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Santa's Lost His Sleigh
Yuri's lost the Christmas present he made for his mother, Lili's worried she might be on the naughty list, and Matt isn't sure his wish list made it to the North Pole; they need Santa's help! But Santa has problems of his own- it's Christmas Eve and he's lost his sleigh!

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A Special Bubble
Matt receives a special bubble wand and worries that if his friends play with it too, it won't be special anymore; but while chasing his wand through a bubble world, Matt realizes that sharing things, like adventures and toys, makes them all the more special.

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The Snowman
Things get heated when Lili refuses to give up her usual job as cookie decorator; but she quickly learns that sharing in the best parts of an activity is always the best policy after attempting to decorate a snowman who refuses to be decorated by only one person.

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A Guess is a Guess
Yuri becomes frustrated while playing a guessing game with his friends - he'd much rather know the answer to a question than guess; but an encounter with a game-loving troll teaches Yuri that guessing at an answer, even if he's wrong, isn't such a big deal.

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Starfish and Pencil
Yuri and Lili become jealous when Matt appears to get a toy that's better than theirs and become fixated on finding something better; but after spending an entire afternoon hunting instead of playing, the pair realize they should've appreciated what they had.

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The Penguin Dance
Yuri gets upset when Matt unknowingly wrecks his penguin game, but doesn't tell Matt; instead, Yuri retreats to his own penguin party, where he inadvertently topples the fort of a shy little penguin and learns that the best way to solve a problem is to talk about it.

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I Can Do That
Frustrated that his Dad won't let him tackle the big jobs, Matt attempts to prove himself by leading his friends on a fantasy climb up a mountain; along the way, Matt learns to accept when jobs are too big for him, and to take pride in doing the jobs that aren't.

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The Best Butterfly
When Lili gets praised for the paper butterfly she made, she can't stop bragging about it to her friends; but after listening to Nessa drone on and on about why the butterflies in a fantasy garden like her so much, Lili realizes that no one likes a braggart!

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Cowboy Fair
Matt and Lili take it personally when Yuri says he'd rather look at a picture book than be in their cowboy race; but after a pair of cowboy boots try to rope them into other rodeo activities they don't want to do, the kids realize Yuri didn't mean to hurt their feelings.

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Leader Lili
To prove her superior leadership skills, Lili leads the gang on a trek through a foreign land; but when Matt or Yuri prove to be more capable at leading them through specific obstacles, Lili realizes that they all make good leaders and should take turns at it.

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Getting Better
Yuri becomes very worried about his mother after she's bedridden with a nasty cold; but after watching Golias become afflicted by, and cured of, a series of strange sicknesses, Yuri learns that getting sick every now and again is nothing to be frightened of.

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Matt doesn't get why Lili and Yuri don't appreciate his help when he takes their shots for them at mini-putt; but after joining a pirate crew, only to have the captain take over everything, Matt figures out that some help is best given only when asked for.

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Musical Chair / Who Did It?
Matt gets ousted in a game of musical chairs and fails to see why he should stay to watch the others play.

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Whatâ' the Big Idea? / Ice Cream and Bananas
Lili recruits the boys to take part in a puppet show, but gets annoyed when they try to incorporate their own ideas into it

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Dragon's Den / What About Me?
Yuri refuses to see a dentist, but he changes his mind after talking a dragon with a toothache into letting him and Golias look inside his mouth.

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Amazing Matt / Don't Give Up
When Matt's sister is sad over some bad news, Matt wishes he had superpowers so he could fix her problem.

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Toughen Up, Nessa / More Like Matt
The friends learn some important lessons when Lili needs to be more kind to others; Yuri realizes he should be happy just being himself.

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Let's Play Forever / Can't Wait
The gang stays on the playground after their time is over. / Bongo and Matt are fed up with being told to wait.

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Love Potion / The Pink Princess Nightgown
Matt worries that his parents have stopped loving his sister. / Lili refuses to try on a new nightgown

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One & Only / Sand and Flowers
Yuri becomes sad when he realizes that he is the only one in his class without siblings.

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Ready, Set... NO! / Orange and Purple
Yuri is afraid to see a scary-sounding movie, but doesn't want to tell his friends.

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Teacher Trouble / A Knightly Thing to Do
Lili gets upset with a substitute teacher because she doesn't do things like her regular teacher

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Horray for You / No Way, Karate
Yuri is hurt when Lili and Matt glaze over his prized pasta art, and so takes refuge inside his picture

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Toybreaker / Stuck
Upon finding her doll dropped into a pot of glue, Lili is quick to accuse Matt and Yuri of the misdeed; Matt and Bongo are upset to be cooped

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Harold the Hamster / Caterpillar Dance
After caring for the class hamster over the holidays, Yuri wants to keep him.

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My Big, Big Friend is an engaging and heartwarming children's animated television series that aired on Discovery Kids from 2011 to 2014. The show was jointly produced by multinational production companies including Canada's Breakthrough Animation, Brazil's TV Pinguim, and Discovery Kids Latin America. It offers a unique blend of real world and imaginative fantasy, capturing the imagination of its young viewers while imparting valuable life lessons.

The show revolves around the everyday experiences and adventures of three young friends Yuri, Lili, and Matt, all of whom have larger than life, invisible friends. Yuri’s invisible friend is a huge blue elephant named Golias, Matt’s is a giant green kangaroo called Bongo, and Lili’s friend is a gigantic pink giraffe named Nessa. The invisible friends are not just figments of the children’s imagination, but they are their constant companions, confidantes, and biggest supporters.

The premise of the series lies in its tagline, “Three friends, two worlds, and one BIG adventure.” It explores how the children navigate their real-life problems with the help of their imaginary friends in the fantastical world they drift into. Ranging from handling school work to disagreements with friends or dealing with fear and anxiety, this alternate world offers a safe haven, not just to escape, but to figure out solutions for their troubles.

Each episode throws light on different situations that mirror the kind of dilemmas kids face in real life, thus keeping it relevant and relatable. At the same time, the storylines retain a layer of simplicity that suits the young demographic of viewers. Adults accompanying their children can also look forward to numerous heartwarming moments and gentle humor that pervades the show.

Couched in these fascinating storylines are a myriad of enduring life lessons around friendship, empathy, facing fears, problem-solving, acceptance, and many more. However, these messages are woven so seamlessly into the stories that they don’t come off as preachy or didactic, but more like inherent parts of the story's evolution.

Yuri, Matt, and Lili, through their trials, tribulations, and triumphs, portray the perfect blend of innocence, compassion, courage and resilience. These characters are well fleshed out with distinct personalities that not only make them relatable but also endearing. Moreover, their imaginary friends personify a sense of comfort, reassurance and companionship that encapsulates the quintessential idea, 'Friendship is Magic'.

My Big, Big Friend boasts a vibrant animation style that is designed to appeal to the young audience. The animation uses a wide spectrum of bright colors that will surely catch the eye of any child. The visuals of both the real world and the fantasy realm are wonderfully detailed, striking a perfect balance between being cartoonish and realistic.

The accompanying musical score is light, catchy and includes numerous cheerful tunes and signature melodies for each character. The music and sound design enhances the watching experience, setting the tone for different scenes, and adding an extra layer of charm to the overall show.

Over the course of its run, My Big, Big Friend gained a considerable following and enjoyed a positive reception among its targeted audience. Viewers appreciated the show for its meaningful stories, lovable characters, lessons in empathy, and its attention to the emotional world of children.

In conclusion, My Big, Big Friend is a delightful animated series that leverages the power of imagination to navigate the complexities of childhood. It is an enriching watch that fosters a positive approach towards facing everyday challenges, understanding the essence of friendships, and embracing the magic of imagination. This show provides the perfect combination of education and entertainment, and it most certainly will be a memorable watch for children and adults alike.

My Big, Big Friend is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 2024. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch My Big, Big Friend online? My Big, Big Friend is available on Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch My Big, Big Friend on demand at Netflix, Tubi TV, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free online.

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