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Nuclear UFOs
In the aftermath of Japan's 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, citizens began reporting something truly amazing: UFOs. Phil and Jess enter a radioactive wasteland to discover the stunning truth behind these "extraterrestrial" encounters.

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Niagara Nightmare
Jess and Phil dive into the mysteries of Niagara Falls. The popular honeymoon destination is also the site of a deluge of horrors.

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Beasts of Britain
Jess and Phil head to England in search of a legendary monstrous beast that's said to stalk the wilderness. They realize the creature is more than myth after an unforgettable and truly historic encounter.

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Ghost of WW2
The team journeys to Okinawa, Japan to investigate reports of possessions by the sprits of people who died in the bloody battles of World War 2. They travel into the dark heart of the island where sinister caves hide shocking secrets.

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Secrets of Mackinac
Jess and Phil are joined by The Ghost Brothers as they continue their investigation of the mysteries of Mackinac Island. The teams explore a lighthouse with a dark past and realize the troubled past of the island is more widespread than they thought.

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Death Island
Josh Gates sends Phil and Jess to reportedly the most haunted place in America – Mackinac Island. This remote island has experienced over a thousand years of bloodshed, and residents report they are now plagued by terrifying paranormal activity.

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Killer Sasquatch
The team heads to Alaska, America's last frontier, to investigate reports of a murderous sasquatch; Phil and Jess travel deep into the wilderness and have a truly hair-raising close encounter with what locals call "The Hairy Man.

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Transylvanian Terror
Phil and Jess explore the world's most haunted forest near the site of the Dracula legend and where Josh Gates had his most terrifying experience. During a night investigation, Jess finds herself being watched by someone or something sinister.

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Expedition X is an adrenaline-filled, enthralling television programme that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel in 2020. As a thrilling reality TV spin-off from the legendary series, “Expedition Unknown,” the series delves further into the enigmas and bewildering mysteries of our real-world that are yet to be demystified. In Expedition X, the primary objective is to push the envelope a bit further into the world's most dark and dangerous -- yet utterly captivating -- mysteries.

The star-studded cast of Expedition X features incredible individuals who are seasoned and adept in their respective fields, including paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot, world-renowned survivalist Cliff Barackman, and extraordinary scientist Phil Torres. The series tenaciously exploits their unique skills, intellect, and bravery to solve the unexplained.

As the host, Jessica Chobot, best known for investigating the paranormal, exhibits an infectious fascination for unearthing offbeat and intriguing mysteries. Similarly, Cliff Barackman, recognized for his vast knowledge of survival practices, proves to be an invaluable asset in navigating the challenges encountered during the mysterious and strenuous journeys.

Journalist and entomologist Phil Torres complements the team's exploration by bringing his scientific expertise and critical thinking to the plate. Together, they form an unstoppable team in a relentless pursuit of answers to some of the world's enigmatic mysteries that are steeped in histories, tall tales, and urban legends.

Each episode of Expedition X sees the standout trio traveling to different remote corners of the globe, delving into the eerie, bizarre, and unexplainable. From investigating a creepy forest associated with mysterious disappearances to exploring uncharted caves rumored to harbor strange phenomena, they take viewers on a roller-coaster journey of suspense, revelation, and rousing discovery.

However, Expedition X is not merely confined to the realms of the supernatural. The series also revisits unusual occurrences in history, legends, and folklore with an analytical and scientific approach. Famous historical mystery investigations bring an added dimension and verve to the show. For example, they delve into folklore tales surrounding mythical creatures, attempts to decode cryptic historical symbols, or try to discern the truths behind inexplicable territorial disappearances, sparking fascination by tapping into human curiosity and fear of the unknown.

What sets Expedition X apart from other similar shows is the seamless merger of science, legends, paradigms, and its triumvirate of protagonists. The team left no stones unturned as they delve deep into explaining the unexplained by combining traditional investigative tactics with state-of-the-art technology. The team employs a vast range of equipment, including drones for aerial surveillance, night vision cameras, thermal imaging devices, and various evidence-gathering tools. In essence, the Expedition X team utilizes scientific methods and technology to shed light on these obscure stories and phenomena.

High quality cinematography accentuates the thrill and suspense attached to each expedition. The breathtaking landscapes and sites portrayed throughout the series add to the charm and enigma stoked by the expedition experiences.

Not just content with solving mysteries, Expedition X is narrated in a way that hooks audiences, keeping them intrigued throughout each hour-long episode. With realistic re-enactments, chilling eyewitness testimonies, and extensive historical research, viewers become a part of the expedition, experiencing every spine-chilling discovery and revelation firsthand.

Expedition X is educational, enlightening, and engrossing, sparking curiosity and an innate human yearning to solve mysteries fraught with danger and intrigue. Equally enthralling for the history nerd, science enthusiast, or simply someone who loves a good thrill, Expedition X is an undeniable treat and a remarkable experience for a wide range of viewers.

In conclusion, the 2020 Expedition X series on Discovery Channel offers a unique blend of thrills, chills, historical conundrums, and scientific explorations. Its investigation into the world's most bewildering and unsettling mysteries may sometimes baffle, but always educates, intrigues, and invariably keeps viewers hooked from the edge of their seats. Laced with suspense, gripping narrative, and the relentless pursuit of truth, Expedition X stands as a captivating exploration journey into the world's most enduring mysteries.

Expedition X is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 48 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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