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Revolutionary War: Oriskany
In August 1777 on the New York frontier, an 800-strong column of patriot militia was marching to relieve Fort Stanwix, under siege by the British.

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The year, 52 BC. Julius Caesar vs. Gallic chieftain, Vercingetorix. For the first time, at Alesia hilltop, all of Caesars's enemies gathered in one place. And Caesar won. But, does evidence from the battlefield correspond with his account?

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The year, 52 BC. Julius Caesar vs. Vercingetorix. For the first time, at Alesia hilltop, all Caesar's enemies gathered in one place. And Caesar won. But does the evidence correspond with his account?

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Pointe Du Hoc
The largest invasion in history is underway. Four miles to the west of the Allied landings at Omaha Beach, a flotilla of landing craft head towards Hitler's `Atlantic Wall' defences.

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The War of 1812: The Chesapeake and the Shannon
In 1812, the US and Great Britain are once again at war. American "super frigates" win a series of crushing naval victories over the British Royal Navy warships.

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World War I: Jutland
The British Grand Fleet is moored in the peaceful harbour of Scapa Flow off the North Coast of Scotland. Unchallenged since the Battle of Trafalgar, the global dominance of the British Royal Navy is seemingly assured.

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Siege of Masada
Masada is an extraordinary place and an epic story. A seemingly impregnable mountain fortress built by King Herod, it rises from the Judean desert of Israel close by the Dead Sea.

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Battle of Britain
1940 Britain stands alone against the might of the advancing German armed forces. But before Hitler can put his planned invasion into effect, he needs to destroy Britain's Royal Air Force.

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Battle of the Bulge
1944 In 1944 the Ardennes region of Belgium is the frontier between Nazi Germany and the Allies.

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Battlefield Detectives is a captivating television series produced by History, which originally aired in 2003. Revolving around the genre of historical documentaries, the show unravels significant details about various historical battles through the use of sophisticated scientific technologies. By conducting a detailed analysis and investigation, Battlefield Detectives provides viewers with an intensive understanding of the famous battles in history. Each episode of Battlefield Detectives focuses on an individual battlefield and scrutinizes the events that took place. The show is not only about narrating the general historical tale, it goes a step further in studying the impacts of the geography, weather, weapons, and tactics used in these battles. Highlighting battles from different periods of history – from ancient to modern times – Battlefield Detectives becomes a comprehensive exploration into the intricate details of these historical events. One of the show's key features is its scientific approach to historical study. Using advanced technologies such as satellite images, 3D computer models, forensic science, geological examination, and ballistic tests, Battlefield Detectives re-evaluates traditional accounts of historical battles. It seeks to verify the accuracy of these accounts and question long-established historians' interpretations. The episodes typically start by providing a brief overview of the battle that will be examined. This is followed by interviews with historical experts who share their insights about the event. The host, Edward Herrmann, then dives into the heart of the particular war zone, using innovative methods to uncover hidden truths that are not represented in traditional historical narratives. Unlike traditional historical documentaries that rely solely on eyewitness accounts or written documents, Battlefield Detectives approaches the battles from a multi-faceted angle. For instance, the show investigates how the weather affected the combatants' performance or how the topography gave one side an advantage over the other. Furthermore, by using ballistic experiments to understand how specific weapons were used in the battlefield, the show gives a novel insight into the practical side of these wars. Influenced by modern crime scene investigations, Battlefield Detectives applies similar methodologies to historical battles. As it examines the remnants of these battlefields, the show takes on the role of a detective; piecing together evidence drawn from the landscapes themselves. Such an approach helps revolutionize the way we see and understand history. Consequently, the show stands as a testament to how the sophisticated scientific methods of the 21th century can shed new light on events that occurred hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. With its innovative approach and comprehensive exploration of well-known battles, Battlefield Detectives is more than just a documentary series. It provides an intriguing blend of history and science. The show appeals not only to history buffs but also to those interested in forensic sciences and military strategies. It teaches about the past in a way that genuinely engages its audience by breaking down complex historical events and scientific investigations into an understandable form, consequently making the learning experience both enjoyable and enlightening. One of the key takeaways from Battlefield Detectives is its ability to challenge accepted views about history. It constantly reminds the viewers to question the conventional ideas and interpretations drawn from historical texts. Moreover, it shows how minor factors, often overlooked in the grand narrative, can have significant impacts on the outcome of enormous events such as battles. Battlefield Detectives is not merely a recounting of the past but an insightful investigation into the intricacies of historical warfare. By exploring these battles from a contemporary and unconventional perspective, the show equips its viewers with a novel understanding of history, all the while highlighting how scientific advancements can help decipher the past. Overall, Battlefield Detectives represents a significant step forward in the domain of historical Television documentaries. It's a fascinating series that combines history, geography, forensic science, and technology into a compelling narrative that challenges, educates, and entertains, making it a must-watch for any student of history or for anyone with even a passing interest in historical battles.

Battlefield Detectives is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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