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The Red Knife Wielder
Before he was an inmate at Deadman Wonderland, Senji was a police officer who used his special powers to fight crime. When he encountered a ruthless gang leader with similar abilities, Senji was forced to fight for his life.

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Grateful Dead
What exists in this dark world? Sometimes, the only thing you can see is the fear and despair. Sometimes, all you can do is be silent or fall to insanity... But sometimes, there is a light that can blow all of that darkness away.

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Gig of Despair
Genkaku begins his song of despair. Another new mysterious character has appeared in front of Ganta, introducing himself as Mockingbird.

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After Shiro destroys their hope, the members of Scar Chain return to the hideout defeated. Ganta ends his friendship with Shiro and leaves her in tears.

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Worm Eater
In order to get the truth out into the world, Ganta and the others continue their jail break. As Nagi and Rokuro take over the control tower for G Block they come in contact with the little Undertaker, Hibana.

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Scar Chain
The rebellion group Scar Chain has come to recruit Ganta for their plans to overthrow Deadman Wonderland. But a new enemy has appeared, the anti-deadman Undertakers.

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Wretched Egg
The lullaby stops momentarily and the Wretched Egg laughs again. Realizing the absurdity of the situation, Makina begins her stand to correct it.

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Ignoring the horror he had just witnessed, Yoh returns to G Block. Sickened by the events after beating Crow, Ganta tries to run away with another deadman, Minatsuki.

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Carnival Corpse
Welcome to the festival of carrion, Carnival Corpse. While Shiro tries to return to Ganta's side, Ganta has to survive against a frightful opponent.

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Crow Claw
Ganta lashes out against Crow for Yamakatsu and Mimi's revenge, only to find that he has mistaken the man's identity. Tamaki has now shown his face, welcoming Ganta to the REAL Deadman Wonderland and introducing him to the deadly games to come.

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G Block
Ganta discovers the Red Man is living here in Deadman Wonderland. Afraid and angry, Ganta chases after him to a hidden place called G Block.

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Antidote (Candy)
Rules. Rules. Rules. In order to survive this horrible prison, Ganta must collect the prison currency, cast points. Welcome to the dog race show, a deadly attraction for all to enjoy. With Shiro by his side, it is time to begin the race for his life.

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Death Row Inmate
Middle school student Ganta Igarashi is the sole survivor of a great classroom massacre. Blamed for something he didn't do, he is sent to the privatized prison theme park, Deadman Wonderland.

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Deadman Wonderland is a renowned show released in 2011 by FUNimation, characterized by its unique mixture of horror, action, drama, and sci-fi genres, and underlined by a dystopian-thriller theme. The brainchild of Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou, this dark, psychological anime series boasting a rating of TV-MA, navigates viewers through an extraordinary blend of brutal violence, human survival instincts, and profound displays of emotion.

Centered on the protagonist Ganta Igarashi, the show plunges into a chilling narrative with the protagonist, a regular middle schooler, tragically framed for mass murder of his entire class. Cornered by an unjust legal system, he is sentenced to prison in a dystopian amusement park known as the Deadman Wonderland, a place where cruelty emerges as entertainment, and life holds as much value as the entertainment it provides.

Deadman Wonderland isn't the typical prison. Wrenched in woe and suffering, it is half prison, half amusement park that exploits prison inmates as performers for the public's morbid fascination. From outlandish carnival games that often result in bloody injuries or death, to ferocious battles spectacles, the thrills of the park cloak horrid twists of reality, where winning means survival.

As an inmate and performer, Ganta must navigate this dangerously thrilling amusement park's deathly traps, armed with nothing but a core of resilience and a will to live. Yet, amidst the genres' gloom and doom, a shaft of hope appears in the form of a mysterious, albino girl named Shiro, who seems to be the only instance of friendship and innocence in the nightmarish world.

Intricately woven into the storyline is the tantalizing aspect of supernatural abilities. The show incorporates a dystopic twist with "The Branch of Sin" – a select group of prisoners, including Ganta, who have the eerie ability to control their blood, forming it into weapons for life-or-death battles. Unraveling the source of these powers forms an intrinsically riveting subplot furthering the narrative's depth.

Deadman Wonderland triumphs in its seamless blend of multiple, diverse themes - a grievous exploration of humanity's sinister potentials with a dystopian backdrop, the gruesome, yet empathetic depiction of survival, and above all, an adventurous horror tale elegantly laced with fantasy and mystery. Notably, the multi-layered nature of the protagonist and secondary characters heavily contributes to this narrative success, steering clear of stereotypical or one-dimensional portrayals and serving the series' main course of psychological drama.

The presentation of the series triumphs in its impactful visuals. The aesthetic style reflects the harsh and brutal realities within the amusement park. From the imposing prison structures to the intricate details of the background, the animation adeptly communicates the dark atmosphere. The show doesn't shy away from graphic violence, using it to enhance its chilling narrative effectively. The unique character designs, coupled with a vivid color palette, bring to life each character's individuality and psychological state.

While the visuals may be grim, the stellar music score by NARASAKI offers a perfect balance, enveloping the narrative with an aura of suspense, tension, and heartfelt emotions. The opening and ending themes, composed by DWB and NIRGILIS respectively, become an integral part of the experience, leaving a lingering impact long after the episodes end.

At 12 episodes long, the series does well to maintain a gripping pace, unveiling each twist and turn with expert timing to keep viewers on the edge. The anime gives its audience a unique look at dystopian captivity, the effects of trauma, friendship amid despair, and a captivating display of supernatural abilities.

In summary, Deadman Wonderland is an unforgettable, distinct anime series that successfully integrates action, psychological thriller, horror, and sci-fi elements. Though it may not be a light-hearted watch, it leaves its audience with a deeply impacting narrative experience of an unimaginable dystopian world. It probes and investigates the boundaries of human cruelty and survival, steadily evolving as an audacious commentary on human nature. Mature audiences and fans of dark themes will find the series thought-provoking and utterly captivating.

Deadman Wonderland is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Deadman Wonderland online? Deadman Wonderland is available on FUNimation with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Deadman Wonderland on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Crunchyroll online.

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