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Spring Forward is a heartwarming and poignant film that follows the relationship between two men working for a small town’s parks and recreation department. The movie is directed by Tom Gilroy and stars Ned Beatty, Liev Schreiber, and Campbell Scott.

The film revolves around two men named Murph (played by Liev Schreiber) and Paul (played by Ned Beatty), who meet each other during the first day of their job in a small town's parks and recreation department. Murph is a young man with a tough personality, who has recently been released from prison. Paul, on the other hand, is an older man who has worked in the department for years and tries to guide Murph along.

As the two men start to work together, they come to learn more about each other and begin to form a bond. Murph must learn how to control his anger and channel it into something more productive, while Paul must come to terms with his loneliness and the fact that he is getting older.

Throughout the movie, the two men share their stories with each other and try to help each other overcome their personal demons. Murph opens up to Paul about his difficult childhood, while Paul tells Murph about his estranged son.

As the seasons change and the town transforms, both men find themselves facing new challenges in their lives. Murph meets a woman named Janice (played by Clara Roberts-Oss) and starts to form a romantic relationship. Paul, on the other hand, struggles with his health and his fear of dying alone.

The movie's delicate script skillfully blends moments of heartbreak with humor and embraces the idea that life is a journey full of ups and downs. The stunning cinematography captures the serene beauty of the small town and its transformation throughout the different seasons.

Ned Beatty and Liev Schreiber both give exceptional performances, bringing depth and sincerity to their characters. Their onscreen chemistry is undeniable, and their relationship evolves in an organic and authentic manner.

The supporting cast, particularly Campbell Scott as the town's alcoholic gardener, adds more depth to the movie and highlights the importance of the human connection.

Overall, Spring Forward is a beautiful and touching film that showcases the importance of friendship, forgiveness, and redemption. With its strong performances, well-crafted script, and gorgeous visuals, it's a movie that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on its audience long after the credits roll.

Spring Forward is a Sports & Fitness movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 20 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of 0.0..

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