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As the Battle for Platinum comes to a head, Dean announces how they'll choose one Rosedragon to rule them all. Glenn worries this will distract from a very special day he's planned for himself and his Platinum family.

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Dean and DJ ramp up their fight for control of Platinum with a time-honored contest. Baxter's real estate market tipster (CHRIS PARNELL) stops by to make, then break, his day, and Chelsea shows a property to overly exacting astrophysicist Neil deCicely Tyson (GARY ANTHONY WILLIAMS).

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Dean is humiliated by fellow rich person Dickie (MARC EVAN JACKSON) at his listing and tries to save face. Andrew gets mixed up with an all cash, femme fatale buyer (MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS DAY), and Victoria's complicated office romance leads her to challenge Baxter's relationship with Jeffney Buckley (ALAN MCCLEOD.

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Baxter gives a house tour to two ex-boyfriends (JACK PLOTNIK, TOM LENK), now happily married to each other. Victoria and Amir both narrowly escape Serge and Gio with their lives, and Todd the Janitor (CRAIG CACKOWSKI) has grievances to air with Dean in couple's therapy led by Doctor Chambong (RICH FULCHER).

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The Brokers train Dean in the ways of lowly office work and he quickly takes to his new rank. Tough negotiator Quistian (BEN SCHWARTZ) returns to hound the Bros, and Serge and Gio terrorize Glenn.

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Victoria finally tells Dean about her relationship with DJ, before running to help her father (DAVE FOLEY) as Glenn's search for love gets him catfished by an internet date (ALICIA SILVERSTONE.) Dean follows up with Serge and Gio on their death pact and Amir hopes to sell the home of a feuding couple (WHITNEY CUMMINGS, DAVID WALTON).

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Back in the game, Dean negotiates opposite an old foe's son (BEN SCHWARTZ) and workshops his feud with DJ. Chelsea struggles to spread the message and tactics of Wisdometrics with her fellow brokers, while Glenn shows a property to actual royalty- the Bulgarian Prince Borsilav (DANA CARVEY).

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The Brokers adjust to the new normal at Platinum with DJ in charge. Dean is missing in action, and Victoria learns an unpleasant secret while tracking him down.

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Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is a semi-scripted comedy show that aired on Seeso from 2016 to 2019. Starring Dan Ahdoot, this series parodies the high-gloss world of luxury real estate market in Los Angeles. This tongue-in-cheek look at the over-the-top world of real estate brokers and their clients gives us an exaggeratedly humorous spin on the fierce competition, eccentric personalities, and ridiculous negotiations found in this industry.

Led by an ensemble cast, the show primarily focuses on a fictitious firm Platinum Realty, spearheaded by relentless owner/broker Dean Rosedragon, played expertly by Paul F. Tompkins. Dean Rosedragon is a larger-than-life boss, prone to unpredictable and eccentric behaviors, keeping his high-strung staff on their toes. Dan Ahdoot, known for his sharp comedic timing and expressive mannerisms, portrays Amir Yaghoob, one of the top realtors in the firm and a man who is constantly wrestling with the cutthroat nature of his profession and its impact on his personal life.

Every episode is a satirical standalone commentary on the high-drama, high-stakes world of selling high-end real estate in Los Angeles, one of America's most exclusive markets. The realtors are often shown competing fiercely against one another for both listings and sales. Simultaneously, they also engage in often absurd scenarios with a rotating list of eccentric millionaires, celebrities, and tycoons, lending to the comedic cadence of the series.

The title, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, already clues in viewers to the show's satirical undertones. These oversized price tags are a nod to the astronomically expensive homes and properties found in Los Angeles. The dollar sign in the title further emphasizes the show's core focus on the exorbitant wealth and conspicuous consumption that is often intertwined with high-end real estate in LA.

The show strikes a balance between send-up and homage, finding real humanity and humor in the outrageous details and often outlandish scenarios. While it is a comedy, creators Kulap Vilaysack and Scott Aukerman did not pass up the opportunity to shed light on the pitfalls and complexities of the real estate world and the lengths professionals in this space will go to secure a sale, stake out a property or appease a high-profile client.

Despite the levity, the series also doesn’t shy away from showcasing the darker side of the industry. From backstabbing tactics to deceptive staging, it provides an introspective look into the various shades of real estate that often aren’t seen amidst glamourized open houses or staged property photos.

Bajillion Dollars Propertie$ seamlessly blends reality, exaggeration, and outright parody to give viewers an unforgettable comedic experience. Its strength lies not just in its concept but also in its execution. The show's semi-scripted nature brings an element of unpredictability and organic humor that resonates throughout each episode.

Though it is soaked in satire, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ still offers a fascinating and surprisingly accurate depiction of the culture and the interpersonal dynamics that exist in this high-stakes industry. The show is successful in its balance of humor, satire, and social commentary. The agents onscreen may be desperate to sell properties worth a bajillion dollars, but it's the viewers at home, laughing along as they watch, who truly find the value in the show’s sharp humor and social satire.

So, if knowing the behind-the-scenes ordeals of the property world mixed with a generous punch of comedy is your thing, then Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ firmly establishes itself as a go-to series.

Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 35 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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How can I watch Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ online? Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is available on Seeso with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ on demand at Apple TV, Amazon online.

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