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Yeh Ballet, directed by Sooni Taraporevala and released in 2020, is an indelible Indian drama that audaciously delves into the lives of two young boys from Mumbai, pursuing their passion for Ballet amidst the struggles of their challenging socio-economic backgrounds. This enriching narrative boasts a powerful amalgamation of driven ambition and unyielding determination and essentially chronicles the journey towards realising dreams that seem implausibly distant.

The film boasts a prominent cast that envelopes an eclectic mix of experienced and novice actors. In the heart of the narrative are the exceptional performances of Manish Chauhan, an accomplished Indian ballet dancer, and Amiruddin Shah, a debutant, who play the roles of Nishu and Asif - the epitome of youthful energy willing to break conventions for the sake of their dreams. Julian Sands lend his veteran acts as Saul Aaron, a rigid but driven ballet maestro who becomes their mentor and attempts to map their spotty path towards a glimmering but elusive dream.

Yeh Ballet feels like a warm embrace as it captures the raw essence of Mumbai's lower-middle-class localities and takes the audience on a picturesque journey of the city's bustling landscape. There's humour, drama, colourful dialects and an unapologetic portrayal of everyday struggles. The city's skyscrapers and slums find equal representation, underlining a society held together yet torn apart by class and economic disparities.

The director, Sooni Taraporevala, known for her remarkable storytelling skills as exemplified in Salaam Bombay and The Namesake, takes on an almost verite style of filmmaking that adds authenticity to the sooty and grimy, yet heartwarming tale of Yeh Ballet. From the conceptualisation of challenging dance sequences to managing the right emotions in the middle of a bustling city, the director navigates the complex aspects of the film with an evidently deft hand.

Jim Sarb plays the role of an orchestra conductor, amalgamating the differing strands of the storyline with effortless class, while veteran actor Rahul Khanna brings in an element of shrewd business acumen that offers a much-needed change of pace to the narrative.

The cinematography, set design, and choreography deserve mention too. The camera doesn't hesitate to explore the darkest corners and cramped spaces, thereby painting a vivid picture of the stark contrasts of everyday life in Mumbai. Meanwhile, the choreography, particularly the ballet sequences, are executed meticulously and shot beautifully, striking a balance between the raw, learning stages and the elegance of the final performance.

The film creatively intersperses energetic Bollywood numbers with graceful and disciplined Ballet, thus crafting a tapestry of music and rhythm that does not get lost in translation. Deft choreography does well to transform the young men into artists who can pirouette and plié. Furthermore, the film's score boasts a fine blend of orchestral grandeur and Indian sounds, complimenting the distinct themes throughout the movie.

Yeh Ballet also doesn't shy away from reflecting the societal issues of our times. It deals with religious prejudices, familial duties, the struggle to conform to societal norms, and the stark class divide that exists in Mumbai as well as the entire country. The film shows how dreams cannot be confined by socio-economic boundaries and that passion, coupled with hard work and determination, possesses the power to overcome almost any hurdle.

Furthermore, Yeh Ballet stands out by embracing the simple nuance layered with complexity. It is a story of a dance form considered 'elitist' and 'foreign' that is being embraced and excelled at by two boys who ought to be anything but Ballet dancers as per society's expectations.

The film is based on the real-life story of Manish Chauhan and Amiruddin Shah, two Mumbai-based dancers who made it to the prestigious Oregon Ballet Theatre and Royal Ballet School, respectively. By documenting their arduous journey, the film pays homage to the unyielding spirit of dreamers who dare to dream beyond the boundaries of their circumstances.

In conclusion, Yeh Ballet is a tale of dreams, passion, and grit set against the vibrant canvas of Mumbai. It's a film that tells us that we can aspire, achieve, and conquer, irrespective of our background, as long as we're driven by passion and determination. It's not just a story about dancing; it's a dance of life that pulses with humour, hardship, and hope.

Yeh Ballet is a Drama movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 117 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.5..

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