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Blood and Chocolate, directed by Katja von Garnier and based on the popular novel by Annette Curtis Klause, is a captivating blend of romance, horror, and fantasy genres released in 2007. This film enlists a talented ensemble of actors to bring a story of forbidden love amid the secrecy and danger of a paranormal society to life. The main stars of the film include the promising young talents Agnes Bruckner, Hugh Dancy, and seasoned actor Olivier Martinez.

The movie follows the life of Vivian Gandillon (Agnes Bruckner), a beautiful and young American woman living in Bucharest, Romania, who has been hiding an extraordinary secret – she is a werewolf. Vivian's very existence is deeply rooted in the heart of a secret and ancient world that dwells within, but in complete hiding from, modern society. This mysterious world is marked by descendants of the Loup Garoux, also known as werewolves, who are feared and despised in folklore but in reality are noble creatures with deep-set customs and traditions. This clandestine society is guided by an ancient prophecy, a regime of rituals, and strict rules, creating an almost cult-like atmosphere.

Agnes Bruckner plays Vivian with an intense depth, embodying the internal struggle of a young woman torn between her loyalty to her pack and her feelings for a human, Aiden Galvin (Hugh Dancy). A graphic novelist by profession, Aiden has an inexplicable fascination for werewolves. The immersive performance by Hugh Dancy adds a lot of depth to his character, making Aiden not just an animal enthusiast but a man deeply in love and willing to look past the shocking reality surrounding his beloved.

Another critical character in the setting is Gabriel (Olivier Martinez), the charismatic and controlling leader of the Loup Garoux. Gabriel, being the leader, has the right to choose a new mate every seven years. In this context, Vivian, the rare female werewolf, is expected to become the next wife of Gabriel as per the tradition. Olivier Martinez infuses his character with an intriguing blend of menace and charm, maintaining an air of mystery that underscores the entire narrative.

Amidst legendary customs and deep-rooted traditions, the story weaves an intricate tale of forbidden love that defies societal rules and stirs the wrath of their community. The complex character dynamics and the constant tension between holding on to age-old customs versus embracing personal freedom and love make this movie a fascinating watch.

Visually, Blood and Chocolate is a treat, featuring vivid and atmospheric cinematography that captures the contrast of quaint Bucharest with the primal wilderness that the werewolves inhabit in their transformed states. The werewolves themselves are portrayed not as typical monsters but as majestic, powerful creatures, incorporating a sense of grace into the often-aggressive stereotypes associated with these mythical beasts.

Director Katja von Garnier skillfully integrates elements of horror, romance, and fantasy, delivering a movie that is more than just a conventional werewolf saga. The narrative steers clear of the over-exploited tropes of the werewolf genre, offering an intricate take on mythical storytelling while keeping its foundation in the heart-wrenching love story at its core.

The strong performances of the lead actors, especially Bruckner and Dancy, along with the compelling storyline and stunning visual landscape, give this film a unique stance in the realm of supernatural romances. Blood and Chocolate is worth watching for anyone in search of a love story that is bound by customs, propelled by burning passion, driven by remarkable courage, and set against the backdrop of the world of mythical creatures.

In conclusion, Blood and Chocolate is an intriguing tale of love, loyalty, freedom, and the complexities of preserving ancient traditions in the modern world. The way it intricately weaves together the themes of love, family bonds, adventure, and sacrifice makes it an absolute must-watch for fans of romantic fantasy films.

Blood and Chocolate is a Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 33.

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