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Speechless, directed by Ron Underwood, is a charming romantic comedy film released in 1994 featuring Michael Keaton and Geena Davis, with a considerable supporting role from the late Christopher Reeve. The backdrop for this engaging and delightful film is the fast-paced environment of American political campaigns, making a thrilling canvas for a tale of rivalry-turned-romance.

Michael Keaton stars in the film as Kevin Vallick, a quick-witted and hard-charging speech writer who excels in turning phrases and crafting words that are designed to immediately win over voters. Geena Davis portrays Julia Mann, a fellow scribe with an equally impressive knack for brilliant speeches, but who swings her pen for the rival camp. The picture puts these two exemplary talents on opposite sides of a fierce gubernatorial race in New Mexico, setting up some perfect tension for romantic sparks to fly.

As Kevin and Julia discover that they are working for opposing candidates, the ensuing rivalry and competitive spirit mix with an intense mutual attraction, setting up some deliciously comedic situations. Speechless manages to present an initially contentious relationship with enough on-screen chemistry, keeping audiences drawn in and hoping for an unlikely romantic resolution.

One remarkable trait about this film is its ability to effectively use the backdrop of a political campaign to add depth to the plot. Rivalry, intrigue, and tactics are smartly depicted, all while maintaining a lighthearted and comedic tone. The movie's portrayal of the chaotic and relentless world of political campaigns provides a vivid backdrop and an extra layer of drama to the developing love story between Kevin and Julia.

The two main characters meet on the campaign trail under anonymous circumstances, sparking an immediate connection. As they soon cross paths again, Kevin and Julia realize their professional predicaments and the inherent conflict of interest, yet the undeniable mutual attraction already set in motion is hard for either of them to resist.

The film is filled with comedic scenes of character-driven humor coming from the premise of two brilliant speechwriters who find themselves in a love-hate relationship. The script, written by Robert King, is sharp, intelligent, and full of sparring battles of wit. The hilarity ensues in botched speeches, late-night spying escapades, and endless back and forth banter between the romantic leads, creating plenty of laughter and entertaining moments.

Michael Keaton delivers an exceptional performance as the smart and resourceful Kevin, capturing the character's charisma, humor, and affable qualities in a way that deeply resonates with the audience. Geena Davis matches this excellence with her embodiment of Julia's tenacity, intellect, and heart, bringing out an enchanting performance that beautifully balances humor and emotional depth.

Supporting them is Christopher Reeve in the role of “Baggs,” a news reporter covering the campaign trail. Reeve's character provides an added dynamic to the plot, and his portrayal provides some great comic relief, while also contributing to the intricate love triangle.

The battle of wits between Kevin and Julia, the budding romance despite the conflicting loyalties, and the comedic undertones combined with a strong supporting cast, make Speechless a captivating film. Overlaying all the humor is a hint of sincerity that prevents the storyline from becoming too predictable or trivial.

The film, ultimately, captures how two people can find common ground - and perhaps even love - despite their contrasting political views, making a strong statement about personal relationships in the world of politics. Speechless weaves humor and romance into a political context, creating a unique and appealing blend of drama, comedy, and romance.

In summary, Speechless manages to provide an entertaining mix of romance, humor, and political intrigue, keeping the audience engaged from beginning to end. Supported by brilliant performances, witty dialogue, and a creative storyline, this film is a must-see for fans of romantic comedies, political dramas, or anyone who enjoys a smack of laughter with their love stories. The chemistry between Keaton and Davis, and the addition of Christopher Reeve's character, make this film an engaging roller-coaster ride of romance and rivalry.

Speechless is a Romance, Comedy movie released in 1994. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

Ron Underwood
Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Bonnie Bedelia, Christopher Reeve
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