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Venom [With Bonus Content] from 2018 is a superhero film belonging to the darker side of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel, it's a thrilling voyage into the twisted psyche of an unwitting host to a menacing and monstrous alien symbiote.

The movie stars the impeccably talented Tom Hardy in the lead role, who's an absolute powerhouse of a performer. He plays Eddie Brock, a passionate and tenacious investigative journalist, who's adamant about breaking apart the shady operations of a notorious biotech corporation, led by the mysterious and seemingly ominous Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake.

Hardy's Brock is characteristically rebellious, constantly seen challenging authority and pushing boundaries, especially when it comes to matters of truth and justice. Hardy's ability to portray Brock’s transformation, both physically and mentally, while keeping a hold on the audience's empathy is praiseworthy and no doubt a highlight of the movie.

Michelle Williams, the three-time Academy Award nominee, plays Anne Weying, Brock's long-time girlfriend and a successful lawyer, adds a new depth to the movie. Williams depicts a person trying to balance career and personal life while dealing with the fallout from Brock's risk-taking approach to journalism. Her performance brings a sense of calm and stability to the storyline that often descends into chaos.

Leading the biotech corporation, Riz Ahmed’s Drake is the mirror opposition of Hardy’s Eddie. He represents a man of genius and malice, ensnared in his own grandeur, with a dangerous vision for the future of humankind. Ahmed effectively displays a quietly menacing persona while steering away from the stereotypical image of a villain.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, known for his efforts in ‘Zombieland,’ the movie is a mix of dark humor, pulsating action spectacles, and deep-rooted fear. Fleischer skilfully balances the narrative's downright terrifying and laugh-outloud moments, never overlooking any details, and maintaining a steady pace throughout.

Venom [With Bonus Content] presents a back-story that fleshes out the characters, adding nuance and depth to their narrative arc. Eddie Brock's life spirals into a rollercoaster ride of chaos and violence after he comes into contact with an alien symbiote during a rogue investigation. The transformation of Brock is fascinating and enthralling as the movie further reveals the symbiosis between a man and an alien creature, learning to cope and coexist.

One of the primary themes running through the film is the concept of duality, a notion explored through the intricate relationship between Brock and the alien symbiote – Venom. Over the course of the movie, they develop an unusual bond, forming a bizarre yet dynamic duo, bringing the audience face-to-face with the hero and anti-hero cohabiting in the same body.

The bone-crushing action sequences, heart-pounding chases through the city streets, and thrilling showdowns are expertly choreographed, bringing Marvel's darker world of symbiotes to life. The visual effects team brilliantly portrays the eerie menace of the alien symbiotes, their inky, fluid transformations, and their combat skills, providing a stunning visual spectacle.

However, it's not all just darkness and destruction. There is a surprising amount of humor infused in the film. The sarcastic banter between Brock and Venom provides several light moments, cutting through the narrative's darker undertones.

The movie ensures a thrilling viewing experience with its 'Bonus Content.' The feature provides behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with the actors, and an in-depth look at the conceptualization and execution of remarkable action sequences and visual effects. It amplifies the movie experience for those interested in the filmmaking process or an avid Marvel fan.

Overall, Venom [With Bonus Content] is an intriguing addition to the Marvel franchise, standing apart with its unique blend of horror, humor, and action. While the combination of Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed promises a talented ensemble, the movie's refreshing take on a conventional superhero narrative makes it a compelling watch. It ventures into the dark corners of the superhero genre, but with a twisted sense of humor and intense action sequences, establishing Venom as a captivating character in its own right.

Venom [With Bonus Content] is a Science Fiction, Action movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 112. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 35.

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