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Snoopy, Come Home from 1972 is an animated adventure-comedy film that revolves around the world's most famous beagle and his heartwarming journey.

The movie begins with Snoopy receiving a letter in the mail from a girl named Lila, who claims to be his original owner. She writes that she is in the hospital and needs Snoopy to come visit her as she needs him now more than ever. Despite being happy with his current owner, Charlie Brown, Snoopy decides to set out on a journey to find Lila and be there for her.

Along with his feathered friend, Woodstock, Snoopy embarks on a journey that takes him through forests, over mountains, and across oceans. But they run into more than a few obstacles along the way, including the pesky cat, a vicious bulldog, and Buzz, an aggressive little girl who wants to take Snoopy home with her.

As Snoopy makes his way closer to Lila's hospital, he finds himself questioning his loyalty to Charlie Brown and the rest of his friends. In the end, however, he proves himself to be the caring and loyal dog that he always was and provides a happy ending that will leave the audience feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

The movie's animation is nothing short of spectacular. Every frame pops with vivid colors and detailed backgrounds that are sure to draw the viewer into Snoopy's world. The creative team behind the film have masterfully brought Charles M. Schulz's beloved characters to life, capturing their unique personalities and idiosyncrasies perfectly.

The music of Snoopy, Come Home is also worth noting. The original songs by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman provide a catchy and memorable soundtrack to the film's adventurous and emotional moments. Songs like "Snoopy, Come Home" and "It Changes" carry a powerful emotional weight and add an extra layer of depth to the movie's touching storyline.

The voice acting is also spot on. Chad Webber's portrayal of Charlie Brown is endearing and relatable, while Robin Kohn's performance as Lucy is sharp and biting. Stephen Shea's performance as Linus also deserves a shout-out, as he manages to infuse the character with both humor and heart.

Overall, Snoopy, Come Home is a heartwarming and delightful movie that will charm audiences of all ages. With its stunning animation, memorable music, and lovable characters, it's a classic piece of animation that will never go out of style.

Snoopy, Come Home is a Kids & Family, Animation movie released in 1972. It has a runtime of 77 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 66.

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