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Smile is a 2022 American supernatural horror film that expertly weaves psychological thrills with the visceral terror that has come to define modern horror cinema. Directed and written by Parker Finn in his feature directorial debut, the film presents a harrowing and unsettling narrative that captivates audiences with its inventive storyline and chilling atmosphere.

At the heart of Smile is Dr. Rose Cotter, portrayed by Sosie Bacon, a dedicated and competent psychiatrist who has built her career on helping others navigate their trauma and mental health struggles. She works in a hospital's psychiatric department, where her days are filled with the routine yet critical business of managing patients' care. However, Rose's controlled professional life takes a dramatic and horrifying turn following a traumatic experience with a patient who displays extremely unnerving behavior.

After the unsettling incident, Rose finds her life spiraling into a dark abyss as she begins to experience terrifying occurrences that she cannot explain. These events manifest in various forms, but a disconcerting pattern emerges: an inexplicable and eerie smile that seems to haunt her at every turn. The more Rose tries to understand what is happening to her, the more intense the experiences become, causing her to question her own sanity and grip on reality.

Convinced that these frightening episodes are not merely figments of her imagination, Rose embarks on a desperate quest for answers. Jesse T. Usher appears in the role of Trevor, Rose's boyfriend, who becomes increasingly concerned about her well-being but struggles to grasp the severity of what she is enduring. Meanwhile, Kyle Gallner plays the part of Joel, an old friend from Rose's past with whom she reconnects in the hopes of making sense of her horrifying predicament.

Rose's journey to uncover the truth leads her to dive deep into her own past and confront long-buried traumas. She seeks out experts, delves into obscure lore, and even engages with individuals who have encountered similar phenomena in an attempt to piece together the puzzle. Throughout this process, Smile explores the themes of trauma, mental illness, and the stigmas surrounding them, blurring the lines between psychological distress and supernatural terror.

With each new revelation, Smile keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film employs a haunting visual style, marked by eerie cinematography that accentuates the chilling narrative. Mysterious entities seem to lurk behind everyday experiences, and the ever-present prospect of encountering the sinister smile adds an unrelenting tension that permeates the film.

The horror elements are deftly handled, ensuring that the suspense is not solely reliant on jump scares. Instead, Smile focuses on creating a pervasive sense of unease that lingers long after the credits roll. The soundtrack further intensifies the spine-tingling experience, with a score that amplifies the sense of dread and complements the film's disturbing imagery.

Sosie Bacon delivers a compelling performance as Dr. Rose Cotter, adeptly portraying a character who is both strong-willed and vulnerable in the face of inexplicable horror. Her acting chops shine through as she navigates a range of emotions—from skepticism to fear, determination to desperation—culminating in a character arc that is both believable and deeply disconcerting.

Jesse T. Usher and Kyle Gallner provide solid support, their characters each adding layers to the mystery and to Rose's internal conflict. The ensemble cast works together to create a believable world in which the boundary between the ordinary and the otherworldly is precariously thin.

Smile is a psychological horror film that builds upon genre conventions while also offering fresh and inventive scares. It challenges viewers to consider the impact of unseen scars and the ways in which personal and collective traumas can manifest. With its strong performances, striking visuals, and a tense atmosphere, the film manages to leave a lasting impression—a lingering unease that mirrors the film's title, evoking a fear that is both immediate and profound.

For enthusiasts of horror and psychological thrillers, Smile stands as a gripping addition to the genre, offering an unsettling journey into the unknown that's punctuated by poignant insights into the human psyche. With its mix of real-world horrors and supernatural elements, the movie resonates with audiences long after the final scene and stamps itself as a noteworthy entry into the annals of fright-inducing cinema.

Smile is a Horror, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 115 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 68.

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