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Sesame Street: Monster Hits, released in 1990, is a delightful and entertaining Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation that features some of the franchise's most loved characters. With the ever-talented Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, Frank Oz, and Richard Hunt at the helm, the show manages to combine education, entertainment with a little taste of mischief.

The movie revolves around Sesame Street's gang of vibrant and quirky monsters, led by Herry Monster and Furby. It provides a look at their unique antics, lively musical quips, and their lessons on friendships and the importance of solidarity.

The movie opens with Oscar the Grouch, voiced by Caroll Spinney, who begrudgingly introduces the lovely montage of music videos. The seemingly grumpy yet lovable character sets the tone for the amusing, slightly skewed events that are about to unfold.

Jerry Nelson, the voice of the affable Herry Monster, takes us into the world of Sesame Street with his resonant, captivating vocals. His character, clad in signature blue fur, is a powerful mix of muscle and mischief, providing an endearing and clumsy charm to the movie. Herry, who is all brawns with an equally large heart, navigates through encounters with friends and teaches lessons along the way.

Kevin Clash gives life to several characters, notably Furby, the endearing, furry little monster. While Furby is pint-sized compared to Herry, his highly energetic demeanor and immense curiosity more than make up for it. Clash’s electric enthusiasm in voicing the character gets viewers, young and old, engaged in Furby's adventures.

Frank Oz brings forth the hilarious duo, Cookie Monster and Grover. Cookie Monster, a fan favorite, holds a special place in the viewer's heart with his insatiable love for cookies. Oz's distinct voice, coupled with dramatic facial expressions, makes the food-obsessed monster so lovable. On the other hand, his representation of Grover, the blue, friendly, and outgoing pest of Sesame Street, adds another textural layer to the film's engaging narrative.

Richard Hunt brilliantly voices numerous characters, contributing to the vibrancy and vitality of the Sesame Street universe. His performance complements the other voice actors, adding more depth to the narrative.

Sesame Street: Monster Hits does an incredible job of seamlessly threading together these individual characters' adventures into an engaging, coherent narrative. The sequence of song numbers, engaging interactions, friendly banter, and gripping storyline form a perfect concoction for a family entertainer.

Every moment of the 60-minute run-time is packed with educational content. The movie employs a 'learning through fun' approach - educating about key values such as friendship, sharing, and cooperation while keeping children (and adults alike) entertained with catchy songs and charming characters. These universal themes are skillfully interwoven into the narrative, making the learning experience memorable and impactful.

The distinct Sesame Street humor is sprinkled throughout, ensuring there's never a dull moment. The dialogue is smart and playful, offering enjoyment for both children and adults. The adult characters bring a certain kind of treasured wisdom to the tale, teaching lessons about life and friendship without stripping away the fun.

Although it's an animated children's film, Sesame Street: Monster Hits packs a punch with its incredible voice acting, charming stories, and educational themes. It's an ode to new friendships, small adventures, and the quintessential quirkiness of childhood.

In conclusion, Sesame Street: Monster Hits is an excellent family movie. The adventures and escapades of the Sesame Street monsters, told through classic Sesame songs, techniques, and storytelling, provide a source of wonderment, humor, and education. It's a spellbinding narrative teamed with stellar performances that echo the joyful spirit of Sesame Street. The movie provides a valuable lesson on friendship and sharing sprinkled with music, laughter, and high jinks, capturing our heartstrings one laugh at a time.

Sesame Street: Monster Hits is a Kids & Family movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 29 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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