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The 11th Green, a 2020 film, is a political thriller that follows the life of a decorated veteran, a golf prodigy with a dark past, who gets involved in a heated presidential election. Starring Campbell Scott, Agnes Bruckner, and George Gerdes, the movie is directed by Christopher Munch.

The film's plot revolves around Jeremy Davis (played by Agnes Bruckner), a young journalist who stumbles upon a fascinating story while covering the U.S. presidential election. During one of her assignments, she comes across a mysterious golf course, the 11th green, which has an infamous reputation for affecting American politics. According to a myth, the presidential candidate who wins the closest match on this course always wins the election.

While Jeremy starts to investigate the myth, the audience is introduced to William "Billy" Blackwood Jr (played by Campbell Scott), who is working as a greenskeeper on the 11th green. William is a decorated veteran of the Gulf War, and while he is happy living a simple life, the political campaign on the course starts to unravel it.

As tensions mount, Billy is caught in the crosshairs of a political conspiracy that threatens to destroy him and his family. Meanwhile, Jeremy's investigation leads her down a rabbit hole of secrets and lies, as she uncovers a dark and tangled web of the American political system.

The 11th Green is a thought-provoking and gripping film that delves into the dark side of American politics. At its core, the movie is about the power of the individual versus the weight of the system. Through their characters, Campbell Scott and Agnes Bruckner brilliantly portray how ordinary people get caught up in a system that is corrupted by power and greed.

The film's direction is masterful, and Christopher Munch captures the essence of the story beautifully. From the cinematography to the sound design, every aspect of the movie is meticulous and well-thought-out, adding to its overall emotional impact.

The performances by the lead actors are exceptional, especially Campbell Scott, who gives a nuanced and powerful performance as Billy. He portrays a man grappling with the demons of his past and trying to keep his family together while being caught in the middle of a political machinery that sees him as a pawn. Agnes Bruckner, on the other hand, delivers a gritty performance as the journalist who is willing to risk everything to uncover the truth.

The supporting cast is also noteworthy, particularly George Gerdes, who plays the role of the golf course owner, Robert Fiske. He adds a sense of gravitas to the story, and his character's rich history is masterfully woven into the movie's tapestry.

While The 11th Green is primarily a political thriller, it also engages with themes of family, legacy, and the American dream. The film's setting, a golf course, is symbolic, representing the pursuit of the American dream and how it can be corrupted by power.

In conclusion, The 11th Green is a must-watch thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Its themes of power and corruption resonate well with contemporary American politics, making it a timely watch. With brilliant performances, stunning direction, and a powerful story, The 11th Green is a film that will stay with you long after you've watched it.

The 11th Green is a Drama movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 109 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 68.

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