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Capone, a 2020 release, is a gripping and bone-rattling American biographical crime drama that delves into the life of notorious gangster Al Capone during his final year. Helmed by visionary director Josh Trank, Capone is an audacious attempt to present the gangster's life from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on his heyday as the kingpin of the Chicago underworld, the movie pivots towards exploring his deteriorating mental and physical health as he grapples with dementia and the memories of his violent past in his twilight years.

The film features a tour-de-force performance from Tom Hardy as the unconquerable mobster. Hardy, known for his versatility, gives a captivating performance, embodying the mental and physical decay of Capone convincingly. The eye of the storm in the film, Hardy's portrayal of a man once unconquerable now brought to his knees by dementia, forms a bleak and riveting narrative. Every nuance of his performance, from his shuffling gait to his negligible mumbling, brings Capone's anguish and anger to life in striking detail.

Lending support to Hardy is Linda Cardellini as Mae Capone, Al's wife. Cardellini captures the emotional anxiety and turmoil of a woman stoically standing by her husband in his twilight years with her heartfelt portrayal. Her scenes with Hardy lay bare the raw, unspoken sentiments of a relationship tested by fire. Together, they animate the tragic downfall of a couple once dubbed as Chicago's crime royalty.

Acclaimed actor Matt Dillon also turns in a deft performance as Johnny, Al's long-time friend, bringing a much-needed balance to the intense proceedings. Dillon brings an undeniably magnetic presence to the screen, adding layers to the narrative.

Capone is not your conventional fast-paced gangster movie loaded with high-octane action sequences and witty dialogues. Instead, Trank takes the road less traveled by diving deep into the psyche of an ailing criminal kingpin in his last days. It's about a man stripped off his power and authority, battling inner demons that are far more fearsome than any rival gang or law enforcement agency he had ever encountered.

The writing is bold and innovative, consistently opting for introspection over action. It's an intimate character study, almost a dark chamber drama, that makes for a relentless viewing experience. Trank's direction is poignant and powerful, meshing scenes of Capone's harsh reality with hallucination sequences that provide an uncanny insight into the dark recesses of his disintegrating mind. The screenplay vividly maps out Capone's harrowing odyssey into dementia, rendering a spectral quality to the narrative.

The cinematography is exceedingly atmospheric, plunging the viewer into Capone's gloomy world of fallen grandeur. The dramatic use of natural and low lighting pulls viewers into Capone's deteriorating mindspace. The production design captures the 1940s' milieu with incredible detail. The sprawling Capone mansion, the luxurious attires, and the vintage cars, everything has been meticulously recreated to transport viewers back in time.

A unique aspect of Capone is its evocative score. The haunting background score underscores the existential dread permeating the narrative, amplifying the emotional resonance of the film. The movie is also punctuated with quieter moments, where silence does the talking, as it captures the isolation that comes in the wake of Capone's deteriorating condition.

In almost every frame, Capone is an innovative exploration of the gangster genre. It is a chilling and intimate examination of the eponymous character’s final year of life, presented through a striking mix of reality and hallucination-induced sequences. Superb performances, poignant direction, and atmospheric cinematography all combine to make Capone an intriguing and intense cinematic experience.

The film doesn't glorify or showcase the protagonist's rise to power and supremacy. Instead, it is a stark portrayal of the mighty's fall - from a feared gangster to a frail old man. It's a compelling exhibit of how the mind, broken by regret, guilt, and impending mortality, can be a far darker prison than any real one.

Capone is a film about the twilight years of a once formidable gangster, an unvarnished look at Capone's final year, replete with explosive performances and top-notch filmmaking. It is not a conventional mob movie or biopic but a deep-dive into the last days of a notorious personality, laying bare the harsh realities of his life and legacy. Undoubtedly, Capone is an audacious genre experiment that combines biographical elements and psychological horror to present a chapter of Al Capone's life that few know about. It's a movie that stands as testament to Capone's haunting legacy.

Capone is a Crime, Drama, Suspense movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 104 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 46.

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