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Episode 13
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Episode 12
In the season finale, Nathan is taken on a final tour of Dunt by Daniel before he leaves for deaf school. Gran gets used to life on the farm.

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Episode 11
S.mouse releases new album is launched. Nathan attempts to teach the rest of the family how to sign some interesting words. Daniel gets ready for his brother's legendary farewell party.

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Episode 10
S.mouse is isolated for being fat after the paparazzi photograph him. Talib ends up getting into a fight with Marlon. Daniel and Nathan are the entertainment at Kerry and Steve's wedding.

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Episode 9
Nathan disappears after being made fun of at school about his deaf uniform. Daniel recruits Black Daniel to help him look for him.

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Episode 8
Daniel tries to catch the attention of the video store girl - Chloe - but she prefers Nathan over him.

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Episode 7
Offended by his constant use of homophobic slurs, Dan's mother forces him to spend the day with a gay teenager.

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Episode 6
Blake tries to prove to Kareena that he is a good husband by setting up a Fat Boys Surf School. Daniel assumes charge of the Sims household after Kerry and Steve go away for the weekend.

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Episode 5
The twins' mom invites a deaf boy over to befriend Nathan, but Daniel gets jealous.

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Episode 4
Tim Okazaki is a popular gay, teenage Japanese skateboarder. However, viewers soon discover he's none of those things at all.

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Episode 3
Daniel organises a going away party for Nathan before he leaves for deaf school.

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Episode 2
Nathan is inspired to break the law after listening to rap music. Gran decides to take an animal-loving inmate under her care.

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Episode 1
Watch the series premiere of identical twins Daniel and his 90-per-cent-deaf brother Nathan and their lives in the town of Dunt, Australia. The boys annoy their mother and proceed to tease each other.

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Angry Boys is an Australian television comedy series, which was originally aired on HBO in 2011. The show was created by Chris Lilley, a renowned comedian and writer known for his character-driven comedy shows that satirically comment on social issues. In Angry Boys, he continues this trend by evolving his comedic style and bringing to life a complex variety of characters that represent a slice of contemporary life. The series is ingeniously devised, shot and structured as a mockumentary, where fictional characters interact with the real world, embodying a creative clash between reality and fiction that uniquely boosts the show's comedic tone. This pseudo-reality offers viewers a tongue-in-cheek lens through which the social, cultural, and generational issues such as race, sexuality, and the changing roles of masculinity in the modern world are discussed and critically evaluated. At the heart of the show are the characters, all played by Lilley himself. From the rebellious twin brothers Daniel and Nathan Sims living in the rural Australian town of Dunt, the overbearing Japanese mother Jen Okazaki, the ego-driven American rapper S.mouse, to the faded surfing champion Blake Oakfield, and the overly strict prison officer Gran. Each character, distinct and larger-than-life, showcases Lilley's vast and versatile acting range. Daniel and Nathan Sims, initially introduced in one of Lilley's former series, provide the crux of the narrative in Angry Boys. The storyline revolves around their daily life in the fictional rural town of Dunt, where they live with their grandmother Ruth, another important character in the series. Daniel decides to celebrate his deaf brother Nathan's life before he goes to deaf school, and it is this premise that brings together all of the other wildly eccentric characters. Throughout, Daniel's narration works as the primary thread that binds the fragmented yet interconnected storylines, providing a subtle continuity amidst the apparent chaos of thematic shifts and geographical transitions. Lilley's portrayal of the African-American rapper S.mouse is a satirical critique of the hip-hop industry's commercialization, vanity, and shallowness. This character's narrative arcs oscillate between comedy and tragedy, unraveling an undercurrent of social commentary beneath the overt comedic veneer. Likewise, his impersonation of the work-obsessed " Tiger Mom" Jen Okazaki brings out the issue of unhealthy parental pressures and the commodification of talents in children. The character of Blake Oakfield, a former surfing champion now the leader of a local surfer gang, explores the concepts of masculinity and the idea of 'remaining young forever.' On the other hand, Lilley's portrayal of Ruth "Gran" Sims, a stern, disciplinarian officer at a boys' juvenile detention center who seems outwardly harsh but is ultimately well-meaning, discusses the subject of authority, rehabilitation, and the flaws in the correctional system. In essence, Angry Boys is not just about laughter and comedy. It dares to grapple with critical themes, social norms, and cultural issues, almost always taking the viewer by surprise and challenging their comfort zones. Thus, it requires a certain level of viewer maturity to critique, appreciate, and ultimately embrace the show's comedic philosophy. Even as the series pushes the boundaries of comedy, it retains its underlying humanism and compassion, never devolving into mere ridicule or mockery. The craftsmanship of the series also warrants mention. Apart from Lilley's acting abilities, the visual narrative, the editing style, the background score, and other technical aspects are skillfully and meticulously handled, contributing to the overall immersive experience. In many ways, Angry Boys is a daring social experiment, a comedy-drama that blends humor and satire with potent social commentary. It stimulates the viewer's mind, kindles reflection and incites discussions around the subjects it tackles. If you appreciate thoughtful humor and are open to an unconventional narrative style, Angry Boys is definitely worth a watch.

Angry Boys is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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