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Treasured Adventures
Rick and Marty Lagina look back with Matty Blake on their richest adventures from the past year.

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Return to the Whydah
Matty Blake and Tony Sampson re-join the search and excavation of the Whydah wreckage with Barry Clifford and his team in Cape Cod, near a graveyard of sunken cannons.

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The Legend Of Oderin Island
Marty Lagina and Matty Blake look into an island in Newfoundland, where an English pirate has said to have hidden millions of treasure in the 17th century.

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The Lost Cache Of Cornwallis
Matty Blake goes blackwater river diving with firefighter Matt Howell in Virginia to search for the legendary Revolutionary War treasure of British Army General Charles Cornwallis.

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The Booty of "Black Sam" Bellamy
Rick Lagina, Tony Sampson, and Matty Blake join Barry and Brandon Clifford to search for artifacts and treasure connected to the infamous Whydah shipwreck off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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North Carolina Gold
Matty Blake travels to the swamps of North Carolina to help a father and son treasure hunting team excavate an old mining dredge believed to contain vast riches connected to America's first Gold Rush.

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Return To Poverty Island
Taking a new approach, Rick Lagina and Matty Blake return to Poverty Island in Lake Michigan to search for millions in missing Civil War gold.

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The Atocha: Secrets Of The Sterncastle
Matty Blake and Tony Sampson join another hunt with the Fisher family and their team to search the waters off Key West, Florida for a motherload of treasure connected to the Atocha.

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Aury's Treasure
Marty and Matty dig for treasure on the beaches of Tampa, Florida believed to have been hidden in the early 1800s by the French pirate Captain Louis-Michel Aury.

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The Riches of Poverty Island
Marty and Matty return to the waters surrounding Poverty Island to find a lost Civil War treasure worth an estimated $400 million.

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The Best of Beyond Oak Island
Marty and Rick Lagina meet in the War Room with Matty Blake and Gary Drayton to review and discuss the future of the most compelling treasure hunts they've explored so far "Beyond Oak Island.

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The Atocha's Emerald City
Matty Blake and the Lagina Brothers join a treasure-hunting adventure in Key West, Florida with the family of the late Mel Fisher.

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Beyond Oak Island is an exciting television series produced by the History Channel in 2020 as part of a long-running fascination with Oak Island's mysterious buried treasure. This captivating show continues the exploration of the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty. The duo's inquisitiveness and dedication to uncovering hidden treasures have attracted an audience of millions worldwide, making The Curse of Oak Island a massive success. This new series expands upon this captivating narrative by exploring treasure legends beyond the fabled Oak Island. The show format opens up a whole new world of treasure hunting, delving into different myths, lore, and stories related to concealed wealth and artifacts around the globe. The Lagina brothers, based on their experience on Oak Island, act as mentors and story-sharers rather than active treasure seekers in the show. Drawing parallels from their own adventures on Oak Island, they discuss the challenges and realities of treasure hunting. Beyond Oak Island focuses on the Laginas' analyses of various famous treasure stories, from lost Incan gold to sunken Spanish galleons and buried mob money. The show offers tremendous historical incite, featuring expert views on these treasure tales, including historians, treasure hunters, and members of the Oak Island team. Each episode unfolds as a new, fascinating exploration of a unique treasure story, shedding light on the treasure itself, the historical context surrounding it, and the modern efforts to unearth it. While the show retains some elements from the "The Curse of Oak Island," such as the narration by Robert Clotworthy and appearances by familiar faces from the Oak Island team, it branches out to offer something new. The brothers are not physically digging for treasure in this series. Instead, they're immersing the audience in historical investigations, friendly conversations, and expert insights. Consequently, Beyond Oak Island adds a new flavor to the Oak Island franchise without being repetitive. Each episode usually begins with an overview of a particular treasure legend, investigating the history and lore behind it, often dating back centuries. Reenactments and visual illustrations often accompany these historical accounts, adding a layer of visual intrigue. Then, the story transitions to the present day, where modern-day treasure hunters are continuing the search. These hunters keep the audiences hooked as they illustrate how far humans are willing to go in their quest for missing treasure, enduring countless difficulties and hazards. In particular, the show pays special attention to the technology and methods employed by these treasure hunters, linking back to the techniques used on Oak Island. Beyond Oak Island not only portrays the relentless hunt for international treasures, but also delves into what drives individuals to risk everything in their pursuit. Audiences learn about historical figures, personal motivations, legends, and physical struggles linked to each treasure hunt. It shows treasure hunting not just as a potentially lucrative, but a complex and often challenging pursuit. It's also important to note that Beyond Oak Island doesn't imply that every treasure story discussed will have a satisfying conclusion. Many of these stories have been ongoing for centuries, with countless seekers having attempted and failed to locate the treasure. This facet of the show is reflective of the realities of treasure hunting, where most expeditions end in dead ends and disappointments. However, it's the allure of striking it rich and discovering a piece of history that keeps these individuals going, allowing audiences to appreciate the journey as much as the potential treasure at the end. Overall, Beyond Oak Island is perfect for history buffs, mystery lovers, and adventurer hearts. It takes audiences on a thrilling ride around the world, exploring rich and seemingly almost unsolvable mysteries that have inspired countless treasure seekers. Through this show, viewers will not only gain extensive knowledge about various historical periods, but they also get a unique peek into the struggling lives of contemporary treasure hunters. They will be enthralled with the intriguing stories and the suspense of what might or might not be found. Beyond Oak Island is the expansive treasure-hunting series that history enthusiasts will love to solve.

Beyond Oak Island is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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