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Dark House is a 2009 horror movie directed by Darin Scott and starring Jeffrey Combs, Meghan Ory, and Diane Salinger. The film follows Claire, a young woman who suffers from terrifying nightmares and decides to go on a road trip to find the house that haunts her dreams. Along the way, she meets a wealthy and eccentric man named Bartholomew who invites her to his mansion, which he claims is the same house from her nightmares. Despite her reservations, Claire agrees, and soon finds herself trapped in a terrifying game of survival in Bartholomew's twisted, supernatural world. Jeffrey Combs delivers a strong performance as Bartholomew, a creepy and unsettling character whose motives remain shrouded in mystery throughout most of the movie. Combs is no stranger to horror, having previously starred in classics like Re-Animator and From Beyond, and his experience shows in his portrayal of this enigmatic and malevolent figure. Meghan Ory also shines as Claire, bringing a sense of vulnerability and determination to her character as she navigates the dangerous world of the Dark House. The film's setting is one of its strongest assets, with the titular mansion serving as an ominous and foreboding presence throughout the story. The house is a labyrinthine structure filled with hidden rooms, traps, and secrets, and its gothic architecture and dark atmosphere contribute greatly to the film's overall sense of dread and unease. The cinematography is often moody and atmospheric, with dark lighting and claustrophobic camera angles adding to the film's sense of horror. The movie's plot is relatively simple, but its execution and pacing keep the audience engaged throughout. The sense of mystery surrounding Bartholomew and his motives provides an intriguing hook, while the constant threats and obstacles that Claire faces keep the tension high. The film also incorporates several supernatural elements, such as ghosts and psychics, which add to the film's sense of otherworldly horror. One of the film's few weaknesses is its reliance on jump scares and cheap thrills, which can feel somewhat formulaic at times. While the movie certainly has its fair share of unsettling moments and chilling imagery, the reliance on sudden shocks and loud noises to elicit a reaction can sometimes feel repetitive or predictable. Overall, however, the film manages to overcome these shortcomings and deliver a satisfying and spooky horror experience. In conclusion, Dark House is a well-crafted horror movie with memorable performances, a haunting setting, and a compelling premise. While it may not reinvent the genre or break new ground, it is a solid example of classic horror that will satisfy fans of the genre. Anyone looking for a spooky and suspenseful movie to watch on a dark and stormy night would do well to give Dark House a chance.

Dark House is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 85 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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