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Georgie Must Die
In the series finale, after weeks and weeks of Georgie, Georgie, GEORGIE! Earl snaps and destroys one of Baby's tapes.

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Into the Woods
When Baby's constant whining gets to be too much for the Sinclair household to put up with, Earl decides it's time to continue a male dinosaur tradition. The father takes the infant son out into the woods, and sets him on a flat stone, and leaves him, then the baby is to learn to do for himself and make his way back home.

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Working Girl
Charlene looks for a job when Earl refuses to give her the money she needs for a summer trip. Charlene just happens to be in the right place, and finally lands a job...

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Variations on a Theme Park
After research shows too many exhausted dinosaurs are dying from overwork, vacation is invented. Richfield opens WeSaySoland for the employees, while Fran has her heart set on a swampland adventure.

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Life in the Faust Lane
Making one of the most biggest mistakes that will cause him to lose his family, job, friends and his life, Earl orders a mug based on the show of "Lifestyles of Those We Envy". Which actually appears in the late night.

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Earl and Pearl
Earl steams up when his sister Pearl, who only comes around once in 15 years, shows up to see the Baby. She's a country folk singer and invites Robbie and Charlene to the Bunkin' Bronto to hear her sing, Earl forbids it, but they go anyway.

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Scent of a Reptile
Charlene finds she's becoming a woman as she's developed her female scent from a bump on her neck. She hears that Earl married Fran because her scent was that of a new car.

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Changing Nature
To actually believe end the series off, The Sinclair family are planning a big barbeque return for the bettles to eat up all of the poppy's that growing like madness. But they never came and Charlene questions wheter they were lazy and they didn't eant to come.

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Terrible Twos
Baby Sinclair is getting ready to turn "two" years old today, but Ethyl realizes it's not a fun day at all, as the Baby will experience is "Terrible Two's". Earl and Fran do not believe this myth, but see that it's not a myth at all.

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Earl's Big Jackpot
Following the day when Earl was absoutely injured from being stuck on a tree that injured his foot. Robbie decides from his heart along with Fran to help Earl get justice from Richfield by taking WESAYSO to court but with a shocking rewarded suprise for Earl.

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Driving Miss Ethyl
When Fran asks Earl to drive Ethyll to her high school reunion, Earlrefuses but then learns from Fran's mean look that he must drive Ethyl to her high school reunionor else. While Earl was gone with Ethyll Fran tried to get the family to do a family portrait for Earl's birthday next-month without letting Earl know.

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The Greatest Story Ever Sold
The following night, baby asks too many questions about where he came from and how he got here and how Earl and the others came to this world. Too much and many questions, the sinclair family blame Baby for too much questions and stuff.

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Earl, Don't Be a Hero
Baby has thoughts on too much of his favorite superheroes so earl thinks that he could be a superhero dad (for once), but Baby rejects him. So Earl decides to do what he does best as working for WeSaySo.

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Monster Under the Bed
In the fourth season finale, we begin when Baby finds out that watching a scary movie with Earl and Robbie causes him to have a hugh nightmare thinking the squash monster is under the bed. Fran and Earl come to his aid to support him for that night, but after 15 sleepless nights, the two decide to go to a motel to get one good night sleep and come back in the morning.

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Dinosaurs is a groundbreaking American television sitcom that rose to popularity during its original airing on ABC from April 1991 to October 1994. Conceived and produced by Jim Henson Productions, Dinosaurs remains a distinct example of the daring blend of comedy, puppetry, and socio-political commentary. The show innovatively translates the domestic sitcom format to a pre-historic Jurassic setting. The central character of the story, Earl Sinclair, is an anthropomorphic megalosaurus who hauls trees for the Wesayso Development Corporation. He fills the role of the traditional "everyman" figure, shooting the breeze of absurdities that pepper his life with endearing humor and stark simplicity. Earl's wife, Fran, is an Allosaurus who serves as the rational counterpart to Earl's harebrained schemes and the nurturing mother figure to their three children: Robbie, Charlene, and the baby, affectionately known as Baby Sinclair. Though set in 60,000,003 BC in Pangea, Dinosaurs echoes contemporary family dynamics and social issues. The eldest Sinclair child, Robbie, often finds himself wrestling with teenage matters like popularity, dating, and self-improvement. Charlene, the middle-child, grapples with her desires for consumer luxuries and social status, embodying the quintessential teenage girl stereotype. Baby Sinclair provides the comic relief of the show with his mischievous antics, famous catchphrases, and the ability to concisely speak uncomfortable truths. The magic behind Dinosaurs is realized through the use of a mixture of large, detailed puppets and complex animatronics. These lifelike creatures were operated by highly trained puppeteers using a mix of traditional hand manipulation and remote controls, creating an enchanting, convincing prehistoric world. Episodes followed standard sitcom structures, working through comedic scenarios that often arose from character flaws, misunderstandings or simple everyday life activities. What set Dinosaurs apart, however, was its fearless satirical critique of environmental, societal, and political issues of the time. It wasn’t shy in tackling head-on topics like women's rights, corporate greed, environmentalism, and even substance abuse. As novel as it is nostalgic, Dinosaurs truly stood out due to its unconventional cast and the thoughtful themes it often explored. It stands as an indelible exhibition of societal critique masked through user-friendly humor and exceptional puppetry. Earl Sinclair's bumbling, well-meaning patriarch bewilders, Charlene's materialistic quirks entertain, and Robbie's idealism gives the audience someone to root for. But it’s Baby Sinclair, with his candid innocence and contrarily mature observations, who often steals the show. His trademark cries of "Not the mama!" and "I’m the baby, gotta love me!" are cemented in viewers' memories, becoming iconic catchphrases in pop culture. The supporting characters and guest stars also contribute to the charisma of the series. They range from Earl's lumbering yet lovable friend, Roy Hess, to ethical-minded, four-eyed boss B.P. Richfield. There's even Fran's mother, Ethyl, a witty old lady dinosaur who never misses an opportunity to poke fun at Earl. Dinosaurs was a compelling, distinctive show, characterized by its tongue-in-cheek humor and surprisingly poignant social commentary. Its novel concept, memorable characters, and innovative puppetry work are part of what has allowed it to maintain its charm and relevance even after multiple decades. Through the Sinclairs' trials and tribulations, audiences are invited to reflect on contemporary society's challenges and hypocrisies, proving that in between the comedy and the absurdities of a prehistoric puppet family lies a mirror to our own world.

Dinosaurs is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 91 episodes, the show debuted on 1991. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Stuart Pankin, Allan Trautman, Jessica Walter
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