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Tides of Change
From the eastern end of the Great Wall, China's coast spans 14,000 kilometres and more than 7,000 years of history. This is a place of huge contrasts: futuristic modern cities jostling traditional seaweed-thatched villages, ancient tea terraces and wild wetlands where rare animals stil survive.

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Beyond the Great Wall
China's emperors built the Great Wall to keep their kingdom safe from the hostile lands to the North. Warrior nomads, bizarre wildlife and extreme weather conditions are found beyond the Wall.

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Land of the Panda
China's heartland with its Han people is the centre of a 5,000-year-old civilization. This land contains the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and Beijing's Olympic Stadium, and it's home to some of China's most charismatic creatures such as the giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, and golden takin.

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The size of Western Europe, the Tibetan plateau covers a quarter of China. This vast windswept wilderness is one of the world's most remote places, defined by the glacier-strewn Himalayas.

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Shangri La
Beneath billowing clouds, in China's far South West, rich jungles nestle below towering peaks. Jewel-coloured birds and ancient tribes share forested valleys where wild elephants still roam.

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Heart of the Dragon
The improbable egg-carton hills of Southern China seem to float in a sea of glistening rice paddies. This is a landscape full of surprises - next to peasants ploughing with buffaloes are rivers concealing dwarf alligators and giant salamanders, trained cormorants that catch fish for their masters, bats with unusual tastes, and monkeys that hide in caves.

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Wild China is an entrancing BBC natural history documentary series, which originally aired in 2008. This series was primarily created with the objective of exploring the rich, diverse landscapes, wildlife, customs and traditions of China - a country often cloaked in mystery and awe due to its vast size and historical profundity. In the spirit of adventure and exploration, the series takes viewers on a deep dive into the endemic, untamed environments of China, covering everything from fertile forests to towering mountains, winding rivers, and expansive deserts.

Narrative threads throughout the series navigate through both the anthropocentric and naturalistic perspectives of China. Profoundly narrated by Bernard Hill, Wild China wonderfully combines its striking visuals with a powerful narration that effortlessly transports the viewer on a mesmerising journey through the soul of China’s natural world.

Wild China opens with a dramatic flourish, taking viewers deep into the heart of a planet’s third largest country. Certainly, the series doesn’t shy away from the immense breadth of its chosen subject. The series is divided into six parts, each intensely resonant with its distinctive theme that further subdivides this enigmatic nation's natural landscape and diverse cultures.

The first episode titled “Heart of the Dragon” primarily explores the rural habitats in Southern China and the intricate relationship existing between humans and animals there. Moving on, the second segment,"Shangri-La," uncovers the secrets of China’s rugged Tibetan borderlands, housing some of the country's most endangered and exotic wildlife.

The third episode switches the lens to the notorious Yangtze River. “Tibet” and "Beyond the Great Wall" follow the series' journey to the northern high-altitude plateau and the regions of China lying beyond the great Northern Fortress respectively.

"Land of the Panda," the final segment, concludes the series. As the name suggests, here the viewers are led deep into the quintessentially Chinese bamboo forests - the last remaining bastion of the charmingly clumsy yet endangered Giant Pandas. Also, shared are the remarkable survival stories of the resilient individuals involved in conservation efforts, emphasizing the necessary balance between progress and preservation.

Still, it’s not just the geographical diversity of the country that’s on display here. Wild China also provides a profound understanding of how local communities have, over generations, adapted to these disparate environments. Constructed upon the strong foundation of the millennia-old human history and culture of China, the series not just explores the country’s biodiversity, but also delves deep into its numerous unique ethnic cultures and the traditional ways of life that have survived and evolved against the odds.

Furthermore, the show’s evocative camerawork and cutting-edge production provide a remarkably intimate perspective on the nation’s breathtaking biodiversity, capturing even the most elusive behaviors of its wildlife with stunning clarity and detail. The series effectively amalgamates this visual imagery with local folklore and traditions, thereby further enriching its narrative strength.

Wild China is as much about tangible observation as it is about fostering an awareness and understanding of the myriad unseen aspects of the country. The series is crafted to challenge and break through stereotypical interpretations, revealing a far more diverse and inclusive picture, teeming with life and cultural complexity. The series touches on environmental issues, explores ancient ceremonies, explains regional food sourcing, and provides an in-depth look at various animal species - all the while solidifying the intricate bond between man, animal, and nature.

In sum, Wild China provides a panoramic view of China's natural and cultural heritage.

The series is a gem for those who appreciate exploring diverse ecosystems, investigating foreign cultures, understanding human-animal interactions and witnessing breathtaking visuals. It successfully manages to dispel preconceived notions about China’s monolithic culture, offering a multi-faceted depiction that duly respects the country’s profound diversity. The series leaves its audience with a balanced and enlightened perspective, not just of China as a country, but also of the delicate equilibrium that our ecosystems precariously hang onto in this ever-evolving world.

Wild China is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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