dedication, and undying spirit, combined with the expected physical toll.

The title alludes not just to the fearlessness of the riders or the danger and thrill associated with the rodeo-style sport, but also to the endeavor of leaving home, family, and one’s comfort zone to chase dreams. The series portrays this yearning behind the bright lights and glory, reflecting an intimate portrayal of the riders' struggle, valor, and indomitable spirit of human endurance, making it an engaging watch.

Set against the backdrop of the Professional Bull Riders’ (PBR) 2016 season, Fearless illustrates the thrilling journey of a group of international professional bull riders, who crisscross the United States in their quest for the PBR world title. They put themselves through harrowing physical performance, the constant danger of injury, or worse, while also battling the homesickness that naturally comes with being miles away from one’s home and loved ones.

One of the prominent themes that Fearless skillfully highlights is the juxtaposition of cultural differences, showcasing how these bull riders, coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, work their way up in an essentially American sport. Since this adrenaline-packed sport primarily consists of a mostly North American competitor base, it provides compelling insight into the life of an underdog, evoking empathy and intrigue among the viewers.

Fearless has been created and brought to life by the renowned filmmaker Marco Aurelio. His masterful storytelling flair, combined with high-octane visceral bull riding sequences, and intimate, up-close, and personal interactions, lends the series a unique charm. It emerges not just as a sports documentary but juxtaposes human emotions, fears, ambitions, and challenges, rendering it a deeper, more humanistic touch.

In Fearless, the bull riders, often branded as modern gladiators, exhibit extraordinary human traits and diverse emotional range, from acute stress and anxiety to raw courage and tenacity. The show does not exclusively cater to sports fans but extends to audiences with diverse preferences: those seeking human interest stories, or interested in exploring unique cultures or unconventional professions. It provides a riveting watch delving into the fighters' mindset, their personal and professional struggles, and the spirit of perseverance.

Fearless renders an intrinsic understanding of this niche sport, all the while shining a spot-light on the element of fearlessness inherent in each of the bull riders. With each episode, the series takes viewers on an adrenaline rush, greater than the previous one, keeping its audience rapt with excitement, anticipation, and immense respect for the riders who show up every time, despite the odds.

Viewers are welcomed into an intimate view of the lives of the show's protagonists, their trails and tribulations, their moments of despair and exhilaration, and the raw, unedited drama that unfolds behind the scenes. The show presents an exclusive, unprecedented portrayal of a sport that requires a unique blend of raw courage, determination, and physical strength.

In conclusion, Fearless can be described as a visceral, high-stakes docu-series that transports viewers into the center of the ring, offering a close encounter with the fearless world of professional bull riders in pursuit of prestige, money, and personal fulfillment in the face of extreme danger. It's a compelling deep-dive into the passion and dedication that drives individuals to engage in one of the world's most dangerous sports, presenting a narrative that's far beyond the confines of the sporting arena.

Fearless is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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