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In 2014, Darin Scott delivered an intriguing, spine-tingling thriller to the world of cinema: Something Wicked. This complex and suspenseful mystery unfolds in the picturesque Pacific Northwest city of Eugene, Oregon. Against this stunning backdrop of greenery, rivers, and an incredibly scenic skyline, the film features an unforgettable performance by famed actress Brittany Murphy in her final role before her untimely death.

Christine, portrayed by Shantel VanSanten, is a young, jovial spirit, ready to embrace life and all of its opportunities. However, she finds her world shaken by harrowing incidents both past and present. VanSanten delivers a memorable performance, delicately balancing Christine's sunny disposition with her growing fear and unease splendidly. Julian Morris also does an excellent job bringing an unnerving depth and complexity to his character. His portrayal of the tormented, multi-faceted Ryan only adds to the movie's atmosphere of apprehensive wonders.

As the title implies, there is indeed ‘Something Wicked’ lurking amidst the lives of these seemingly average young adults. The first hint of whatever it is lurks in the valley, lurking around street corners and residing in the shadows. The snooping new brother-in-law detective portrayed by John Robinson, coupled with the mounting suspense and terror, add to the rising crescendo of apprehension.

One of the impactful aspects of the film is the seamless blend of drama and thriller genres. Occasional flares of romance and tender moments between Christine and James (portrayed by James Patrick Stuart) are woven into the film's fabric, providing a stark contrast against the sinister undercurrents running through their lives. So, even when there are moments of relief when love and connection shine through, the title serves as a reminder that something malicious sits on the peripheral waiting to strike.

The illustrious Brittany Murphy brings the character of Susan to life. Employed as a psychiatrist, Murphy's character enters the lives of Christine and James in a professional capacity, initially. Brittany masterfully adds an extra layer of mystery to the plot, as her character is paramount in unraveling the psychological aspects of the unsettling and unexplained events unfolding. Susan's nuanced understanding of the human psyche and her endeavor to provide psychological aid in the face of confusion and fear further intensify the thrilling aspects of the film.

Adding another layer of complexity to the plot is the involvement of family bonds and relationships into the mix. Its portrayal of two close-knit families ruptured by ominous secrets brings in powerful dramatic elements making the film more engaging. Christine's close relationship with her brother, Bill, portrayed by Robert Blanche, is evident as the two navigate this dark journey together. The tension between members of the family, as well as between families, is another heart-gripping feature of the film and serves as a potent driving force for the plot.

Something Wicked is a stylized psychological thriller, enriched with engaging characters and a series of unanticipated revelations. It challenges the audience to piece together the intricate web of disturbing events continually echoing the question, "What is the wickedness that lurks in the shadows?"

The film is further enhanced by the brilliant visuals, fluid camerawork, and an eerie, suspense-filled score. The cinematography paints a scenic landscape of calm and tranquility, which juxtaposes eerily with the sinister plot, lending a further unsettling touch to the overall mood of the film. The flawless direction keeps viewers hooked from beginning to end, making it a compelling viewing experience.

Ideal for anyone who loves edge-of-your-seat thrillers, Something Wicked offers an immersive cinema experience. It's a perfect recipe of mystery and suspense, adorned with a top-notch cast performance.

In conclusion, Something Wicked provides an enjoyable viewing experience to anyone seeking a movie that delivers not just suspense and intrigue, but also emotional depth and superior performances. Each actor's portrayal injects a unique flavor into the narrative, solidifying the mysterious yet absorbing essence of this film. Consequently, this leaves viewers contemplating long after the closing credits roll, a testimony to the film's effective storytelling.

Something Wicked is a Mystery, Thriller movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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