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Secrets in the Snow
After two Colorado women vanish in a deadly winter storm, key evidence keeps the case open for investigators to uncover the truth. A harrowing blizzard rescue the very same night could hold the clues to an almost 40-year search for the killer.

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Buried by the Bratva
A champion Russian boxer disappears from Brighton Beach, New York, and the neighborhood dare not talk for fear of reprisal until investigators uncover a long-buried secret in a New Jersey backyard.

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Death in Christmas Town
A beloved mother is found brutally murdered near the military town of North Pole, Alaska, and soon four more girls meet the same fate. Investigators struggle to catch a serial murderer before another victim falls on the last frontier.

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Poison Letters
A retiree settles in Southern California hoping to live his best life. When he disappears without a trace, investigators must uncover if his demise was connected to the unconventional pen pals he made.

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Gone in the Sand
When a Texas father disappears without a trace, investigators go on an international manhunt to catch a killer and unravel a sinister plot that has them searching for answers deep into the Chihuahuan Desert.

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Buried Again
When a young South Carolina father goes missing, investigators must navigate a twisting trail of small-town rumors and misguided revenge to uncover the deadly truth.

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Unlucky Gamble
Detectives attempt to trace a young woman's last steps as she leaves a casino and disappears into the night. An almost forgotten childhood memory helps find her buried in the backyard.

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One of Our Own
When a promising forensics student is found mutilated on a lonely stretch of Utah motorway, her Sheriff's department colleagues will stop at nothing to deliver justice.

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To Catch a Thief
When a widower disappears from his Southern California home, investigators find themselves caught up in a federal investigation involving the infamous hunt for skyjacker D.B.

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Last Song You'll Ever Hear
When a California mother wakes to find the door wide open and her daughter missing, law enforcement travel the country to find her until they discover a dark plot that began at the teen's doorstep.

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Deadly Trust
A spunky grandmother and former bail bondswoman is a no-show at work, leaving friends and family desperate for answers. As investigators focus on felons from her former career, they soon discover she may not be the only one missing.

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Hundred-Foot Grave
A young couple sets out from a holiday visit but never make it home as law enforcement search dangerous terrain fraught with derelict silver mines.

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Death in Blue
When a successful Arizona businesswoman disappears on a holiday shopping trip, investigators hunt for a kidnapper. When the killer takes his secrets to the grave, however, the only chance of finding her is a psychic's mysterious vision.

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Boy Witness
When a Michigan mother disappears on an afternoon walk, investigators pin all hope on their sole eyewitness: a 10-year-old boy who may have witnessed the unthinkable. Can hypnosis coax valuable details from the fragmented memory of a child?

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Storm Of The Century
A beloved Missouri couple is thought to be swept away in a record-breaking deadly storm, but when a closer look at the family farm points to foul play, law enforcement searches for clues long since washed away.

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True crime enthusiasts who reel in fascination and horror at accounts of the darker side of human nature may find "Buried in the Backyard" to be an ideal addition to their watchlist. An original series from Oxygen that debuted in 2018, it delves into the unnerving reality of incidents where bodies were discovered buried in the seemingly unassuming and familiar environment of a backyard. What initially appear as peaceful suburban retreats or innocent expansive farmlands often hide a secret world of crime, deep-buried secrets, and skeletons—quite literally—in the closet. "Buried in the Backyard" is a procedural show that investigates some of the most high-profile cases of victims whose remains were found in homes, yards, or even vast outdoor properties, usually unintentionally discovered by unsuspecting homeowners or residents. Each episode examines a different case, using narration, interviews with key players involved such as detectives, forensic experts, and family members, and reenactments to paint a vivid picture of the sinister scenario. The cases span different time frames and geographies, bringing variety along with suspense and intrigue. The power of this show lies in its methodology, as it reveals the chilling stories step by step. It starts by establishing context—probing into the initial discovery, the victims' last known moments, and the many questions that arise from the grisly find. It then follows the subsequent police investigations and the forensic science used to identify the deceased and piece together what could have happened. This gradually builds a narrative that climaxes with the unveiling of the victims' identities and the capture of the perpetrators, if applicable. The suspense element of the show is kept intact throughout each episode, making "Buried in the Backyard" a gripping watch. But beyond the element of mystery and suspense, the series underscores the strength and perseverance of investigators, the victims' families and friends, who, in many cases, spent years or even decades seeking closure. Their relentless pursuit of justice contrasts poignantly with the grim realities of the crimes presented, adding an emotional layer to the program that humanizes it beyond the horror of the crimes. A recurring theme of the show is the transformative capacity of common spaces: places once filled with tranquility and safety become horrifying crime scenes. The yards and gardens, traditionally associated with leisure, peace and family time, are instantly redefined by these shocking discoveries. By demonstrating this, the series implicitly questions the extent to which we truly know the people around us and the spaces we inhabit. "Buried in the Backyard" is not merely a true crime series focusing on murder and hidden bodies; it is a deftly woven tapestry of humanity and crime, woven with threads of drama, suspense, and real-life horror. Through its presentation of detailed criminal investigations, the show highlights the importance of forensic science and smart detective work, meshing together human tenacity and technology's power in unmasking the most heinous of crimes. The series brings a unique perspective on true crime storytelling by challenging the viewer's assumption of safety associated with familiar, everyday spaces. It can be particularly gripping for crime enthusiasts who have a morbid fascination with hidden secrets lurking in the most unsuspecting places. Besides its raw and unsettling nature, the show can leave the audience with a profound sentiment towards the unjustly deceased victim. For, each episode isn't just a story of a crime; it also pays homage to an ordinary person—a neighbour, a friend, a family member—who fell victim to extraordinary circumstances. This amplifies demanding for justice for those silenced too soon and reminds viewers to always cherish human life amid its harsh realities. Ultimately, "Buried in the Backyard" is a show that blends the humiliating transgressions of the darker human elements with their triumphant discovery and the fight for justice. Skillfully balancing emotion with hardcore crime investigation details, this genre piece is a must-watch for anyone who is enthralled by the fascinating intersection of human psychology, crime, and justice.

Buried in the Backyard is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 77 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Mignon Farmani, Jeremy Michael Pereira, Matt Fowler
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